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Choke on It

It's always good to keep a relationship spicy and switch things up to add excitement in the bedroom. Boyfriends Angel Rivera and Collin Adams have been together for a while so Collin feels comfortable letting Angel know he wants to get a hoe, and HARD! Rivera tells him "careful what you ask for," then grabs him by the neck and dangles his long, thick dick in his dude's mouth. He pulls Collin deep down onto his hog by the hair and smacks his pretty face as he fucks the shit out of it! Angel spanks the boy's bubble, then smashes his super sized, sheath free schlong straight up Adam's amazing ass. Rivera rams his raging rod hard while keeping his hands around Collin's neck between kisses and Adams begging for more. Bottom boy gets on all fours and receives a severe spanking that leaves a hot hand brand before Angel plunges his perfect piece back where it belongs. The cock cam catches Angel's balls banging against Adams' ass while adding romance to the raunch with some deep kisses. Next on the menu is a raunchy, rough ride and Rivera pumps his piston up at Collin's cock hungry hole for all he's worth! Bossy bottom orders up a position change and Angel annihilates his ass while choking him to a cream heavy climax! Angel whips out and blasts his boy with wad after wad, mixing his mighty load with Collin's jock juice till his well worked out wang is spent and flops against Collin's cock. Rough, raw, raunchy perfection.

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Tadzios mother would be offended by too short skirts. That motivated him to wear these "too short" pants. He thought it would tear apart whan he gets a hard on. It fits all in and it quickly comes out when needed. A practical approach, but not for every day :-)

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Riley Finch Solo Session

It doesn't get ANY fresher than Riley Finch! This fine ass, fresh faced, 18 year old is from Colorado Springs. He loves hiking, dogs, older dudes AND, showing off his body! His frame IS absolutely twink-tastic, taut and slender with bouncy, bountiful blessings in both the front and the back! Finch follows Max Carter's direction, bending over in his boxer briefs to receive a little spanking before letting Carter unwraps that plentiful package in the front. Carter caresses the kid's colossal cock inside his drawers before unleashing the beautiful beast. The fucktastic, fat phallus flops and sways with hot, hefty weight as Fitch fondles himself. Max wants in on the fun and fuck strokes the kid's cock while teasing his pretty pink pucker with his thumb. Riley raises his legs and holds his knees up by his ears as an open invitation which Max accepts. He tells the tight little twink to turn around. The beautiful boy arches his back to show off his best assets. His ample appendage swings between his legs while Carter crams several delicious digits down the dude's dirt road. The finger fuck is met with massive moans of pleasure from the budding, young porn prince. Carter cracks the kid on the can once more and orders him to flip back over. Max squirts some lube on Riley's big rig and they tag team his titanic twink torpedo so Max can massage pretty boy's prostate in a magnificent multitasking manhandle. Carter steps back and allows Riley to take the raunchy reigns. His smooth, tight torso tenses while he tosses off with one hand and feeds his hungry hole with the other. Riley turns his "fuck me boy face" towards the camera and lets us know he's about to blow. Finch fires his white hot fuck in the air so high it blasts out of frame before splattering back down on his smooth stomach! Max reaches in and milks the massive member till the last oozy, orgasm drops drip down the dude's delicious dick.

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After a brisk morning nature walk, Corey Marshall and Marcell Tykes arrive back home with a horny hunger. Walking next to either one of these hot young muscle twinks with their shirts off would raise anyone's morning wood! The instant the door closes, the dick hungry hikers heat things up with a passionate make out session where wandering hands find exactly what they're looking for. Tykes gets on his knees and takes a tasty tour of Corey's cock. He works the giant jock like a job, deep throating the thick throbber with some helping hands from his huge hunk at the back of his head. Marshall has been slipping his hands inside Marcell's pants, massaging that magnificent, meaty muscle ass all day. Now, he needs a taste. The gorgeous golden boy plants his face in Tyke's tight tush for one of the HOTTEST ass eatings ever put on film. He spreads the boy's buttery brown booty while burying his tongue deep. He strokes his stiff schlong; which, the kid's can has worked up into a raging hard fuck hammer that needs tending to. Corey orders Tykes onto his hog for a raw ride. Marcell mounts his muscled young man like a horse and holds on tight while the big beast bucks raw, hard bone deep up into his hot little hole. The perfect pair switch it up and Tykes gets that tight end torn apart on the foot stool in doggy style. He works his bulging bone while his butt takes a beautiful beating that brings him to the brink. He blasts fresh cream everywhere as Corey continues cramming him full of cock. Marshall arrives right after Marcell, unleashing every white hot ounce of liquid lust onto Tykes' beautiful brown, thickly muscled back.

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Party in My Pants

This is your invitation to the Helix mansion end of summer party and ALL your favorite models are here dancing and frolicking in the pool! Julian Bell and Caleb Gray break away from the pack and head to one of the bedrooms for their own porn perfect, private party. The blond and brunette have crazy cock chemistry and spit shine one another's schlongs before Bell tosses Caleb's legs over his head to heat up that hungry hole with his talented tongue. Using nature's lube, he spits in the kid's can and breaks in that back door with a big bareback thrust! Gray wants a go at Bell's bangin' backside and mounts the blond like a lion, jungle fucking the dude with his giant jock! Keeping it spicy, the pretty pair flip once more and Caleb rides Bell's big rig to gooey glory! Caleb hops off the cock and cums face to face with the spouting fuck fountain! Bell busts an orgasmic ocean of cream, blasting way past pretty boys head; so, the thirsty twink goes down on that delicious dick and drinks every last dewy drop!

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Caught Red Handed

Big dicked beauty Milo Harper is in Vegas filming a few super sexy new scenes for us when he stumbles into our warehouse lined with tons of dick flick dvd's. With his favorite porn stars staring at him from each box cover, Milo gives into temptation and shoves a few movies down his already jock packed pants. Angel Rivera catches the kid on camera and decides to give him a few choices: he can tell the boss man; OR, allow Angel tan his hide. Naturally, the naughty boy chooses an ass smacking from Angel and, the wild rumpus begins! Rivera has Milo bend over the table and quickly gets to work wailing on the kid's can till the olive skinned beauty's booty turns beet red. Angel is an ass spanking specialist who derives porny pleasure in punishing the boy's perfect posterior. Mr. Masochist makes Milo undress as the caboose cracking continues, cramming his kid's underwear up his crack and grabbing huge handfuls of ass along the way. He spanks, spreads and caresses the boy's butt every which way, creating a spectacular spanking symphony in the fuck flick filled room. The ass master has Harper count down the last few smacks and uses a fistful of dvd's for the final paddling. Then, in a deliciously dicky move, Rivera tosses a dvd at the kid as he kicks him out to catch his flight. Harper has a long trip back to Texas with that bright red burnin' booty; and, we guarantee he'll be thinking of this "Angelic" ass spanking the entire flight!

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Introducing Johnny Hands

Butch big boy Johnny Hands has done it all, from construction to kink to video games, even women, and.... appropriately, he's had a job as a PIPE fitter! He's about to lay some serious pipe on Dylan Hayes today but the guys grill one another before the big bang. The perfect pair have a great rapport and this makes for a fun chat as they discuss some of their dirty deeds and orgasmic appetites before geting down to business. Once Johnny reveals he likes rough romance, Hayes hops on the huge handed hottie in a millisecond! The tight bodied boys breath one another in, kissing and caressing their chiseled torsos till Johnny stops at Dylan's dick for a 5 star suck job. Mr. Hands shows us why he picked that name as he sucks cock with an added Tantric tug job that has Hayes' hog heated to the max! Once Dylan can compose himself, he grabs for Johnny's extra large Johnson that looks incredible as it grows, stretching his tight white Calvin's and filling them with rock hard cock. Johnny stands while Dylan sprawls his beautiful body on the bed for a ferocious face fucking. Master Hands notices Hayes hot hind end perked up in the air and accepts the invitation, delivering an epic ass eating to pretty boy's bubble. Ripe for the fucking, Hayes hops on Hands' huge hog for a raw ramming, rig ride where his own beefy bone bounces with ass banging delight! Johnny jumps on top of the twink's tush, mounting him then muscling his mighty member in balls deep. Ever the slutty sport, Dylan reaches back and spreads his smooth cheeks so Hands can hammer even deeper! Johnny manhandles his bubble butt bottom to the edge of the bed and inserts every thick bareback inch back where it belongs while Hayes' sweet sausage sways with impressive heft. Wanting to gaze at the gorgeous golden guy's magnificent mug when he busts, Hands has his hottie flip once more. Dylan handles his big business while Johnny jacks up the jock pace before emptying oozy ecstasy into Dylan's derriere. He creams the kid's super smooth crack then pushes his white hot, wet work deep into Johnny's sexy center before sealing this slamfest with a perfect kiss.

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Happy Birthday

The idea was to make a fotoset for an older friend of Mirza. As his birthday present. He knows him very well and so he did all the things his friend will like. Including the surprises. His friend felt very happy about this unusual and very personal birthday present...

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Stiff as a Board

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Chris Cums And Then Fucks Trey! – Bare Twinks

Fit young Trey arrives and immediately rouses hairless twink Chris from his slumber. No one would complain about being woken by this handsome young hottie, and Chris definitely wouldn't! Within moments the handsome boy's rod is out for Chris to suck, something this twink knows how to do. With the taste of his lover on his tongue Chris craves the feel of him in his bare ass! Trey slides into him, inserting a long toy into his own hole at the same time. He loves the feel of his pucker stuffed while he's easing in and out of another boy's hole. The pleasure builds more when he has Chris beneath him on the bed, pumping his naked dong in and out of that tight little rump. The riding is what gets Chris jizzing, sliding his ass up and down that naked rod and splashing semen from his boner in a messy finish, but he's not done yet! Taking the toy out of Trey's ass and replacing it with his spent boner Chris fucks his top buddy until Trey is squirting spunk over the sheets!

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The scent of essential oils fills the air as Luke Wilder and Tyler Hill slather hot healing into each other's tight, hard bodies. The sweltering summer sun shines through the window and highlights the hottie's blindingly beautiful bodies, making the golden guys glisten and glow. With every sultry second, the erotic rubdown heats up. After Tyler takes the time to worship Wilder's well worked out frame, Luke's lust leads him down south. The muscled up piece of man meat makes a meal out of Hill's hog and Tyler can't wait to taste Wilder's wide wang. Hill's pretty little head bounces up and down on Luke's dick while Mr. Wilder inspects his smooth, shined up, delicious derriere. The kid's can is causing Wilder's mouth to water; so, he invites the tasty twink on his tally whacker for a raw ride. Hill handles like a dream, sitting all the way down on every inch of dick while shifting his own gears as he picks up the peen pouncing pace. Luke decides to take control of the cock throttle and he is definitely a bangin' badass, backseat driver. Luke continues to lay pipe from behind while Taylor strokes his slick dick, still glowing gorgeously from the erotic oil glistening on their skin. Wilder kisses his neck and Hill heats to his boiling point, erupting orgasmic ooze all over the crisp white sheets. The sexy sight sends Luke over the ledge and he blows his load all over Taylor's smooth, tan inner thigh, butt, balls and taint! He slides his satisfied schlong between Taylor's tight butt cheeks for just a tasty tease of cream pie. The sexy, slicked up couple lay kissing, completely content in their postcoital, cum cuddle puddle.

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Sleepover Secrets

Dustin cook and his high school buddies have one more weekend off for summer break before school starts back up; so, he and his best boys get together for a final summer break sleepover. Cook shares a bed with bestie Trevor Harris while his other two buddies are passed out on the floor next to them. Harris wakes to find Dustin staring at him in the middle of the night. Cook fumbles to find an excuse but finally gives into temptation and the best buds become butt buddies with their friends fast asleep at their feet as they fuck! The raw romp must remain silent so they don't wake the others, which is definitely a daunting task considering the massive amount of meat they choke down! The boys do their best to keep quiet but every now and then a gag, slurp or moan escapes their mouths. Cook covers his own pretty lips while Harris inhales his entire rock hard hog; but, he uncovers it long enough to tell Harris to fill his hole. Trevor pierces his pretty buddy's booty from behind and through the silence you can hear his massive muscle stretching it's way deep inside. Cook can't control the moans of ecstasy escaping his mouth when Harris' humongous hog hammers his happy spot; so, Trevor puts a hand over his mouth to keep the cock moaning muffled. The bed buddies flip and Trevor's tush gets a tenderizing from Cook's cock. He wails wang deep into Harris manhole, pushing out premium boy putty from Travis' skyscraper tall, tally whacker. Cook uncorks his cock and blasts Trevor's tight torso with such a walloping wad, the kid quivers and convulses from the sheer force of the boy's boner bullets! The pretty pair kiss and their sleepover companions come to, letting the boys know they've been awake the entire time. Now that the secrets out, perhaps the next sleepover will include them all?!

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Skilled Hands

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Breakup Bang

The best part of fighting with a boyfriend is ALWAYS the bangin' make up sex! Nobody does it better than fantasy fuck BF's Angel Rivera and Danny Nelson. After a heated argument, Angel is already packing and ready to leave when Nelson nibbles on his latin lover's neck igniting a reconciliation ramming of epic proportions! All the passion the pair put into fighting is poured into ferociously rough and raw fucking! Danny delivers a devastatingly delicious dick sucking to Angel's ample appendage and Rivera rewards the twink with a super hot schlong slap to that pretty face of his! The rough ramming rampage continues as Angel smacks his boy's booty, bends him over their bed, then crams every thick inch of bareback boner balls deep into Danny's dick hungry hole. The hot, angry ass assassination continues in a raunchy wrestling wang bang all over the bed with Rivera reminding Danny who he belongs to by smacking that amazing ass hard enough to mark his territory. Angel doesn't let up, laying it on hard and thick, complete with hair pulling prostate penetration and lusty throat chokes. As we pump towards the fucktastic finish line, the boys start to make up with passionate kisses as Rivera rams the cocked up couple towards redemption. The hard hammering causes Danny's dick to detonate like a rip roaring roman candle, shooting spunky seed up and onto his chiseled, convulsing, tight torso. Angel aims his well cocked weapon at his boyfriend's pretty mouth and unloads every ounce of milky magnificence down Danny's throat; and, just like that, all is forgiven. When you fuck like this, who needs couples therapy?!

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Bedroom Boys

With beautiful boys Taylor Coleman and Jamie Ray in a bedroom AND a buttload of bone between them, you KNOW you're in for a twtinktastic treat! The tantalizing tryst takes off with a tongue twirling, clothes tossing make out session that leads rod hungry Ray down south. He deep throats his dude's dandy of a dick before Coleman's hunger for cock can no longer be controlled. Taylor lays on his tight belly with his ass in the air so Ray can stand and ram his big rig down his thirsty throat. Jamie tells Taylor to flip ontot his back and he multitasks the kid magnificently, giving Coleman's cock a cleaning then tossing a mean, sexy salad mixed with a hot handy "J!" Horny as hell and hard up for a throbbing hog in his hole, Coleman lets it be known he's ready for Ray's bone. Blondie bangs the boy's beautifully smooth booty with that bareback beast of his while his nuts swing, spanking Taylor's tight tush with a tasty tap every time. Coleman's cock wants some lusty lovin' too; so, he stands to deliver dick in dirty dog while handling Jamie by the hips to hammer hard! After wetting his willie's appetite for ass, Taylor takes a raw ride on Ray's rager. His ample ass looks absolutely edible and perfectly round as he bounces on bone while nearly about to bring it home! Panting with pleasure, he wraps his hand around his dew-gong and glazes his guy from shoulder to six pack! Spent, satisfied and ready to watch Ray's bone blow, Coleman slides next to his sweaty slut and strokes the twink's taint while Jamie juices his giant. Loads of lust lava pour from his perfect piece as the post coital couple kiss, full up on cock and cumpletely content.

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Cumming Inside Him After 2 Weeks – Bare Twinks

Ashton has been gone for two full weeks, it's understandable that the first thing gorgeous Kris wants is to slide into that tight little bareback ass! Of course, there's a whole lot of tasty twink pecker sucking for these horny boys to share before they get to that, reintroducing themselves and enjoying their hard young boners. With dicks stiff and balls churning Kris sinks into his lover boy, fucking his wet hole all over the bed, making the boy cry out in pleasure. Ashton has missed that big bare cock so much, but his friend hasn't forgotten how to make him semen, or how to pump his own load into that naked chute for a wet finish.

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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Seventies Lover

Brad loves the music from the Seventies. Especially The Doors, but also David Bowie and the Beatles. He adopted that from an older friend that is always so nice to him. And so he shows us how nice he is.....all around and a little bit inside out...

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#Helix: Jared Scott and Collin Adams

Here at the Helix, we work hard bridging the gap between our beautiful boys and the fantastic fans who love them. Our series #Helix is so special because it does exactly that. We let the fans ask their favorite fellas any and every question or request via Twitter and NOTHING is ever off limits! This throbbing therapy session finds Collin Adams and Jared Scott sitting comfy on the couch while spilling secrets like, what made them want to do porn and how the application process goes, they get into divine detail about their off screen sex life; and, they're even asked if they've ever watched one another's scenes. Collin takes the query to the next level, letting us know he invites friends and family over when HIS scenes are released! It's really a fun interview and the chemistry is already undeniable between these two. The requests range from ear licking to neck biting and the final ask is looking for an ass spanking! Scott is more than happy to deliver your desired derriere smack; and then, the sexy secret spillers turn their attention towards one another. As usual, giant jocked Jared is cocksure, deliciously dominant and ordering up a dick sucking. He returns the fellatio along with an added ass eating, giving Collin's cock craving caboose a wet warm up. He checks the kid's oil with a few fingers before starting Adams' ignition with his big, bareback beast. Jared takes the twink from behind before banging the boy on his back to look at that pretty face AND, that nearly ready to nut knob! Collin creams his teen dream torso, pouring peen puree into the cut creases of his chiseled six pack. Jared jumps up and jams that juice ready rig at Collin's kissable cock sucker. The beautiful bottom is served a severe smearing of succulent, sticky good protein for their sexy set send off.

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Sance Screw

Julian Bell invites Cody Wilson and Caleb Gray over to his place for a night of fun; but, the trio get trapped on their phones like most millennials do. Caleb is gettin' horned up with his pretty head resting on top of Bell's bubble butt as the three lie in a delicious dog pile on Julian's bed. Bell can feel the sexual tension rising so he uses a genius, horny teen technique to get the party started! The sexy surfer boy places a ouija board on the bed and the guys slyly slide the game around the board to let one another know they're ALL down for some dicking. After all, no one wants to anger a sexed up spirit and, now the REAL games can begin! After the bed buddies tear off one another's clothes and taste their tender young lips, Caleb's colossal cock is tag teamed in a tonsil tickling twofer. Then, hog whore Wilson works both boy's big loins like a peen pro before Gray spins around for a spiritual spit roast. Caleb gets a mouthful of Wilson as Julian rails his rump with a tongue ramming, preparing his tight teen pucker for some penetration. After the raw roast, Wilson takes a seat on Gray's giant while Bell gives him a blowie before shoving his schlong down Caleb's thirsty throat. Julian is next on the menu and gets an ass full from Gray while Wilson wets his whistle with wang in the front. Finally, the bigger boys fill the teacup twink to the rim, cocking both Cody's hungry holes with their big bones which are about to burst! Caleb fires his fresh funk in the kid's face and Wilson is more than willing to swallow. Bell blasts off next, wetting Wilson's ENTIRE torso with tons of fresh seed from his scrotum totem! Join this torrid trio for the sexiest seance ever in this orgasmic ouija board bangfest!

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The sun was burning hot these days. Noël had a bit of a sunburn in his face, but this makes him look even sweeter. He was very interested in nude photography. Did his best and wanted to know all about it. It was the very first time. He enjoyed "the work" as he called it and was pretty happy about it. He already asked for "next time"...

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The Return of Andy Taylor

Fan favorite Andy Taylor took a little break to go to school; but, now he's BACK and looking better than ever! This scene is a fucktastic, full circle moment because Andy was Mr. Blake Mitchell's first EVER scene partner and now that the hottie is back, we've hooked the tasty twosome up again for ANDY'S first scene back! The beautiful boys take a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on some saucy stories from back in the day and, discuss their NEW kinks and cravings now that they know themselves better. They're erotic appetites have grown and so has Mr. Mitchell's magnificent muscle bod! The cock filled conversation naturally leads the boys to gettin' busy and it's clear they'r anxious to show each other just how GOOD they've gotten! They go for groin gold, gobbling one another's ample appendages with years of pent up yearning before Blake tears into Taylor's smooth tush with a tongue thrashing! The ass banging anticipation has been building up in both boys and when Blake finally fills Andy's ass with that epic uncut cock of his he makes it COUNT! He cocks his former film fuck buddy like a beast with Andy's ass in the air. Next, Taylor takes a raw ride and for those of you that have missed that mighty meat of his..... this one's for you! The super human hog hangs, sways and bounces and makes us realize just how glad we are this lusty lad is back! Mitchell didn't have quite as much muscle when they first frolicked, so he takes the opportunity to strong schlong Andy's ass till he fills it with fresh muscle milk! He keeps pumping, pushing the warm welcome deep into Andy's amazing ass! The hot heat filling Taylor causes his entire body to convulse in absolute pleasure as his perfect peen blasts bust all over his smooth body. Welcome back baby!

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Flip and Fill

Big cocked Kurt Niles puts his tremendous talent to use in his first ever non-solo fuck flick with blond babe Jamie Ray! BOTH tasty teens have prime pieces of meat and ignite this sizzling scene by sharing one another's totem poles in a schlong slurping, gagathon of epic proportions! The hog hungry anacondas practically need to unhinge their jaws to fit one another's thick throbbers down their thirsty throats; and, watching them work their way down to the bone base is an orgasmic experience! Newbie Niles takes the reigns and orders Ray to turn over for a rump rocking, tongue ramming complete with delicious dirty talk about his perfect pink hole. After a thorough ass eating, Kurt stands up and pushes his bareback behemoth deep into Jamie's juicy, jock hungry hole as Ray's rockin' rig swings with satisfaction. Kurt slaps the kid on the can and asks for a fucking from blondie and receives that deep dicking in spades! Jamie jams his jock in slowly as Niles' knees are pinned up by his ears and that HUMONGOUS hog of his nearly reaches his chest! After getting his fill, Niles needs his bone buried in booty once more and services Ray's rump from behind on their sides. The erotic angle gives us a goo inducing view of Jamie's ass taking every thick inch down to Niles' nuts! Ray wraps his hand around his happy place as it pours sweet release down his mushroom head and hand. Our brunette bang boy is ready to bust and empties his ammo all over Ray's ass. The sticky treat drips down blondie's cheek and into his freshly fucked hole as Kurt goes in for one more kiss with his colossal cock flopped against Jamie's junk.

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Tasting Tyler

Twink titans, Tyler Hill and Leo Frost tangle in the sheets for this epic pairing that is absolutely dripping with young superstar spunk! Both boy's bodies have never looked better as they tumble into the bedroom grappling for groin in a steamy make out/ strip session. Hill's hog is just as hard as his well worked out body and Leo kneels in awe as he opens wide to gobble up every inch. The pretty piece has Leo rocked up down below so Tyler takes the lead and then takes the twink's entire torpedo down his throat before moving on to explore the boy's beautiful booty. Frost gets on all fours and Tyler feels his way inside his warm center with three thick fingers while slapping his schlong against the perked up posterior. Frost lets him know he's ready to rumble so, top dog Tyler spits on his pole and pierces pretty boy's tight little pucker. Hill takes topping duties seriously and watching him snake dance dick into the dude is absolutely delicious. Every tight, tan inch of his body ripples with raw sex as it slams cock into the kid. They flip over like raunchy wrestlers and Frost rides his raw rig while Hill wraps his hands around naughty boy's neck. The guys kiss and Tyler takes the opportunity to explore Leo's back and butt so hot and hard his trail leaves lusty marks on Frost's flawless complexion. Hill flips the toy twink over once more and aggressively attacks that ass while the cock cam catches his own uber hot hind end hammering and flexing his fuck deep into Frost. Leo juices his jock till it jets joy jizz in giant spurts up to his smooth nips! Hill pulls out, plants his perfect piece firmly in Frost's face and opens the valve like a Brooklyn fire hydrant on a summer day. This is the facial to end all facials folks! Leo get's his entire mug covered in cock. Hill nails him in the eye, nose and wide open mouth before going in to kiss the kid's cum covered lips.

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Dirty Blonds

Jimmy Andrews has been dying to get his hands on new Helix hottie Taylor Coleman. He ushers the California kid into his bedroom where the sky blue walls match the beautiful boy's baby blues and he slowly unbuttons his shirt. He kisses the kid's smooth, tight torso as he works his way down to his dick to put in some serious work. He downs the dude's disco stick and even bastes the balls before ordering Coleman onto his cock to return the favor. Taylor takes his sweet time on the tasty thick dick, enjoying every hard inch while Andrews explores his ass with a wandering hand. The boy's bubble butt is a thing of beauty, smooth and perky and framed by tight swim trunk tan lines highlighting it's hotness! Jimmy dives in and eats that ass like a hungry animal, spanking and finger banging the boy's button along the way. Taylor asks for one more spanking before the banging so Jimmy makes this one count. Then, he slides his raw rager up Coleman's caboose right next to the red hot handprint he left on the boy's butt cheek. Andrews is an ass assassin, only taking a small break in the middle to give Coleman's cock a test drive in his own hole. Then, it's back to banging the boy like a drum! Taylor's breath quickens and sweat forms on his brow from feverishly beating that beautiful bone. He looks down at Jimmy's giant jock splitting him down the middle, then tosses his head back and blows! Andrews uncorks and unloads a seed tsunami all over Taylor's tight, tan tummy. He whips his cock like a weapon for the fantastic fuck finale, making sure he gifts his guy with every last drop of his luscious liquid lust.

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Good Boy

The sweet sound of spanking ass fills the air as we slowly sneak around the corner to find Cody Wilson bent over Max Carter's knee receiving a hard hitting, rump rousing, posterior punishment. A few minutes in we find out Wilson ASKED for the ass annihilation and Mr. Max makes sure he delivers and then some! The slap heavy session starts with Wilson's hot ass clad in black underwear but when that booty becomes beet red, Max has his boy get naked to show off his hot handy work. Wilson may have requested the spanking, but rest assured, Carter is the one in control. Leaving NO part of Cody's bangin' backside unscathed, Max spreads the boy's bright red butt cheeks and gives his tight little hole some tenderizing. In a master move that's hot as hell, Max makes Wilson reach back to feel the heat radiating off his own ass cheeks, which are burning a beautiful bright red by now. Although cute Cody requested the scaldingly sweet, backseat session, the boy is begging for mercy by the end and Mr. Carter is fresh out.... All he has is porn perfect punishment to offer today and Wilson gets the ass wailing of his life!

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Dick Distraction

College jock Corey Marshall is having a bit of writer's block trying to knock out a three page essay while his BF Danny Nelson is giving some yoga positions a go in the other room. Danny saunters on over to Mr. Marshall with his flirt game on high. Nimble Nelson was smart to stretch that tight little bod because these two tear into one another with crazy hot chemistry! Danny's devilishly delicious charms convince Mr. college cock that taking a moment to relax will do him good and the hot study break bang-a-thon begins! Naughty boy Nelson straddles the strapping young stud for a sultry face suck before laying those luscious lips of his on Marshall's extra large love lance. Pretty boy basks in the girthy glory on his knees as he worships the golden guy's super hero hog AND low hangers. With his rock hard sex spear spit shined to perfection, Corey kisses the kid then tosses the twink against the desk and fills his fuck hole with raw, hard cock! Danny suggests they take this tryst to the bedroom and Corey instantly engulfs his tasty twink's tallywacker with a tongue twirler. Then, he flips the young fella like a flapjack and fucks Danny's smooth derriere deep with his darting tongue. Yoga is definitely paying off for Nelson who's back arch is amazing and allows that incredible ass to be showcased perfectly. With his hole serviced, open and hungry for something thick, Nelson hops on Corey's condom free cock for the ride of his life! The too sexy twosome switch it up and Nelson gets nailed on his side with that beautiful booty facing us. Danny opens up into spread eagle to get dicked even deeper, and THIS deep probing position pushes him to the busting point! Every single sinewy twink muscle in his beautifully chiseled body convulses with pure pleasure as his peen pours pure white gold from that granite hard groin! Cory cocks his cum gun and empties every ounce of oozy ammo onto Danny, creating a cum yummy concoction all over the twink's tight torso.

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