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Lustful Lads

Julian's parents aren't home, so the blond hottie takes full advantage and invites Cody Wilson over to blow off a little steam. We join the boys in Bell's bedroom already making out like the horny teenagers they are. Cock connoisseur Cody can't contain his curiosity and kisses his way down to Bell's bulging undies. He unwraps the pretty package and gives Julian's junk a perfect pole polishing. Bell manhandles Cody's caboose which is clad in sexy black undies before the spry, spunk filled fella straddles blondie's boyish face to serve him a mouthful of supple young, delicious dick. The little spinner does a 180 and turns this party into a sexy 69 with Bell tongue punching Cody's cock hungry hole! Wilson is wet and ready for a ride. He climbs on Julian's jock, naked and naughty and with nothing but nature's lube. The bangtastic brunette bad boy quickly gets to bouncing that beautiful booty while moaning for more. Julian jams his schlong up in Cody's can at top speed before sliding behind his bottom boy for a severely sexy side slam. Bell is feeling dom as fuck with the toy sized twink and maneuvers his perfect play thing towards the edge of the bed with ease. Jack worthy Julian stands firm, pumping pretty boy full of peen as our famous cock cam catches all the ball slapping, ass banging action from underneath. #Glorious! Wilson wacks his willie till he shoots fresh fuck fuel all the way up to his super smooth chest. Then, Bell pulls out and absolutely DOUSES the little dude with blow after blow of bone butter! Seriously, the boy MUST'VE been saving this load up for weeks! The too cute tan wink winds up COVERED in white hot hump heat, spent and completely content wrapped up in the beautiful blanket of Bell's naughty nut bust.

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Puppy Boy Asthon Gets Buggered! – Bare Twinks

Adorable twink guy James arrives with his shaved member throbbing and ready, and boy does he get a sweet surprise! Puppy twink Ashton is up on the bed wiggling his little ass, ready for some pounding. The boys start out with some mutual sucking, tasting those boners and drinking the pre-cum leaking from those dicks, but soon enough James is easing his naked knob into his friend. With the boy's pucker stretched out and fucked James reveals a long double-ended dildo to use in that hole, fucking them both at the same time! It's almost enough to have both boys ready to semen, but a little more fucking is needed to get Ashton pumping his cream and taking a big splashing facial from gorgeous little James.

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Good Friendship

He likes Huckleberry Finn because he loves good friendships and really is a good friend to his friends. When it comes to sex he just wants to make his partner happy. He feels very good about it and it makes him very happy as well. Huck is a real lovely boy :-)

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I’ll Take it From Here

It's been a bit since gorgeous Gabriel Martin has made a movie; but, this super sexy scene was well worth the wait! The golden boy is armed with his phone, a hungry hole, and an amazing uncut cock! The latin lust god texted anglo adonis Luke Wilder and he's on the way; so, Martin takes matters into his own hands while he waits. He manhandles his thick throbber next to a fully mirrored wall so we get a double dose of that delicious dick! Soon enough, Luke comes bursting through the bedroom door on a manly mission to deliver straight up, hard cock to the tasty bronze boy sprawled out on the bed! The cock calvary has arrived! Wilder plants a kiss on the kid, then plants his wet lips around Martin's massive member, eating every thick inch and even gobbling his goo filled globes. Martin rips Luke's clothes off, revealing his statue of David like physique which looks like the work of art it is while face fucking Gabriel! The lusty latin hasn't been with us in a while and his hunger for hog has certainly grown! The famished fuck star gorges on his guy's groin for all he's worth before Wilder orders the wild boy to turn around. In one spit slick, swift thrust Luke lays every inch of pipe inside pretty boy's perfectly smooth posterior. The bareback top dawg destroy's the dick hungry dude's dirt road at every turn, tenderizing that twink tush from the back, while riding, AND slamming the slut all the way home on his side where Gabriel's groin goes off, jetting jizz absolutely everywhere! Then, Luke pulls out and paints the beautiful bronze boy with thick, sticky good layers of liquid man load, covering the kid's tush and taint!

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Kurt Niles Solo Session

Cutie Kurt Niles has been fantasizing about being in fuck flicks since he was 15. The Portland porn aficionado just turned 18; so, after 3 long years of waiting, his dick slinging dreams are finally coming to fucktastic fruition! His tastes in guys run the gamut from jocks to asians, he absolutely LOVES getting face fucked AND..... he swallows! The anticipation and excitement absolutely radiate from this first timer and Carter can tell it's time to get down to business. The brunette pretty boy removes his clothes with a sexy sly smile that only comes from cock sure kid's with huge hogs! And, sure enough, this boy is PACKIN'! He's tall and toned with a sexy swimmer's build and a six pack so tight that when Carter pulls at his prime piece, his thick dick fills the room with a loud thud that that can only be made by the girthiest of groins! Carter covers the king sized cock with a load of lube and gives the kid a hot handy as Kurt caresses his toned torso. Niles takes meaty matters into his own hands for a bit before our blond adonis- dick director decides it's time to inspect Niles' nether regions. The black haired bad boy proudly arches that beautiful back and spreads his tender twink cheeks. Kurt cries out with muffled moans of ecstasy when Max tickles his backdoor button. So, Mr. Director ups the ante and squirts some lube in his horny hole. Carter cracks the seal on the boy's booty and quickly realizes nympho Niles is hungry for SEVERAL delicious digits. His big dick dangles down between his legs and Max takes the orgasmic opportunity to work both pleasure centers simultaneously. Kurt turns back around and spreads his legs as an invitation for Max to keep massaging his horny indoor plumbing. The boy's bionic bone grows harder and Carter steps back to capture the cocksplosion that's about to go down. Niles replaces Max's fingers with his own and multitasks that magnificent member with his other hand. Kurt keeps his eyes fixed between the camera and his exploding appendage as his fuck stick launches it's creamy contents all over his convulsing six pack. The tasty treat creates raunchy rivers through his ripped, chiseled stomach before drizzling down his slender side. Carter reaches in and squeezes the last precious, pearly drops from the dude's dick while Niles rubs the fresh fuck load all over himself. And, a star is born!

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Heavy Handed

Having a roommate is always a compromise. Tasty twink Adam Hunt recently moved in with bold, big dicked Blake Mitchell who isn't a fan of not having things go according to his porn perfect plans. Adam isn't used to having a delicious derriere dictator dominate his domain; but, he quickly learns a lasting lesson when Mr. Mitchell tenderizes his tight twink tush in this teachable moment. The raunchy roommates get to know each other on a devilishly deep level in this heavy handed, scarlet cheeked, back seat, palm pummeling posterior smack down!

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My Boo

On break from college, Marcell Tykes runs into old neighbor, AND first high school kiss Aiden Garcia! Anxious to finish what they started, Garcia invites Marcell over to "reconnect." Aiden immediately jumps his sexy high school sweetheart and the heat keeps rising.... along with Aiden's enormous appendage! Tykes travels south and lays a mean licking down on the latin lover's extra large love lance and the cock heavy competition to show one another how good they've BOTH gotten since high school is ON! Marcell hops up on the bed, arches his well worked out back and showcases his tight, trained dancer's derriere. Aiden has fantasized about that ass for years which makes this magnificent ass munch magically delicious! Tykes has also waited for this moment, AND for Garcia's gargantuan groin to gape that hot glory hole of his! After reaching back to pull pretty boy's tongue deeper into his pucker, Tykes asks for the fuck they've both been dreaming of for ages! Aiden excitedly slides his big bareback behemoth inside Tyke's slicked up, beautiful brown, buttery booty and gets to banging! They ease onto the bed a bit more and Marcell reaches back to spread his chocolate cheeks so Garcia can grind groin even deeper. The ass assassin offers Marcell a ride and the dude quickly hops on and puts his dancer training to work, He squeezes those hot, meaty cheeks around Aiden's enormous appendage as he hops on that hog with a righteously raunchy rhythm. The boy's skills are too much for Aiden's apple headed hog to handle and he explodes inside Tyke's tight tube steak tunnel. Loads of lust lava ooze out and the white hot hump heat looks sexy as fuck against both hottie's beautiful bronze skin. Even though Aiden already came, there's STILL a hell of a lot of bang left in the boy! Tykes dismounts from his man's meaty member and some fresh fuck seed seeps out before the pretty boy lays down on his back spread eagle. Aiden amps it up, plunging his perfect piece at a fever pitch till his high school crush cums buckets! This is one high school reunion you won't want to miss!

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Game for Two

Boyfriends Dustin Cook and Taylor Colman are spending the weekend in their new place and Dustin seems to be content just playing video games; but, Taylor is horny and hellbent on christening the apartment with an epic ass banging adventure! Cook is concentrating on his game but Coleman doesn't give up easily. He climbs on top of the twink and plants HIS juicy joystick right in the lad's lap! The tasty twinks play tonsil hockey as they tear at each other's clothes. Taylor feels Cook's cock thickening and he kneels on the floor to worship the wide weapon with his wet mouth. Dustin orders Taylor to stand up and he delivers a dick slurping suck job so good he winds up gasping for air. The couple kiss, tasting their own cocks as they do before Taylor offers Dustin a raw ride. The dirty blond lays back on the couch and Dustin eases his smooth sex hole down on the kid's cock. Cook crashes ass down on that "D" with all his might before Taylor takes him to task, bulldozing bone up hard and fast till his balls bounce off the boy's buoyant butt cheeks. The smooth, young sexaholics switch it up and Coleman gets cocked, bent up like a pretzel with his knees around his ears but not before Dustin eats that delicious derriere like dinner! Taylor is feeling topish today; so, the tush tag team continues with him hard knockin' his fast filling nuts against Dustin's dunk. The too cute couple look into each other's eyes while Taylor tears into Cook's cock hungry hole. Then, Dustin grapples with his groin until gallons of guy goo splash out, spraying the leather couch like a summertime sprinkler. Taylor is right behind Dustin (in more ways than one) and announces his arrival. Dustin is feeling deliciously dirty and Tells Taylor just where to put his tidal wave of twink toss. As requested, Coleman douses the dude right in the kisser with a thick drink of liquid dick and Cook laps up the the luxurious load with gusto.

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His Long Cock Feels So Good! – Bare Twinks

It's no wonder Chris Summers wanted to get on that bone when he saw the new boy for the first time. They've met and had an instant connection, within moments those cocks are out and Summers is greedily slurping on that gorgeous length. His hairless pucker can't wait to slide down on that dick, riding his new friend and then taking it from behind over the edge of the bed. Tucker clearly knows what he's doing, he pounds that butt with long and deep strokes, his meat sliding up and pulling out until Summers' is erupting his load out over himself and Tucker is pulling out to join in with him! With our slutty bottom boy dripping in jizz Tucker leaves a lasting impression by jabbing his wet dick right back up inside the boy!

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Goodbye Creampie

Max Carter and Tyler Hill have enjoyed a whirlwind, week long, sex romp of a romance. The nonstop sexathon was so perfect, Tyler missed class and now Carter isn't quite ready to quit that ass! After a week of playing hooky, Hill has to get back to the books but Carter cranks up that charm and he can't resist one more raunchy romp in the hay. The torrid twosome tear off one other's clothes during a passionate kiss revealing several cock stiffening crimes of passion scratched across Carter's beautiful back thanks to Hill's horny handy work. The passion continues as Max makes his way down to Hill's crotch and slobs that knob like a man. He goes in on Hill's hot hole with the same erotic enthusiasm, spitting on his smooth succulent pleasure center before diving in face first. Max makes a meal of porn's most perfect posterior; and, like a carnal caveman, Carter eats with his fingers. He slaps the beautiful bronze butt slut's supple cheeks with his cock before breaking his bareback battering ram through the boy's back door and ransacking that rump hard and wild. Keeping complete hole control, Carter pushes pretty boy's face down and mounts his manhole like a lusty lion laying a juicy jungle fuck down on the dude's derriere. Tyler gives him a taste of his own medicine by pushing top dog down and mounting his meat, giving us a glorious view of his golden rod while getting railed. Max plants a kiss on the kid then orders him onto his back where he plows the porn prince's perfect pucker till he fills his hole with white hot heat. Carter keeps cramming his cream up stream as he takes control of Hill's pole and milks his member till Tyler's flawless flesh is completely frosted in a gorgeous glaze.

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Cream Filled

Jimmy Andrews and Julian Bell are both beautiful, innocent looking, clean cut, american as apple pie blond boys; but, when that bedroom door closes these clean cut kids get deliciously dirty! After the naughty boys get naked we see clean cut jimmy with the sexy smart glasses' bad boy side. The twink's tight, ripped body is covered in just the right amount of tattoos that would tempt anyone to taste that fresh, young flesh. His bad boy side is also on full display when pulling Bell's beautiful face down on his diamond hard dick! Julian evens the score by fucking his blond buddy's boyish face before easing that amazing ass back just a bit to sit on Andrews' conveniently located cock! Bell bounces on that bare bone trampoline style, taking every thick inch till his booty hits balls. The blond bed duddies flip and Andrews gets his hot ass handed to him as Bell bangs the breaks off the boy! After his sultry stint as a top, Bell needs his ass filled with more fuck and Andrews absolutely annihilates his hungry hole doggy style. Julian plants his pretty face in a pillow while taking the pounding and Andrews' sinewy muscles flex like an ass olympian as he fucks! Pretty boy's piece sways with every slam and you can tell he's about to bust. He strokes his slippery schlog till it skeets all over the sheets and Andrews rewards him with a gloriously, gooey gift. He splatters the dude's tan cheeks with a seed spray but saves the big blast to warm the inside of the kid's cozy cock cabin! Your horny hunger will me more than satisfied with these cream filled twinkies!

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Spank Slut

Ethan Helms hasn't been a bad boy, in fact, he hasn't done a thing wrong, he just absolutely LOVES to be spanked, and spanked HARD. Max Carter is just the man for the job. The dirty blond disciplinarian dishes out dangerously delicious backside delights with perfect precision as Ethan lays across his lap. The boy begs Carter to crack his can hard as hell. Always happy to please, Carter swats the sexy spank slut's bum till it's burning bright! Ethan's sultry scarlet cheeks tease as they peek out the bottom of the his tighty whities. Giving into the temptation to see his hot handy work, Max orders the boy to get naked and bend over. Master Max bangs the boy's booty with his porn perfect palm and Ethan just begs for more! Carter spreads the twink's cheeks to give the guy's horny hole a hot smack as well, leaving no part of the kid unsatisfied. Max takes it to the next level as he seductively removes his belt, slides the leather down Helms' beautiful back and gives the boy's backside a subtle taste of whats to come. After a few soft leather kisses to he kid's can, Carter cracks the his caboose till beautiful belt marks are burned into that yummy bum. Ethan begs for ten more, but the fate of his fanny is in Carter's hands and Mr. Master will only allow five. He knows to always leave the lusty lad wanting more; and, he'll definitely receive those 5 more and then some, as they have another ass appointment tomorrow.

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not too short

Tadzios mother would be offended by too short skirts. That motivated him to wear these "too short" pants. He thought it would tear apart whan he gets a hard on. It fits all in and it quickly comes out when needed. A practical approach, but not for every day :-)

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Hit It

The best way to break the ice and throw caution to the wind with a buddy you've been wanting to bang has GOT to be having a relaxing smoke..... AND some heavy flirting! Danny Nelson lets go of his inhibitions and finally comes clean with beautiful buddy Joey Mills. The kid wants to fuck and doesn't shy away from dirty talk. He commends Mills' skills as he wraps his pretty lips around the hookah. Joey only has time for one more toke before Danny just goes for it! He confesses he's wanted Mill's massive member inside him for a while and Joey is unable to resist the ravenous twink. Danny's been dreaming of this big fat cock filled day for a while and is absolutely determined to down every thick inch of Joey's dreamy dick! Mr. No Gag Reflex Nelson swallows the tube steak titan all the way down to his cum filled testies! Mills returns the fellatio favor, gobbling Nelson to the nads as well! After a hearty portion of peen, Joey turns his attention to the teen's tight, smooth, tasty tush. Joey jackhammers the boy's beautiful butt hole with banging fingers and a slamming, slippery good tongue fuck. This serves two purposes, to quench his hunger for hot teen hole, and to loosen up the tight twink before squeezing his HUMONGOUS hog inside. Our famous cock cam catches the erotic, bareback bone make contact, then slowly slip deep inside Danny's deliciously sweet donut. Joey takes the twink on a juicy juggernaut of epic proportions, slamming schlong inside long and hard AND in multiple, super porny positions! He hits the boy's lil' booty from the back, takes the twink on a righteously raw ride and when naughty Nelson is finally on his back spread eagle and open, Joey jams every thick inch he's got into he tiny twink's tight tunnel! Danny takes it like a champ, opening wide for the big beast that's hitting his hot spot every time Joey's heavenly, heaving hips bang that bone base deep! Nut loving Nelson winds up covered in peter butter! Joey juices every orgasmic ounce of white gold from that gorgeous groin, then shoves his still spurting pleasure giver back in pretty boy's freshly fucked pink pucker.

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This is Bela's version of being "at school". He not only scores with knowledge, but also with his fit body and a happy kind. On special occasions he grants sexual rewards right at the spot...

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Taylor Coleman Solo Session

Taylor Coleman is the quintessential Cali kid. This blond beach bum has a preference for older guys, is more of a bottom and absolutely LOVES a little love scar such as a bite mark, raunchy red scratches or even hickeys! The crazy hot, cocksure kid doesn't take much coaxing and gives a porn perfect performance. He's a pretty show pony with hypnotic good looks and a fuck me-flirt game that is out of this world! After a tasty schlong tease in the front, Max gets Taylor to tempt us with his hind end where a smacking good mini spank goes down. Coleman even ups the ante, telling Carter to smack that ass HARDER! When the bronze boy turns back around, he allows Carter to take complete control of the cock unveiling. Max reaches in the dude's drawers and pulls out that prize piece, then welcomes the new guy with a super hot handy J. Taylor's tight end is then treated to a thoroughly hot ass inspection from Carter's thick-fuck me fingers. Max orders the boy onto his back and is more than happy to lend a helping hand as the fine ass fella eye fucks the shit out of him! Coming into the home stretch, Max steps back to capture all the gooey glory that erupts from the kid's cock. His fresh young seed splashes and splatters all over that tight, teen six pack. Max goes in to milk the last luscious drops of liquid dick from the young dude; and, the erotic eye fucking continues.....

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First Date Fuck

Ryan Bailey and Leo Frost are meeting face to face at the park for the first time to see if they vibe together. There's definitely playful sparks flying between the two and a fiery first kiss that leads them back to the bedroom. Frost immediately understands where Bailey's cocksure bravado comes from when he heads down below the boy's waistline. The dude's got a huge cock and little Leo looks like a kid in a candy store with the biggest prize while bobbing on that knob. Anxious to see what Leo's rockin' under the hood, Ryan ransacks the boy's sexy black boxer briefs. The dirty blond twink takes a lusty licking from Bailey who handles his business from front to back. After prepping his work area and allowing Leo to brace for impact, Bailey slowly starts to work his way in. After a sultry slip and slide to break that bad boy through, Ryan opens up the throttle and blazes down the little dude's dirt road at full speed. He crushes ass like a king pin of peen, flipping the toy twink onto his side before banging the boy on all fours. Frost is finally fully open and throws booty back at Bailey, meeting him in the middle for maximum impact. The full force of fuck causes Frost to flood like an open faucet. Ryan races towards the finish line at a pounding pace! When he finally crosses, he creams the kid's can with a celebratory explosion. The sticky confection frosts the kid's cakes and Ryan slaps his long, satisfied schlong in the juicy job well done.

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Afternoon Ass

New kid on the block Cody Wilson is paired with jailbait jock star Caleb Gray for this afternoon, ass banging adventure! The boys skipped school for this scorcher that finds them at high noon with the sun streaming through the bedroom window and perfectly kissing their tight, teen bodies. Tongues intertwine as raging hormones cause the kid's to tear at one another's clothes and get at those throbbing young bones! Fresh and curious, Cody Wilson feels Gray's giant jock protruding through his pants and he can't fight that horny hunger. He strips his fuck buddy from his straining undies and gives the guy's gargantuan groin a gleaming spit shine with a little help from Gray's hand at the back of his head. Caleb kisses the kid for a job well done then dines on the dudes uncut rager. Wilson spins around and arches his back, sending a not so subtle hint that his hole needs attention. The kid's caboose is a twink lover's dream, perfectly round, perky and smooth with an untainted tight hole that's always horny. Caleb gives the boy's beautiful booty the attention is deserves with a triple header: tongue, fingers and a ferocious fucking! He dishes out dick like a demon in doggy style before ordering his bottom buddy onto his back where the hits just keep on cummin'! Wilson can't hide the pure pleasure from his pretty face which has glazed over into absolute ecstasy. Caleb continues cocking the kid on his side and Cody finally blows. Had it not been for his arm across his chest he surely would have blasted himself in the face; so, Gray unloads there instead! The beautiful bottom instinctively sticks his tongue out to catch Caleb's fresh cream. The first blow streaks across pretty boy's chiseled cheek; but, he sucks the rest down right along with Caleb's cock!

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An Expensive Mistake

Hot hunk Josh Brady has been missing money from his room over the last few weeks. It's obviously one of his roommates; so, he's been anxiously waiting to catch the culprit. He finally spies Julian Bell jacking some serious cash from his wallet and now Brady is ready exact his revenge! After weeks of waiting, Brady's extra aggressive, immediately taking back his property and turning Bell's backside into HIS property! The sexy stud spins the thief around so his pretty face is eating mattress while he whacks away at the kid's caboose. Some smacking good tush torture does the trick and Julian confesses to every time he's stolen from the heavy handed hunk. Josh makes a deal with the boy, one spank for every dollar. Shockingly, Bell confesses to even MORE cash crimes! The kid MUST be enjoying the porny punishment and we can see Brady DEFINITELY takes pride in his work, so it's the perfect combo for us! By the time Josh takes the blond's shorts off, the kid's can is tomato red, ripe and ready for more! Brady asks again and Julian confesses to jacking a hundred bucks! This is music to his ass master's ears and Brady makes good on his promise to match the thief's dollar amount. The peaches and cream anglo teen's tight end winds up a bright, beautiful red and the thought of his hand branded onto the boy brings Brady sweet satisfaction as he kicks the kid out of his room.

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Seventies Lover

Brad loves the music from the Seventies. Especially The Doors, but also David Bowie and the Beatles. He adopted that from an older friend that is always so nice to him. And so he shows us how nice he is.....all around and a little bit inside out...

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Book Tour Score

Blake Mitchell's book "His Own Way Out" has just been released and he's on tour in support of the tell all at book stores across the nation. Every stop is special as Mr. Mitchell loves interacting with his fans and one in particular definitely catches Blake's eye. Dylan Hayes lays his book down to be signed and all Blake can say is "wow!" The boy IS absolutely beautiful with his thick, full lips and tight, tan body. This kid gets an autograph AND an invitation to the after party! After wading through the glamour and gorgeous guys supporting Blake's book, the boys find the one private area and Dylan's dick dream becomes a raunchy reality! Blake sucks on those big, beautiful lips before Dylan travels south for a gorgeous groupie gag-a-thon on his dream guy's gargantuan groin. Dylan deep throats Mitchell's massive member completely and even licks his fantasy fuck's funk filled balls. Blake pulls pretty boy up off his knees and spins him around to discover the dude's super smooth bubble butt was absolutely built for fucking! He slides his spit slick, fat phallus in fanboy's fuck hole with ease. Blake goes above and beyond, taking the kid on a rollercoaster ride with surprise schlong slamming speeds that keep the cock anticipation exciting AF! He slows down to a sultry slide then slowly picks the plunging pace back up till the room fills with a fuck smack that literally sounds like a runaway train, and THAT'S all before they take their pants from around their ankles! Once on the bed it's full steam ahead as Hayes hammers his heavenly hiney down on Mr. thick dick's uncut rig while spreading his smooth, firm and meaty cheeks apart to accept every inch of Mitchell's mighty appendage. Once on his back, Blake gives Dylan the dominant dick delivery Mr. Mitchell has become famous for, love choke included. Blake's breathing quickens and you can tell he's getting ready to bust! He pulls out and unloads all over Dylan's deliciously smooth flesh and the white hot load looks luscious covering the tan twink. The boys fall asleep in each other's arms and we're treated to a super special wake up-fuck follow up where Mr. Mitchell's morning wood rises from Hayes masterful hummer! This two for one, cream dream cum true is every boy's fuck fantasy come to full fruition..... TWICE!

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Nerd Lust

Hot nerds are all the rage, and never have there been two more fiercely fuckable four eyed fellas than Dustin Cook and Jimmy Andrews! These two naughty nerds cum together and formulate the porn perfect equation of erotic excellence. After their teen dream make out sesh, dirty blond Andrews inspects every inch of Dustin's deliciously smooth torso while kissing the kid as he travels toward his hardening hog. Jimmy deep throats the thick throbber to the balls, where he ALSO puts in work! The dominant dick slinger saunters up towards Cook's cock sucker, straddles his magnificent mug and fills his mouth with that massive member of his. Andrews' appetite for ass kicks in and his craving must be filled. So, he hops off the bed and yanks Cook's caboose closer to the edge and spreads those smooth legs like peanut butter. Jimmy jams his entire face in the boy's beautiful bottom, breathing him in as he tastes the twink's sweet center with his tongue. Dustin pulls him deeper into his succulent derriere by the hair to loosen up those loins because he knows theres a storm a coming and Jimmy does NOT disappoint! Andrews stands up, plants his feet firm and plows his condom free cock deep into Dustin's derriere. The naughty nerds always share and Dustin gets an orgasmic opportunity to repay his boy for the raw ramming when Andrews asks for a fucking! Cook slams the slender slut on his side but it isn't long before Jimmy's Johnson wants to jump back in Dustin's trunk. Jimmy then puts a back breaking, bone banging beat down on his dude while showing off his chiseled torso with some sexed up, fuck flexing. His bubble butt hardens with muscle while pummeling his perfect piece into Cook's cock hungry hole. Dustin's dick is ready and when it roars, it absolutely destroys the charcoal dark duvet with thick white ropes of raw nut. Andrews catches up quickly and splashes the boy's back and booty with buckets of boy butter. Then, he slaps his wide weapon into the sticky seed and rubs the love lotion down the kid's crack before shoving his cum slicked schlong back inside.

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Robin Is Too Distracted For Games – Bare Twinks

It's perhaps inevitable than when friends like Robin and Andrew are hanging out and playing computer games things are going to take a turn. They have the house to themselves and Robin just can't focus with that cute little ass and delicious dick right there. He doesn't have to try too hard to get redhead Andrew naked, sucking on each other in a 69. Soon enough the pale boy is impaling his naked butt on that throbbing boner and taking a ride on Robin's shaft! Getting it a little deeper from behind he decides to take control, plunging his own boner into Robin and fucking the cream out of him, finishing off with a load to the boy's handsome face! Who cares about their score in the game when there's spooge to share?

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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Creamed Raw

This cream heavy scene is pretty boy porn perfection! Julian Bell and Tristan Adler are both ripe for the fucking and haven't cum in days. They tear into one another like the ultra hot horny teens they are from the word action. Adler feasts on Julian's juicy jock like a starving slut, twisting his tongue around the blond's smooth, stiff staff as his shiny brunette bangs toss to the side revealing his perfectly chiseled facial features. Bell says thank you with a sensually wet smooch before reaching for the kid's cock. The brunette bad boy is raging hard and hammers every thick inch of dick he's got down Julian's throat till the gorgeous guy gags. Adler reaches around to feel the warm insides of Bell's smooth butt and immediately orders the nordic naughty boy to turn around. Bell does as he's told and as a reward, receives a raw railing from Tristan's thick throbber. Adler isn't shy about his wants and lets it be known he wants to ride Bell's bone. Pretty boy pogo sticks on Bell's dick while moaning for more and clenching his tight, thick, meaty cheeks. Rock hard the entire raw ride, Tristan then takes a backseat behind Bell to slide that stiffy back in the warm, welcoming, familiar fuck hole. Julian's entire twink torso tightens and ripples with lean teen muscle as he milks his main vein. The blond absolutely EXPLODES, shooting seed sky high like bionic boner bottle rockets! Tristan ties the towhead with a titanic tidal wave of cream that covers Bell from bone to booty and everywhere in between! After dousing the dude, Adler dips his dick back in and kisses the cum covered cutie.

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No Whining

It's laundry day for Angel Rivera and much to his surprise, while stuffing his dirty's in the washer he finds his favorite shirt stained with red wine! The ONLY culprit can be new roommate Danny Nelson. He calls his roomie in to show Danny the dirty damage he's caused. The cute kid apologizes and even offers to buy Angel a new shirt, but Rivera would rather extract his raunchy revenge on Nelson's rear end! Angel bends the tiny twink over the dryer and gets busy busting on that beautiful booty! It's sweet release for Rivera who calls out every offense Danny has made since he's moved in. Even with every ass smack getting more severe as Danny's drawers drop to the floor, somehow the beautiful boy manages to utter an apology. By the end of the prick stiffening punishment, Danny's derriere is beet red; AND, when Rivera spreads the plump rump, looks ripe for a fucking!

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Marcell Tykes and Luke Wilder are super close roommates, so close in fact that Luke is the first person Marcell came out to. Tonight Tykes has his first gay date so Luke gives him the third degree, prepping him with peppery questions and igniting some sparks between the two roomies who are about to get a WHOLE lot closer. After some serious flirting, Luke and his leading man good looks literally sweep Tykes off his feet and he offers him a hard cock to practice on before his date. Marcell is on his knees in an instant and even though the kid is a relatively new cock sucker, he downs Luke's delicious dick balls deep! Wilder wraps Marcell in his muscular arms for a raunchy romantic make out and as their clothes drop to the floor we're gifted with a glorious view thanks to a fully mirrored wall. Wilder waxes poetic on Marcell's meat before whipping the beautiful, tight bodied boy around to get at that amazing trained dancer's derriere. Tykes braces himself against the mirror as Luke slides his bareback beast inside that smooth brown booty. Wilder fucks the kid ferociously then slows it to a sensual pace at points, his perfect piece propelled by his beautifully chiseled body and rock hard rear end. Keeping it spicy, Luke lays his roomie down on the coffee table and cocks the kid spread eagle while Marcell's bangin' body flexes and ripples along with the fantastic fuck. Wilder wails wang at the boy and as the coffee table creeks, Tykes takes to heavy breathing and blows a white hot load that glistens against his buttery brown skin. The sexy site sets Wilder a blaze and he erupts like a volcano, launching a lusty load of lava that grazes Marcell's pretty face and keeps blasting past it, landing all the way on the couch! Spent and satisfied, Luke leans in to kiss his boy from the mouth on down south, tasting their sexy, salty seed mixture in the porny process.

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Tight Twinks

Fresh out of the gate, Cody Wilson cums out swingin' in his first ever, non-solo fuck flick! The tan and tender twink is paired with beautiful blond boy Adam Hunt to double this twinkie treat! Adam is packing a prime piece in his pants and cock whore Cody practically inhales Hunt's heavy hitter with an exceptional hummer! Hunt doesn't skimp on the schlong suck either, deep throating Cody's uncut cock to the balls with his own beautiful peaches and cream ass in the air. Knowing this is Wilson's first on camera fuck, Hunt gives the guy the full treatment. He spins the 19 year old around and gives the kid's tender tush a thorough ass inspection, using every tool to tantalize. After the tongue and fingers appetizer, Adam opens the newbie up wide with all his girthy goodness. Wilson wails with the sweet pleasurable pain of being perfectly pounded while bracing himself on all fours. Hunt flips the new kid like a pancake then plunges his pole back inside Wilson's warm hole. For a first time fuck, Wilson works it for all he's worth! He gets grimy and verbal while whacking his willie and pushing Hunt's pretty surfer boy locks away from his face. Adam keeps thumping the twink's taut tunnel with his titan until Wilson's wad cums splashing out! His virginal load splashes across his bronze skin and Hunt just keeps on pumping. He stares down at the naughty newbie he's just deflowered and delivers a delicious load that mixes in with the beautiful boy's own, filling his adorable belly button.... and then some!

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Teaching The Twink To Take It – Bare Twinks

Ralph needs some lessons in fucking, so it's a good think the cute little twink has a gorgeous friend like James to teach him! One thing is certain, this boy doesn't need much education in sucking dong, he's soon slurping on James' dong and doing a great job of it. With his hole licked out and James lubed up the boy slides into Ralph, fucking him raw at the edge of the bed. The inexperienced boy gets a lesson in riding next, bouncing on James' pink bare boner while stroking himself off. After ramming the boy's butt on his back the two get ready to taste those juicy loads, getting into a 69 to deliver the creamy goodness. There's still plenty more for the boy to learn, wanna teach him something?

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Wet and Wild

Aiden Garcia and Gabriel Martin get comfortable and cuddle together playfully at the pool. The guy's gorgeous, golden bronze bodies are glistening in the sun; so, they decide to take advantage of the lighting with an impromptu photo shoot and THEN take advantage of one ANOTHER back inside! Aiden's ample appendage is jutting out through his virginal white trunks, just daring the dong hungry dude to dine on ALL that delicious dick. Garcia takes the bait, AND every thick, overachieving inch of Aiden's amazing appendage like a cock chomping champ! Aiden goes ham on Martin's massive uncut member in return; then, he spins the teen around to taste his sweet twink's smooth sphincter. He primes his smooth pucker for a biblical, bareback boning. Aiden's ass is equally enticing and Gabriel glazes the gorgeous doughnut with his spit slick tongue. He spreads the boy's backside and dives in, first with his face, then with his big, bronze, bareback boom stick. The guy's flip once more and Gabriel hops on Aiden's bionic beast like a beautiful bronc rider. He squeals and moans as Garcia grinds all that girth up inside his manhole till the latin twink invites him to "cum inside." Just like a good boy, Aiden does as he's told and blasts his heavenly heap deep inside the twink's tight tunnel. Aiden whips his spent schlong from it's cozy, cum filled confines, causing his own dick load to ooze out along with it. The warm feeling of a fresh load inside is just what Gabe needed to nut. He blasts his hefty load all over Garcia's smooth, golden skin.

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