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Movie Magic

Boyfriends Andy Taylor and Dylan Hayes are making a full production out of heir snuggly, stay in movie night Popcorn, melted butter, cuddles on the couch and playful chemistry between the beautiful boys as Andy attempts to shoot and score a few points tossing popcorn at pretty boy and using his mouth as the basket. They both realize they'd fair better tossing their other orgasmic gifts at the big baskets bulging out a bit lower! Thankfully Dylan didn't fill up on popcorn so, he's got a lot of room left for dick! When your boyfriend's got one of the best butts EVER, you skip the main course of meat and immediately go for dessert. Dylan's derriere look's delicious bent over the couch so Taylor tosses that full salad severely, making i he appe izer, en re' and his hick hrobber's as y bareback rea ! He spins his mea y meal around o gaze a his gorgeous face while Hayes hammers his hump down deep on o Andy's ample appendage. aylor wraps he beau iful bo om up in his a ooed arms and plan s him on his back, bringin' his bangin' bone home! Hayes hoses his flawless flesh down jus as aylor osses a idal waf wank on o his dir y blond, hick boo ied babe all he way up o his neck! Hayes lookes like a li le slice of heaven drenched in dick and Andy can' resis going in for one more, mou hwa ering kiss.

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Jack the Flipper

Sultry, slow and steady definitely wins his raunchy race, as Trevor Harris seductively strokes and caresses Jack Philips, our new North Carolina cutie in his first film. I's a slow, beautiful burn with Harris handling Jack gently; but Philips shifts gears when Trevor pitches a pulsing tent pole and he slightly timid 18 year old can't control his carnal urge for cock sucking. The beautiful "boy next door" gives in to tot hits primal desires and downs that thick dick like a champ. Harris heaves Jack's juicy jock down his throat as well; then, lifts one smooth leg in the air to taste his tight, virgin fuck flick fanny so Jack can ride his jump on that big rig for a raw ride! The tall, lank, long donged dudes flip and new kid on he block bangs the breaks off Harris' hot lil' hole on all fours like a porn pro! Travis is anxious to top the tight, new twink a bit more; so, he flips the fucker onto his back and REALLY breaks he boy in! Jack jerks his juicy jock and pops his cum cork, celebrating his massively milky maiden voyage with us. Harris joins in on the funk splashing festivities, dousing the first timer down with cum confetti!

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Yes Sir

Johnny Hands is always The master of his domain. The dom DICK-tator arrives home after at full day at work and STTill has hits extra large hands full. His immaculate home houses 2 beautiful twinks, one on his knees and, one bad boy tied to the master's bed for an all day punishment. Even after a full work day, Hands handles both bottom bitches like he bionic bone maser he is. Strap yourself in for a double does of domination.

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Andy Taylor is on his first date with super hunk Johnny Hands on the Vegas strip. The two hit it off and can't keep their "hands" to themselves. The conversation flows freely and immediately leads to "feelin' kinky" and other flirty chatter. The date goes so well, the perfect pair strut down the strip hand in hand toward a dick thrusting destiny. Behind closed doors, their fuck me please pheromones flow like wild fire. The boys caress one another's tight, tan, tattooed torsos as Andy grabs the big buck's bulge and unbuckles his belt to get at that famous phallus. Andy peels down the brawny boy's briefs and bows before his massive manhood, gulping and slurping down every incredible, thick, veiny inch while twirling his tongue like a tornado as Johnny braces his beautiful frame against the wall to enjoy. Then, the super stud tosses the twink on he bed and goes bananas on his twink's torpedo. Johnny maneuvers his massively muscled body onto the bed and Andy plants his perfect pucker right in his face for a saliva dripping, dick licking, butt munching 69 before Johnny tells Taylor to sit on his cock! Never one to refuse an invitation, Taylor takes the best, beefy, bareback seat in the house and gets to humpin'! His hog stays hard the entire ride, bouncing between stroke sessions. The beautiful brunette bottom keeps that precious cargo crammed inside his pretty pucker while he spins around to face his famous fuck star, then gets right back to the tasty task at hand while kissing Hands' handsome face. The sexy, sweaty twosome turn on their side and Hands goes ham on that tight twink hole while Taylor tosses off. Then, Johnny gets acrobatic on Andy's ass and hammers the hottie upside down, pushing his pulsing pole down deeper and deeper inside his ferocious first date dick devotee. Taylor can't hold his load any longer and splashes spooge all over his ripped abs up to his sensitive nips. Then, tHands outs himself with possible THE greatest cream-pie cum pour we've seen all year! He coats the boy's butt button, pulls out, covers the throbbing head of his hog and pushes it all back inside Andy's amazing ass. If this is their first date, just imagine their SECOND!

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Horror Movie Hump

It's that time of year, when the weather starts to get a bit chilly, you can wear your favorite sweaters and snuggle up to your cutest fuck buddy a little closer. Jimmy Andrews' parents are out of town for the weekend; so, he invites his new fav, Riley Finch over for a "sleep over" and, a scary movie. The teenage twinks get cozy on the couch watching a classic horror movie cuddled up under a warm blanket. Scary movies aren't Riely's cup of tea; so, he's been anxiously waiting for it to end and, for THEIR sex scene to begin! The moment the flick is through, Finch is definitely anxious for a fucking. After the flick, he immediately fiddles with Andrews' button down, kissing his smooth, chiseled chest until he gets to that prized package hiding beneath colorful undies which, are tightening by the second. He pulls at the taut waistband and beholds the wide wanged wonder of Jimmy's gigantic Johnson. Andrews envelops as much of the monster as his tiny throat can hold while Jimmy helps the little lad with a hand at the back of his bobbing noggin. Naturally, Riley's rager is already jutting out, excited for some erotic attention and pointing right at Andrews' wet, open mouth. Jimmy deep throats the young dude's dick balls deep; and, the living room mirror adds an extra orgasmic angle. The brunette bottom has been waiting to bounce on Andrews' big boner from the beginning; and, now he goes at it full throttle! He hops on that hot hog and hammers his hips down, dirty and raw before Jimmy decides he wants a taste of that tight, tiny tush. He orders bottom boy onto his knees and spanks and spreads that super smooth seat while burying his tongue deep inside the whore's hole and eats that ass like his favorite Halloween candy. With his hot, red hand brand marking his territory, twink tank Jimmy jams his giant back where it belongs and bangs his boy bitch like a dirty dog! Jimmy's thickly muscled, tattooed legs control his colossal cock strokes perfectly while he wraps his hands around Riley's neck to go even deeper. He flips the boy over with ease and plants that delicious derriere destroyer back up Riley's rear; then, grabs his groin, keeping total twink control. Which, is exactly what Finch enjoys. Andrews' ass muscles flex harder and Riley grabs his own rod which immediately explodes, launching lust lava all over his sexy, skinny fuck me frame. Andrews joins him, grabbing his goo gun and adding to the perfect, porny pile of sticky sweetness. And, their weekend sleepover has just begun......

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Caught Stroking His Big Dick – Bare Twinks

Payton has a very demanding bone, it's so big and gets so hard he can't help but get it out for a stroke when it's demanding attention. Jason was enjoying a snooze on the couch when he wakes up to find his friend stroking his big meat, and of course he's quick to show his interest. Payton is happy to have some assistance with that big thing, getting his friend naked and seeking out his bone too, sucking on his pal's juicy boner and then feeding Jason his own engorged meat. A taste just isn't enough, for a cock that big you just have to take it up the ass. Jason prepares as best he can but soon enough his friend is filling him up and fucking him bareback from behind! Riding it feels even better, wanking his own dick while he impales his hole down on that girthy tool. Things reach boiling point when Jason gets on his back to take a proper pounding from his friend, the pleasure becoming too much and making his pecker splash semen out while he double-fists his length. Don't unload with him just yet, you'll want to see the massive jizz facial Payton spews out all over his buddy, looks like he's been saving that jizz in his large balls for a few days!

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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The sun was burning hot these days. Noël had a bit of a sunburn in his face, but this makes him look even sweeter. He was very interested in nude photography. Did his best and wanted to know all about it. It was the very first time. He enjoyed "the work" as he called it and was pretty happy about it. He already asked for "next time"...

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Public speaking is a big fear for most folks; but, luckily for Ryan Bailey, he has a supportive boyfriend in Marcell Tykes that he can practice with before heading into class. Marcell even goes the extra mile, dropping his drawers since everyone says, just imagine the audience in their underwear! But, with his half naked, super sexy boyfriend in front of him, Bailey throws caution to the wind, his speech to the side and can only focus on some serious fucking! He shows Tykes his appreciation for trying to help by stripping the rest of his clothes off, kissing the kid all over then, shoving his big, thick dick down the dude's thirsty throat. Bailey may not be comfortable delivering a speech but, he sure can deliver some deviously delicious dirty talk! Tykes is a trained dancer and has one of THE best butts in porn and, Bailey can't resist burying his perfectly chiseled face deep inside that round rump for a hot, wet tongue ramming. Once prepped, Ryan rams another one of his perfect features balls deep for a bareback boning complete with ass smacks and a fucktastic fishhooking. After doing some damage in doggy style, the boys hop on the bed where Ryan works his beautiful bottom multiple ways; a leg over his shoulder, naughty nipple tweaks and a heavy hand around Tyke's throat for added pleasure. Cumming into the home hammering, Bailey pulls his babe to the bed's edge to stand and deliver. With erotic encouragement from Ryan's potty mouth, Tykes tosses a titanic tidal wave of white hot wank all over his beautiful bronze skin and the sight sends Bailey's boner to the BUST station! He milks his massive monster all over Marcell, covering the kid with even more cum. Then, the ferocious fucker flops his spent but STILL super sized sledgehammer down with a thick thump onto Tykes' tight torso. Marcell reaches down and wraps his hand around both their cum covered cocks as the sex soaked pair collapse in a postcoital kiss.

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Classmate Cock

When two of our freshest, fuck hungry young models, Riley Finch and Chase Williams get together for this twink throbber, their erotic, new excitement ignites the screen from the start! Chase takes the lead, laying jailbait beauty Finch on the bed while he blows the boy's uncut bone balls deep. Young Riley is ravenous and anxious to gulp down William's extra wide willie. He gets his chance when Chase orders him onto his stomach for a face fucking. Riley's smooth seat is absolute perfection and Williams' hands wander down the dude's arched back to that bone hungry booty for a feel before telling the twink to flip over. Finch has been aching for a fucking since their first kiss. He instantly spreads his legs while barking out a horny "stick it in!" The beautiful brunette bottom throws his head back and accepts every big, bareback inch Chase crams deep into his amazing ass. It's full speed ahead from the first forceful, thick dick thrust! Williams is gifted in the front AND the back. His tight, meaty tush throwing "D" at his dude is a delicious, mouthwatering treat. This fact isn't lost on Finch who surprises us by ordering his hot, hung, dirty blond butt banger onto the bed for a taste of his own medicine! Bareback butt banging bongo beats fill the air while Williams' hole gets a ferocious phallus filling from Finch! The little lad grabs his golden guy by the hips and hammers the hell out of his hind end before the bossy bottom's boner aches to be buried in Riley's rear once more. Chase cocks the kid from the side and as his schlong speed quickens, Riley wraps a hand around his hog till thick ropes of raunchy pleasure rocket from his rager, splashing him right in his own face! Since Finch took care of his own facial, Chase creams the already cum soaked slut's other side, seeding his backseat with big buckets of boy bust. He smacks his still throbbing, spent spear on Riley rear, spreading the liquid love around even more.

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Hands On

Super hunk Johnny Hands catches adorable little twink Riley Fitch sniffing a pair of musky, manly smelling underwear. Hands isn't happy and bends the bed boy over to teach the twink a lesson. The professional posterior paddler uses every ounce of force, winding up his thick, muscled arm to punish the boy's booty with his wide open, powerful palm. He has the kid strip down to his deliciously dark hued drawers and does even more damage with a lusty leather paddle. Finch inches forward; but, Jonny jacks the boy back with an iron grip. Then, he brings out the big guns and flogs his fully naked underwear fan with a leather whip. Johnny soothes a bit of the pain with sweet caressing while blowing on the Finch's fanny to cool the burn. But, there's definitely NO WAY to cool down this BURNING hot, heavy handed spank scene!

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Lucky Leo

After a lips smacking suck face session Leo Front kneels before latin lust lord Angel Rivera to pull down his red hot underwear. Frost can't control the sexy smile that cums over his face when Angel's formidable phallus flops out. He knows he's in for a FUCKING good time; AND, so are we! Leo thrusts the thick dick down his throat in a gag worthy wang suck that prompts Angel to treat the twink's tight tush to a tasty treat. With his boy on his belly, Rivera rams his face deep in the young dude's derriere, spreading Frost's smooth cheeks as saliva seeps from his full lips. He spanks the kid's can while cramming his tongue deeper and deeper while Leo arches his back, hinting for a hammering. Ass master Angel understands the boy's beautiful body language and slips his raw dick in Frost's wet and ready rump. Rivera gets cocky creative in a super hot squatting position so he can pummel penis down into the dude's dick hungry hole while our cock cam captures HIS beautiful bubble butt burying that bone into his bottom! Panting with passion, Angel lays back and his the fiercely fuckable Frost get on top. Leo leans into the pleasure , accepting every inch while Rivera stares at Leo's extra large twink torpedo. The bouncing bone is too tempting and Angel can't resist spitting on his palm and giving the guy a hot handy. Amped up and ready for more, Rivera picks Leo up and carries him to the bedroom to bring this bang to the fucktastic finish line! Filled up with cock and carnal desire, Frost jacks his oversized appendage till he covers his shredded six pack with sex seed. Rivera keeps ramming till he joins the juice-fest, manhandling his massive meat as it machine guns goo all over Frost's freshly fucked ass!

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Raw Ramming

Led by scalding hot teen hormones and rock hard cocks that need immediate attention, Adam Hunt and Kurt Niles stumble into the closest unoccupied bedroom to lock lips and loins. Kurt can feel Hunt's rock hard heat radiating through his jeans; so, he drops to his knees for feeding time. Hunt's delicious dick disappears down Kurt's cocksucker as he gags down every girthy inch. Adam has quite the appetite as well and, Niles has the prime piece to satisfy the suck slut. Blondie chokes down the brunette's boner buffet as Kurt discovers the kid's can with feisty fingers. Wanting to investigate further, Niles order's the tight tushed twink around and goes to TOWN. The big bonered brunette performs a thorough ass inspection while masturbating his massive meat which, he's about to serve up raw. Niles slides his savage beast up Adam's ass with one slick thrust. He wiggles it around when balls hit booty, making sure Hunt can handle every inch of his big behemoth before he goes buck wild. Niles fuckin' NAILS the nympho and looks amazing doing it! Every sinewy muscle flexes while he fucks and that ASS..... That ass could belong to an Olympian! He decides to let Adam work a bit and has the blond babe climb on top of o' that cock for a righteous ride. After a taste of being on top, Adam decides he wants a bigger hit! He tosses Niles' knees up by his ears and slams his schlong so severely he makes the bed, AND Kurt squeak and squeal! Hunt hammers hard, punishing Kurt's cock hungry hole till his rager explodes like a Roman candle. Ass assassin Adam joins him, hosing Kurt's cum soaked six pack down even more.

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Brad is a big fan of everything about basketball - especially the Chicago Bulls. Just being in this basketball-set already made him super happy. He fantasized about naked basketball and that's what he does here ...

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#Helix: Luke Wilder and Andy Taylor

There's never been a better time to release a #Helix scene! The series where you, the fans can ask your favorite models ANYTHING and EVERYTHING via Twitter; and our boys never hold back! One of our MOST popular models, Andy Taylor is BACK and, has a ton of tasty tiles coming your right here at Helix! We've hooked Andy up with one of our HOTTEST models, Luke Wilder as a welcome home present and the porntastic sparks fly from the start! They have crazy hot chemistry with a comfortable, fun jokey vibe which leads to an entertaining round of answers to your queries. After graciously accepting all the love from Twitter, Andy explains he simply took a small break and is ecstatic to come back with a bang! Thanks to you, the guys get into everything such as swapping lifeguard stories, what their dream date would be and, favorite sex positions. Andy even chats about his past scenes a bit, then teases some special upcoming surprises he's already filmed; which, you'll only see here! Your raunchy requests always get the guys groin's geared up for gorgeous scenes! You guys definitely didn't hold back, asking the boys to lick, kiss and spank one another. After acting out your porny persuasions, we let the boys do what they do best! Always the pleaser, Luke down Taylor's thick dick then, tosses Taylor's legs in the air and does ham on his uber hot hind end! Andy gets on all fours and gorges on Wilder's wide weapon while Luke examines his perfect pucker with wandering hands. He grabs fistfuls of Andy's beautifully smooth, bubble butt while Taylor tackles his tasty torpedo. Wilder can't wait to get in the porn legends loins. He breaks in the boy's super smooth back door and quickly gets to banging the beautiful bronze boy on all fours. Andy's mighty member is raging hard for the hot hammering. He braces himself with both hands on the bed, enjoying the fucking while his fat phallus bounces against the bedspread. Luke kisses the kid then drags him to the edge of the bed for a bionic boning as he stands firm on the floor. Taylor tightens his grip around his apple headed hog, heating it up till it heaves a hefty load onto his tight, tan torso. Luke is ready to lay it down as well and wets the wide eyed wild boy's bangin' booty with a wonderfully wet welcome back load. He strokes his slick schlong over Andy's ass, making sure the superstar remembers he first fuck back.

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A Good Morning

New model Chase Williams solo debut was wildly successful. You'll be seeing MUCH more of this smooth, dirty blond big dicked babe; so, we've set him up with a room of his own at the Helix Mansion along with several other sexed up superstars. Giant jocked Jimmy Andrews has been flirting with the newbie and finally makes his move, waking Williams with tender kisses as he sleeps. Chase has been anxiously awaiting this moment and wraps his arms around the tattooed twink, kissing him deeply. Jimmy takes his time, enjoying every inch of the kid's flawless flesh as he slowly undresses him. He pulls at William's sexy black undies and his already raging hard hog flops back against his tight stomach with a loud, lusty thud. Andrews eats every thick inch of that delicious dick before shoving his own bulging boy briefs at Williams drooling wet cock sucker. Williams waxes poetic on the porn prince's perfect pole but Andrew's ass is hungry and needs tending to. He straddles the young stud's Clydesdale sized cock and makes every inch disappear. He bounces on the new boy's bone hard while his own ample appendage sways and swings seductively. Our dick hungry, dynamic duo switch places and Chase take a raunchy ride, getting his gorgeous bubble butt filled with raw fuck. Andrews likes control and orders Mr. Fresh Meat onto his back so he can bulldoze that bionic boner of his at top speed. Our famous cock cam catches his smooth peaches and cream caboose crashing that colossal cock balls deep in newbie's smooth sphincter. Andrews flicks his fuck boy's pierced nips and Williams' white hot wad washes over his tight, twink torso. His twitching tush causes Jimmy's Johnson to let it's juice loose and, he hoses the hottie down with a thick, luscious load. If THIS is what Williams is like in his FIRST on film fuck, you can expect BIG things from this beautiful babe!

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69 Down

Danny Nelson is hard at work figuring out "69 down" on a crossword puzzle when smart-alec Ryan Bailey sneaks up behind him and instantly belts out he answer; which coincidently has to do with greek love gods. Mr. cocky pants sticks around smugly, playing pool and "acting" like he doesn't want more attention from the crossword cutie. Danny takes the bait; and, soon enough the the pretty pair are are porning it up in the bedroom! Bailey is an animal in the sack and attacks Danny like the delicious lil' twink delicacy he is. Nelson loves being manhandled and rewards Ryan's mega monster with a mouthwatering, blue ribbon blowjob that guarantees his horny hole a grade A ass banging. Ryan is ravenous and returns suck favor, upping the ante with an amazing ass eating. His perfect bone structure slobbing Nelson's neither regions is enough to make anyone nut; however the ferocious fuck machine is just getting started! tAfter wetting his work area, he clocks in with his cock and immediately starts slamming his sex stick balls deep. He plants a kiss on the crossword wiz kid then slows his schlong speed down to a sultry smolder as the cock cam captures his thick dick driving in and out slowly while his nuts knock against Danny's cheeks. He flips his fuck toy over after removing a hand from Nelson's neck and hits it from the back. Our beautiful bottom arches his back and bucks his hips so he can get every inch of Bailey's massive member deep inside. Ryan pulls his prey back a bit and Danny plants his feet firmly on he ground, bracing himself as Ryan amps up the ram, bringing his bitch into tttthe fast banging final act of his amazing ass adventure. Our top twink tenderizes tush as a pulse pounding pace as Danny's dick dishes out a hearty, thick thank you all over the mattress. Ryan keeps ramming his rod at top speed till it spits, salting Danny's smooth crevice with a lusty load of cum. He slaps the boy's bottom with his big baton then, runs his rig down Nelson's sweet pleasure center while milking out every last, luscious bit of bust before cuddling up with his new fuck buddy.

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Truth or Bare

Truth or dare isn't so much a game as it is a wonderful excuse to do deliciously dirty deeds AND get down to the "bottom" of things. It's boy's in for best buddies Julian Bell, Adam Hunt, Tristan Adler and Kurt Niles who are hanging out, drinking at the house when an orgasmically good game of truth or dare gets good and gooey! Tristan Adler kicks it off by asking Kurt Niles, who happens to be in a relationship, a salacious query about he and his boyfriend's sex life. Niles gets noticeably nervous because he knows exactly where this game is going! And, the dark haired hottie is 100% correct cause seconds later Adam Hunt dares Julian Bell to blow his big, beautiful boner! Julian doesn't back down and had that dick down his throat lickety-split! With his boyfriend on the brain, Niles heads upstairs and Adler joins Julian GIVING Hunt some head! The boys quiet night in turns into a twinkalicious threesome complete with spit roasts, bareback butt fucking and even a tasty twink train! Mr. married never made it all the way upstairs by the way. He found the perfect hiding place with a bone's eye view where he can see every ass banging moment....... while jacking that GIGANTIC jock oft his!

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At The Mercy Of A Bareback Dom Twink – Bare Twinks

Kinky Chris might be slight in build, but he knows how to totally dominate a willing pal. Gorgeous little James has found himself naked and bound, blindfolded and with a ball gag in his mouth, perfectly positioned on the kneeling bench with his ass up for using. Chris gives him some spanking, plays with his hot little hole and works up to the main event slowly, eating out the boy's hot ass and then sliding in raw to give the twink some deep bareback fucking. He can take it, he's been trained well. With a little rewarding taste of his top boy's rod leaking pre-cum in his mouth he enjoys a bit of a reprieve from the pounding, but it's not long until Chris has his naked buddy up on the St Andrews Cross, his smooth little pale butt flogged and fucked some more. Strapped back down on the bench the boy gets another thorough pounding, the messy load fucked out of him before Chris pulls out and splashes his own juicy mess! Is there a guy out there who wouldn't want to be at the mercy of this twink in his very own dungeon?

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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This sizzler is a celebration of big, thick girthy groins and beautiful bubble butts. Corbin Colby and Dylan Hayes are BOTH gifted in these departments and watching these two stars collide with their heavenly bodies is a sex soaked, celestial experience. Hunky hot jock, Corbin Colby wraps cock connoisseur Dylan Hayes up into his erotic orbit with strong arms and sultry kisses. Their cocks rise towards the heavens while clothes drop to the floor along with Colby who's anxious to eat every inch of Dylan's delicious dick. Corbin can't help but jack his raging hard hog while getting a face full of fuck. Next, Hayes drops down to return the fellatio favor and Colby's cock has already stretched to powerful proportions. He does his damnedest to deep throat every fat fucking inch, gagging and licking the long love stick along the way while working Colby's cum filled balls. Dylan stands and the couple share a cock flavored kiss as Corbin caresses Hayes' hot hind end, igniting his hunger for ass. He spreads the big, smooth, round rump open and dives in tongue first, lapping at the lads loins like a love sick porn puppy. Our dirty dog smacks the young stud's ass cheek then, stands up and bangs his big bone balls deep into Dylan's dick hungry hole. Heated Hayes looks back at Corbin doing what he does best then, he spreads his smooth cheeks wide open so Colby can cock he kid's caboose even deeper. Colby bangs bone at full speed as our cock cam captures his magnificent muscle bubble flexing and bouncing as it rams raw dick into bottom boy's sweet center. The stud slinger lays back on the bed like a boss and offers Dylan a ride on his rager. Hayes hops on the porn pogo stick and puts in some serious work before hopping off so his hunk can do the hammering. Colby annihilates his hole like the porn king he is, pumping out every ounce of orgasmic ooze from Dylan's dick onto his sexy, smooth, blemish free skin. The sight of the gorgeously gooey treat causes Corbin's cock to explode; and, he blasts his boy with a bodacious boner bust, emptying his ample orgasm all over Hayes' hot, tight, tan body. His schlong sprays seed all the way up to Dylan's naughty nips and down to his hot hole which Colby caresses with his cum drippy cock.

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Chase Williams Solo Session

Tender twenty year old Texan Chase Williams holds NOTHING back in his first ever solo scene with Max Carter behind the camera. Williams is an open book and lets it all hang out while the guys dive into tasty topics such as coming out, Chase's first time and his favorite kinks and fetishes. Lucky for us, this sends Max's mind into deliciously dirty territory and he immediately asks Williams to get naked. Chase has a perfect face with chiseled features and cheekbones for days. His tight, twenty year old frame is fiercely fuckable with gorgeous glowing skin smooth as glass. His pretty pink nipples are pierced and he plays with them while stroking his quickly thickening dick. Carter lets the kid work his cock to full capacity before peeling down his Calvin's and working the massive member a bit himself. Williams wang has the perfect width AND length allowing the pretty piece to flop around flirtingly. Williams is quite the flirt as well, eye fucking the camera as he flops his fat phallus and flicks his nips. Our devilishly good director helps the hottie out with a handy before asking the big bonered boy to bend over. Chase arches his back and plays with his pole as his pretty pink pucker is penetrated by Max's meaty fingers. The smooth bootied beauty inches his horny hole back at Max and moans with pure pleasure. Carter cracks the kid on the can and orders him onto his back. Chase plays with his perfect piece but his hole misses feeling full. He multitasks, handling his hole and pole and pierced nips all at once. His toes curl as the orgasmic overflow fills his entire body and releases through his big, thick, beautiful dick! Hot, heavy cream cums careening down his cock and splatters onto his smooth stomach while he continues to whack it, unwilling to let the amazing orgasmic ecstasy leave his lust filled loins too soon.

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Bad Housekeeping

The Helix mansion houses all of our fresh young talent and Cameron Parks is the house master who rules with a iron fist. He has a set of rules in place that keeps every star porn perfect; and if a boy bends those rules in any way, there's a heavy handed price to pay. Julian bell is the newest model to take up residence in the porn palace and he hasn't followed Parks' plan to the T. Naturally the beautiful bootied blond boy has to pay the price and Parks doesn't go easy on him simply because he's new. Cam is intent on teaching the rebellious boy a lasting lesson with a severe spank session. The peaches and cream cutie gets that ass cracked till it's a cum soothing cranberry color. Parks plows into pretty boy's perfect posterior until the tasty towhead is taught and taught well.

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Tied Up

Max Carter is an amazing director and model because he's always in control. It can be very freeing to let go every now and then; and, Max finds that out during this SUPER hot session with juicy, big jocked Johnny Hands! The blond and brunette strip one another during a masculine make out, muscle flexing moment before Johnny lifts Max in the air and onto the bed. Johnny asks Carter if he's up for something new; then, he breaks out some rope and ties the porn titan to the bed, allowing Mr. Hands complete control. The tall, dark and handsome dick slinger sizzles as he kisses Carter's chiseled chest and abs before whipping off the nordic naughty boy's pants to get at his raging hard hog. Johnny teases Carter's cock with small, suspenseful mini licks before gorging down every inch of Max's member. Hottie Hands strips seductively in front of his prey; then, straddles Carter's cock sucker and fucks his face fully. He pulls blondie onto his hung hammer by the back of the head while working Max's meaty member with the other hand. Johnny's Johnson is juiced up to full capacity. He spreads Max open with a hand on each ankle then, rams his raw rod deep inside Max's manhole. Unable to give up complete control, Max moans out one request, "jack me off." Johnny happily jacks Carter's rock hard cock before delivering a masterful fuck and suck face carnal combo. Hands releases his boy from the restraints so he can deliver dick doggy style. Then, Johnny flips the script and allows Carter to control the schlong slamming speed while he rides his big rig. Our titanium top can sense Carter's cock is about to blow; so, he uses his thick thighs to bang that big bone of his in Carter's hot hole fast and hard. Max looses control once more and splashes succulent, sweet seed all the way up Hands' smooth, shredded torso. The warm cream on his ripped abs causes Johnny's jock to loose it's juice and he whips out, filling Carter's smooth crack with cum as he convulses with pure pleasure. Hands' tasty treat oozes down Carter's crevice and onto his perfect pole while it pulses with sweet release.

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Dreaming of Brad

Huck watched Brads video and asked if he can have it like this too. I offered him a duo set together with Brad, but he is not ready for this, yet. He is still a bit shy. So we made this set in Brads retro room and I am sure he was dreaming of Brad the whole time. I'm also convinced one day he will ask to meet Brad...

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Cock Crazed Teens

Fresh, feisty and anxious to fuck, brunette bad boys Tristan Adler and Kurt Niles find the closest bedroom and get down to business. Adler practically inhales every thick, throbbing inch of Kurt's king sized cock before Niles kneels in front of Adler's ample appendage and downs dick like he's at an all you can eat boner buffet. Then, Tristan turns the tight tushed twink around and does some eating of his own! Full up on ass and hard as hell, Adler attacks Niles' nether region with his raging rod. He busts through the boy's backdoor with his bareback butt bangin' boner and keeps Kurt moaning for more. Niles takes every inch Adler has to offer while wanking his whopper through spread legs by his beautiful bone filled booty. The dynamic, dick slingin' duo kiss and switch positions and Adler's hungry hole gets a nice nailing from Niles. Kurt steers his stiff schlong into Adler's ass while holding his legs by the ankles. He pummels pretty boy till pure porny pleasure pours from Tristan's perfect piece. Adler shoots, air dropping delicious liquid dick all the way up to his own shoulder as Niles' funk filled nuts bang booty and wait with sticky anticipation. After his boy busts, Kurt hoses Tristan's torso down. He douses his dude's tight teen body with thick cream thumped onto him from his bulging, bionic bone.

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He Loves That Raw Twink Cock Inside – Bare Twinks

Jason is a handsome young twink with a big fat cock and a snug little ass, he's a perfect match for gorgeous young James. The two are hungry for it, sucking face on the bed and groping for those eager young cocks. Clothes come off to reveal two of the hottest and smoothest young twink superstars, a perfect duo if ever there was one. Watch as they lovingly service those delicious young dicks, licking and sucking each other to full hardness. With boners wet and jizz loads rising James lays back and Jason hops on, sliding his ass down on that hard bareback boner, riding his friend with obvious experience. He knows how to take a cock, and he knows how to hand control to a hot young thing like James too. He lays back and takes it, getting his creamy load fucked out of him before his cute young pal splashes a big mess right over his handsome face! With the smell of fresh semen filling the room and their balls appreciatively emptied the boys can chill out and relax, sharing the taste of James' ball juice in a sticky kiss.

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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Leo Frost and Jared Scott are horse playing in the pool. Things get a bit saucy after Jared gives Leo a ride on his strong shoulders then tries to take his trunks off. Leo is all about it but would rather head inside to get down and dirty. After some teenage tonsil hockey, the horned up hotties hunker down on one another's dicks for a deep throat suck-fest. Frost can't wait to get his hot hole filled and cuts his own knob job short to hitch a ride on Jared's California king sized cock. Scott services the schlong hungry butt slut in every porny position he can hammer out before Leo drenches his tight twink torso with sizzling white sex seed. Scott whips his rock solid soldier out and splashes his beautiful bottom's booty with a bountiful load of bust. Then, he crams his cock back up Frost's fuck hole so the kid can feel his wet warmth deep inside.

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Naughty Newbie

Fresh off his first ever, super successful solo stroke scene, we've paired ripe, young Riley Finch with Milo Harper and his massive meat! The fresh young fuck hounds heat up the screen with sultry kisses before rod hungry Riley feels Harper's huge hog stretch out and practically wrap around his own leg, lusty and longing for some lip smacking lovin'! He ransacks his way into Milo's tight white Calvin's and feasts on his fat uncut phallus before Harper unzips the dude's duds and gets himself a mouthful of dick. Milo moves on to dessert and makes a tasty treat out of the twink's tight little tush. He tongue fucks the kid's perfect peach till Finch looks back and tells him to quit teasing. That's all Harper needs to hear and he revs up the ramming! He blasts every thick, big, bareback inch of bonetastic beef inside his boy's beautiful booty and gets to banging. He glides that glorious groin slow at first, making sure he doesn't split the slender slut down the center. Then, meaty Milo picks up the pace to a pulse pounding cock cruise as Riley's rock hard rig sticks straight out, growing stiffer with every hard thrust. In a magnificent move no one expected, the pretty pair switch it up and Harper's hole gets a hefty serving of schlong from our naughty lil' newbie! Pretty boy does some damn good derriere dickin' too! He pumps Milo full of fresh, young fuck stick while laying on his side taking every ample inch! Finch likes his fanny full when he cums so Harper heaves his hot hog back inside the boy's booty and brings him to the breaking point! Finch fires his fuck fuel sky high, sending seed sailing all the way up to his neck! Milo milks his massive member, covering Riley in BOTH their cock's creamy contents.

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Pleasure and Pain

It's his way or the highway with Master Max Carter! We join Mr. Carter relaxing after a long day at work with tasty Trevor Harris on his knees helping him unwind. Max has told the boy "no teeth,' and he only gives ONE warning! After the second incisor slip up, he bends the boy over and is hell bent on beating some sense into that beautiful booty of his! Epic, ass banging beats fill the air as the guys argue about sucking cock. Max manhandles the hell out of Harris' hind end, swatting his smooth seat in various stages of undress. The peaches and cream caboose is cracked and smacked to a cherry ripe red while Harris buries his head in a pillow to muffle his moans of painful pleasure. Carter finally gets fuck boy fully naked and kneads his delicious derriere like pizza dough. After the sexy spank session, Max gives his well schooled cock sucker another go on his gorgeous groin and wouldn't you know it....Harris now sucks hog like Hoover!

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