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We tried different outfits with him and he looks good in every one of them. Naked, however, he seems to be most beautiful. I would say he is gay, but he does not want to admit it. He enjoyed "working" in front of the camera, but showed no gay attitudes. He's just a lovely boy, right?

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Afterparty Pound

The boy's have had quite the party at the Helix mansion tonight and now, it's that time of the night when only their best bed buddies are left and all are feeling a little frisky! The guys are a bit tipsy which leads to a sexy six pack competition, nipple tweaking AND jailbait Joey Mills gets pantsed right there in the kitchen! Yup, it's THAT kind of a night! Shane Cook and Tyler Hill have been flirting the entire evening and finally drift off to a secluded bedroom where Shane scoops the kid up in his muscular arms, slams him against the wall and sticks his tongue down his throat. Tyler is in hunk heaven and enjoys every moment being manhandled while climbing this mountain of a man. Hill is up for an even bigger challenge when he drops to his knees and comes face to face with Cook's monster cock. He downs as much of the beefcake's big beer can thick dick as he can while working the rest with a hot handy combo. Cook gets his boy on the bed and gifts the guy's groin with a gorgeous, balls deep dick suck before blasting the kid's beautiful back door open with his hungry tongue. Shane knows exactly what he's doing and has Hill's hiney horned up, arched and aching for a banging. He presses his ample, uncut appendage into Tyler's tight hole slowly but surely, making sure not to split the twink in two. Once Hill accommodates ALL Shane has to offer, the boy's booty opens up and Cook REALLY lays into the lad, pumping his porn star sized piece like a well oiled piston. The room fills with the sounds of giant cock slamming into perfectly plump, smooth ass mixed with heart pounding moans of pleasure. The sexy stud definitely does some delicious damage to Tyler's tush and the finale of fuck fireworks at the end is an orgasmic overflow worthy of these two superstars!

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Bookworm Bang

Millennial masturbation material Jamie Ray is playing on his phone while blond beauty Julian Bell has his nose in a book. Jamie would MUCH rather have the boy's nose up in HIM so he teases the twink till he gets what he wants! After an outdoor horse play/tickle/make-out session the boys bring the heat back to the bedroom and swap blow jobs on one another's big young bones. Jamie gets his wish when Bell spreads his butt like a good book and fucks his tight hole with his tongue. Jaime is all juiced up and ready for a ramming and Bell balls the boy bareback, holding his hips as he hammers his long hog hard enough to make the bed shake. Bell needs some butt love too and Ray is more than happy to switch up the raw ramming duties. Jamie does love a big dick up his ass when he nuts though so our boys tag team the tube steak once more causing Ray's rig to blast big bucket cock rockets! The cum slut sticks out his tongue to catch some of his own spunk as it splashes onto Julian's arm who's still hammering hog into Ray's rump. The sight along with Bell's twitching twink hole makes it impossible for Julian to hold his load any longer and he releases a bunch of hot, raw nut all over Jamie's jock, thighs, cheeks and HOLE! Ray is in absolute ecstasy and spreads the fresh cream all over himself like body lotion.

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WTF Jamie?!

Master of the manor Max Carter let his boy Jamie Ray tend to his beloved dog Duke, but little Jamie slacked off and now it's time to pay. Max teaches the kid a lesson in responsibility with a rousing rump beating! Carter cranks out spanking after spanking, each landing with a loud SMACK. Ray gets it good! Max whacks the kid over his jeans but decides to take the tush torture further by pantsing the pretty boy and leaving just his undies on which he hikes into the kid's crack. After tenderizing the plump, firm fanny till it's red and raw, he gets the young guy completely naked and over his knee to continue the cock stiffening ass assault. Max even smacks the twink's hot hole while making him repent. After flipping the kid onto his other knee to even things out a bit, Carter tosses the boy's bright red booty over his shoulder then sends him on his way, lesson learned.

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All your favorite Helix hotties are kicking off Memorial Day weekend by having a pool party and YOU'RE invited! Jump in and splash around with Angel Rivera, Cameron Parks, Corbin Colby, Joey Mills, Josh Brady and Luke Wilder! With all that sexiness in tiny swim trunks swingin' around, things are BOUND to get GOOD, and they definitely do! Angel Rivera disappears with Corbin Colby and Josh Brady so the other three go searching and find the thirsty twink servicing the two studs on his knees! Naturally the others want in on the action which gets the lusty latin working overtime on a cock sucking assembly line! Joey sees the immense size of his work load and gets on his knees to help the hottie out while Cam and Josh Brady break off to get busy on the couch, turning the living room into a wet and wild all out orgy! Six of our SEXIEST boys kick off the holiday weekend right, raunchy and RAW! Holes are licked and sticked as the biggest bones on our roster are worshipped then slammed into tight young asses while their best buddies hold their legs up for 'em in the porny process! with SIX boys, there's an endless amount of cock, ass and positions to try and our boys give them ALL a go! This fuck-fest is truly a feast for your eyes where you'll find our our horned up whores gobbling every groin in sight, sucking and fucking perky, plump booties, enjoying smoking hot spit roasts and even double penetration! Pretty young faces, tight, ripped torsos and amazing asses are all doused with dude juice making this raw ram-a-thon finish the way it began, with a SPLASH!

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Teen Pleasure

Dirty blond boy Jimmy Andrews is cruising for cock on his phone when tasty twink Tristan Adler opens his bedroom door without knocking and he realizes the hunt is over and what he's been aching for has at the house the entire time. Andrews cuts to the chase and blurts out "you wanna suck my dick?" Andrews is on his thick dick in a New York minute, masterfully working Jimmy's Johnson. Andrews is starving for some schlong himself gorges on Tristan's tally-whacker like he's a Vegas all you can eat buffet. ALL buffets include dessert, and tat his chow down, Adler's smooth ass is on the menu. After eating his fill, the dirty blond gets dirtier (in the best way) sauntering up behind Tristan's tush, smashing his big bareback battering ram inside the beautiful, smooth boy and puts a ton of TURBO into tenderizing the twink's tight hole! Jimmy hammers the hottie so hard he lays back on the bed panting hard but still down for more pound! Tristan takes the raunchy reigns and hops on for a heated bareback butt bang. He slams his smooth sphincter down on Andrews weapon of ass-destruction like an alley cat in heat. After sees how much fun Tristan is having, he decides he needs a taste of his own medicine! Tristan takes out some porny pent up energy on Andrews amazing ass, slamming the sexy young beast like a bitch while Jimmy jacks his giant jock. Tristan is definitely putting the perfect amount of torque is every hard thrust because he quickly causes Jimmy's cock to overflow in ecstasy as cum splashes onto his tight torso! Andrews isn't far behind and he soaks the sexed up slut with white hot nut, covering our dirty blond's deliciously drained dick!

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Game Time Gor Horny Boys – Bare Twinks

When adorable James loses the game and gets cream on his face his friend Jamie claims his prize, but not before the boys share their tasty young boners with each other! The sucking is delicious as the boys take turns to orally please their friend, but the sight of James' rod sliding in and out of Jamie's perfectly tight little pucker is even more amazing to watch. The boy takes it from behind, then slides his naked hole down on Jamie's solid cock, riding him on the couch. When hairless little James lays back to take a good raw pounding he can't stop his semen from launching out of his dick, splashing up his stomach. The final eruption from Jamie's rod all over adorable James' face is the real delight. He gets soaked with semen from his friend! Who wouldn't want to lose to either of these boys on a playful afternoon?

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Pasha seems insatiable when it comes to new boys. But he is afraid to express his intentions. So he brings friends along and we should offer them a photoshooting... All Pasha wants is a duo session so he can have sex without asking. It must feel just like paradise....

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The Undressing Room

Packed with beautiful young guys, there's never a dull moment at the Helix mansion! Landon Vega is killing time shooting pool between filming when Cole Claire asks him for wardrobe advice for his upcoming scene. The guys can't seem to find Cole's size jeans; OR, the clever cock whore hid them! Either way, Claire finagles his way into Vega's size 26 slim cut, cock huggers and thanks him for the loan with luscious licks to that EXTRA large love lance. Vega knows the tasty temptations inside Cole's pants and is helpless against his cock's scrumptious charms. He deep throats the skater boy's big boner before laying down, derriere in the air to allow Claire control of his cock hungry hole. Cole goes buck wild on the boy's butt hole, tongue punching the perky pucker with ferocious force between spreading the tight cheeks and teasing his tight bootied twink with feisty fingers. The teasing gets the best of the boy and he hops on Cole's pole for a raw ride. Claire takes the titanic tube steak which is slapping his torso in his hand to pleasure the porn prince at each end. Vega hops off the hog hard as hell and ready to return the favor. He pushes his mammoth member between Cole's plump cheeks and fills his whorey housemate with heavy duty dick. The normally bottom loving Claire is lusting after Landon's loins today and we're treated to yet another round of him taking Vega to pound town! It isn't long into round two before Claire's cock blows! But, the boy has got youth on his side and he soldiers on! After creaming on Vega's bronze booty, he plunges that puffy, cum sticky piece back up Landon's love hole until the large lanced latin lover busts and absolutely covers the comforter with fresh cum. The boys collapse on the bed RIGHT in the sticky spot! Cole is still feeling frisky and gobbles up the last few dew drops from Vega's dick tip.

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Well Hung Helms

Edible dirty blond boy Ethan Helms kisses and caresses our most tender piece of succulent young flesh in the form of Nicholas Romero. Nicholas' skin is absolute poreless perfection that always glows and begs to be touched. Helms handles the prime piece with cock loving care, kissing every inch of the lusty latin as he makes his way from those pretty pink pouty lips to his nips and on down to that delicious dick and derriere. Ethan eats that smooth ass with his future fuck plans in mind, plugging his pink tongue deep into Romero's rump before straddling the twink's face to get some loin lovin' of his own. Nicholas pulls his dude's drawers down and Helms' whopper of a wang wallops the kid right in the face with a hefty schlong SMACK! Romero takes it on the chin like a pro, then takes the dick into his wet, warm mouth. He works Helms' hung hog with those precision porn star hands AND without a gag reflex! Ethan's appendage is warmed up and ready to ram some ass raw. He kisses Nick's caboose once more then plunges his pole in raw! Our professional bottom moans with approval as Helms jackhammers his giant junk into his hole. Helms heaves that jumbo hotdog into our boy from the front before hittin' it from the back. Then, bottom boy pipes up with a raunchy request to ride the big rig, much to Ethan's dick's delight! The smooth cock jockey saddles up on top and rides the boy's horse cock like a rodeo pro. Helms' cups the kid's smooth can as Romero bangs his booty down on that dynamic dick like a kid in a bounce house at a birthday! Helms' hefty appendage is hitting all the right spots and Romero erupts, splashing Ethan with a hot, fresh latin load. Ever the pleaser, Romero backs up and aims his pretty face at his top's throbbing cock, mouth open. He catches what he can, then goes down for more, bobbing on that plump apple head to gulp even more of the gorgeous groin's gooey, tasty treat.

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Cannabis Consequences

Angel Rivera has it made, he lives in a beautiful home and is treated like a trophy boy but ONLY if he gets his daily chores done! It's a pretty sweet deal for the bronze beauty, but when Master Jeff Sterne comes home to find Rivera sucking on a bong without one of his houseboy duties done, daddy decides to teach the twink a lesson. Sterne dominates the dude, bending him over and working the boy's bubble butt with a wide wooden paddle before pantsing the kid to admire his heavy handed work. Rivera's plump rump is ripe, tender and bright red. Jeff yanks Angel's red undies up into Rivera's crimson crack displaying his cherry cheeked ass. The pulsating punishing continues as Sterne busts out a belt and doesn't let up, switching between the booty banging belt, his favorite fanny paddle and that super strong spank hand of his. He owns Angel's ass, bringing the boy's butt to the sexed up intersection of pure pleasurable pain. Rivera's rump is raw and Jeff knows the lusty lesson has been learned. Sterne finally lets up and allows his boy to take another well earned toke. Then he orders his houseboy to meet him in the kitchen to get those chores done. We guarantee Rivera won't soon forget his responsibilities, OR be able to sit down for a week!

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Jacuzzi for Two

Through the scorching heat of the summer sun Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill's hot golden bodies glisten as they relax at an outdoor resort. Feeling frisky, Corbin splashes a sun bathing Tyler till he gets his attention AND some company in the jacuzzi. Hill hops in and gives Colby a kiss, which is all the hunk needs to get fired up! After some naughty necking and a slick handed Colby slipping Tyler's trunks off, his boat sized boner is approaching full mast and ready for some attention. Tyler tackles the titanic tripod with a cock thirsty throat before Colby bends the boy over the jacuzzi's edge. The strapping sex god goes for the gold, sucking cock and licking Hill's hot hole with his pierced tongue. The horned up hotties decide to take this fuck-fest back to their room where Corbin continues his incredible assault on Hill's hiney. After gorging on the golden boy's beautiful bubble, our big boy straddles the wet and ready sex hole then slides Tyler a tantric life line. Hill relaxes with a face full of mattress as Colby bangs every big, beautiful, bareback inch of that big boom stick inside him. Corbin kisses Tyler's tan flesh while his lusty low hangers spank the kid's can with every thrust. Then, Corbin makes Hill an offer he can't refuse and a righteously raunchy cock ride ensues. Hill's hind end inhales every thick inch while riding the big rig both ways. Once he's facing away from Colby's kisser, the king of cock REALLY takes the twink on a ride, grabbing his smooth thighs and slamming schlong up into the boy like a bad ass! Once on his back, Tyler tries to take control of his own appendage but the fuck is just too good. He removes his hand and a few cum drops escape. Colby takes matters into his own hands and at Hill's request, he hammers HARD while milking Tyler's member in the pounding process! He jacks Hill's jock to a SECOND cumming! The sight is unbelievable and Corbin's cock can no longer contain it's contents. Corbin unleashes a wild fleet of liquid fuck that looks luscious on Tyler's tan flesh.

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Hot Tub Twink Machine

Warm water and massaging bubbles tickle tantalizing twink Caleb Gray in an outdoor jacuzzi. And, just when he thinks this day couldn't get any better, hottie Hunter Graham slides in! The fair fleshed tenderloin inches closer and closer till the tasty twosome can grab one another's growing groins under the water. Hunter hops on the hot tub's edge and Gray goes down like the Titanic, twirling tongue around the twink's tool. After a steamy kiss, Caleb finds footing to be able to stand and deliver dick directly down Hunter's thirsty throat while grabbing Graham by the back of the head. Caleb tosses his sexy black swim trunks off then turns around to get that salad tossed. Hunter heaves his tongue deep in the kid's smooth back side while spreading his work surface and even adding a spanking to the bad boy's booty. The slam suspense is killing the kid and all he wants is Gray's tight ass hugging his cock. He stand up, dick in line with Caleb's can and pushes his pole balls deep into his bottom's beautifully smooth butt. The twink tide turns and Hunter's hole is hungry for a hammering. He tosses a towel down then tosses his legs in the air. Caleb doesn't waste any time and torpedo's the twink's tight hole hard while Hunter jacks his jock. The bubbles continue to flow beneath the pretty pair while Gray's own bubble butt pummels his long bareback bone deep into Hunter's sweet center, pushing the kid's white hot, pent up pleasure to the surface. With his bottom spent and satisfied, Caleb cocks his weapon and unloads a bounty of sticky boy bullets ALL over Hunter's chiseled torso. Pretty boy is covered in a waterfall of wang jizz and Gray goes in for one more kiss before the boy's submerge back in the jacuzzi satisfied.

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Impaled On A Big Bare Cock – Bare Twinks

Not many boys can handle the thick and long tool young Cooper has between his thighs, but geeky little Cameron can! The boys are quickly snogging in the bedroom, stripping naked and exploring each other, sucking those delicious dongs as they work up to the real action. With Cooper's fat bone throbbing and wet Cameron backs up and impales his smooth little hole on it, stretching his ass around it and riding his friend the best he can! It's hard to take it all, but when he's being fucked from behind it's a lot easier. Cooper loves the feel of that snug hole around his meat, especially when he's making Cameron spurt jizz and that pucker flinches and massages his meat, taking him closer to squirting. Cameron gets a juicy reward for riding that boner with his friend pumping semen into his mouth!

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Nino is looking forward to the football world championship and that motivates him to do more training with his team. Part of the motivation is also the common shower with his team players. Especially one of them - he can't get him out of his mind and dreams (and jerks) a lot about him...

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Living the Dream

California kid Kyle Ross is looking sexy as he steams up our photographer's lens during an outdoor photoshoot. The beautiful blond decides to double our pleasure by inviting cocksure Corey Marshall into his shoot. Ross removes the jock's shirt and the pretty pair kiss while wandering hands roam over one another's smooth, chiseled bodies. Our photographer instructs Corey to give him more of Kyle's cake, and after that the sex stars move from the street to the sheets. Kyle is quick to get on Marshall's magnificent magic stick. He swallows the young muscle stud's long schlong on his knees before getting creative for a fierce face fuck. The beautiful blond bottom backs up to Marshall's meat, hard and horny and ready for a raw ramming. Corey accepts the amazing ass invite and slides his bare boner deep inside Kyle's smooth caboose. Blondie's surfer boy hair dangles in his pretty mug while getting masterfully cocked by Marshall's member AND multitasking his own bouncing "business" for ultimate pleasure. Ross orders Corey onto the bed, gives that groin another spit shine, then hops on the huge hog for a raw ride. The fuck junkie faces away from his top at first, allowing us a gorgeous view of that bountiful bouncing bone spread eagle. Then, Ross spins his smooth sphincter around to kiss his cock king while controlling the thrust throttle. Marshall is anxious to tear into Ross' rump hard and fast so he pushes his bottom onto his back and gets to work. He hammers at Kyle's hole so hard his toes curl! Ross relaxes into the ecstasy as Corey's cock pummels his prostate and a king sized portion of pleasure POURS from his piece without him even having having to stroke it! Corey creams the kid's can; then, the stud pushes his fresh load deep inside Ross' rump. The beautiful boys enjoy a postcoital kiss as our famous cock cam catches cum drizzle down Kyle's crack while Corey's cock is still corked deep.

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Milo’s Meat

Cock stars Jamie Ray and Milo harper steam up this slamming scene from the start with a sultry make out session so hot they can't help but get naked! Jamie feels the heat from Milo's meat radiating through his Calvin's and quickly adds fuck fuel to the fire with a grade A suck job. Confident he's done right by the kid's cock, Ray asks for the same tasty treatment and gets it along with an added ass eating. Milo buries his mouth in Ray's righteous rear end, only coming up for air to spread the blond boy's smooth butt cheeks and dive back in deeper. With the taste of the twink on his tongue, our olive skinned sex bomb is ready to slay Ray's rump with his HUGE hog! The big bonered brunette breaks into his bottom's backdoor bareback and bangs away at the kid's incredible ass from behind while Jamie's junk swings with every hard thrust. Milo commands his cock lover lay on his back so he can control the kid with a lusty throat choke. Tall, dark and handsome Harper lays pipe like a plumber while bringing his beautiful bottom closer and closer to his own pipe exploding! Jamie can no longer contain his climax and the ball juice build up erupts, coating his own six pack then slinking down his side. Harper whips out his uncut, king sized cock and fires the fully loaded fuck machine at Ray's already cum soaked center section before collapsing onto the angel faced fuck lover for a final kiss.

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Elbows on Elbows

Master Max Carter comes home to his pretty puppy, Tristan Adler being naughty fast asleep on the couch taking a midday nap. Not only is Adler fast asleep, but his daily chores aren't done and the kitchen is destroyed! Needless to say, Max is mad as hell and decides to teach Tristan a lesson by tanning his hide! He bends the boy over the dirty kitchen counter and dishes out a well deserved spanking to the bratty boy. The blond ass loving adonis removes the wrong doer's jeans and shifts his spanking hand into high gear. Carter hikes the hottie's black undies up into his crack wedgie style so he can see the bright red effects of his heavy handed efforts. Finally, fuck boy is fully naked and although his perfectly firm , plump posterior is red as a stop sign, Carter isn't stopping. He keeps cracking at the kid's cute red rump until he feels Adler's learned his lesson. Max obviously took the correct cock stiffening approach, cause the minute his master exits the kitchen Tristan cleans the counter like a good little boy.

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Logan’s Fun

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This is Bela's version of being "at school". He not only scores with knowledge, but also with his fit body and a happy kind. On special occasions he grants sexual rewards right at the spot...

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Introducing Spencer Locke

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Pumping Cum Into His Ass – Bare Twinks

Trey was only looking for local residents to participate in a survey, but he certainly got more than he expected when he knocked on Ethan's door! Dragged inside and taken str8 to the bedroom the surprised young bloke soon has his big fat cock out of his shorts and in Ethan's mouth, and he's not complaining about it. The boys get into a 69, tasting each other while they work their delicious dicks. Trey's fit young ass is soon up for fucking, kneeling on the bed while Ethan slides into his hole and fills him with hairy young boner. From behind and on his back, Trey gets it good in the butt, Ethan's naked dick sliding in and out with ease, prodding the boy's prostate until he can't stop his thick semen load from gushing! With his boner spent all that's left is for Ethan to blast his cream out, making a hot mess inside his friend's ass!

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When five of your favorite Helix hotties gather together to play blackjack, it's no gamble placing bets that someone will DEFINITELY get lucky! Cole Claire and Danny Nelson's three buddies have no idea the two have been getting frisky under the table playing footsie and grabbing one another's cocks. Today must be Cole's lucky day because not only does he win the pot, but when the other three boys leave to play video games, he also wins some serious ass from Danny! Nelson drops to his knees and unleashes Cole's thick candy stick from his black boxer briefs and proceeds to wax poetic on the wide wang, downing the dick while remembering to work the big balls. The guys then hightail it to the bedroom so their buds wont interrupt the wild rumpus that's about to go down. Speaking of going down...... Cole gets on Danny's dick like the ONLY bone sucking beast! Then, he gets creative, lifting the kid ass over nips to go between sucking cock and eating ass before adding a hot hole stretcher of a finger bang to the raunchy roster. Claire kisses the cock hungry hottie then double fists both their fat phalluses in a hot tandem handy. By this point the pair are so horned up, Cole can't even wait to remove his underwear. Still clad in the sexy black briefs, he blasts into Danny's dick hungry backdoor and starts pounding his bareback hog hard and heavy, kissing the kid along the way. He flips his beautiful bottom like a pancake, tosses his undies off and then puts his plump peter back where it belongs. The lightly tattooed top twink pushes the small of Nelson's back down to keep the kid in an orgasmically good arched position while piston pounding his tight pink pucker before ordering the hot bottom onto his side. Danny has been enjoying the pure pleasures of bottoming without whacking his wang too much thus far but now, naughty Nelson's nads are starting to fill with fuck juice and he can't help but handle the situation. His long dong goes OFF, shooting sweet sperm in the air like fucktastic fireworks! Cole wraps his ripped arm around the kid and blasts the boy with BUCKETS! The spent twink winds up wet with Cole's liquid dick from crack to cock and he couldn't look hotter as the orgasm oozes all over him, dripping down his leg and into his hole as the pair collapse in postcoital bliss.

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Youth Gone Wild

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Clean Up

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The Traditional Way

Corbin Colby is super devoted to his scaldingly hot Mexican boyfriend Angel Rivera and wants to take his guy out on the town to celebrate Cinco DeMayo. The beautiful bottom boy would MUCH rather celebrate on Corbin's monster sized member! Colby caters to his cock lover first, servicing Angel's ample appendage with a super hot hummer. Ravenous Rivera is anxious to gorge on Corbin's club. The sultry latin gulps, gags and drools, devouring as much of the epic D as humanly possible! Angel's ass is absolutely begging for a banging, but Corbin could use a hot helping of that edible ass first. Angel seconds the sexy motion and bends over in millisecond! Colby caresses the kid's can with deep loving licks , darting his pierced tongue in and out as he laps at the latin's lusty loins. Cocky Colby eases his beautifully smooth muscle body back on the couch like a boss and tells Angel to "sit on this big cock." He does, and it is GLORIOUS! Angel inhales every thick inch of dick the top has to offer as Colby spreads Rivera's beautifully firm bubble butt open with his huge hands to get even deeper. As Angel is about to dismount and get on all fours he has one request..... "I want you to fuck me, fuck me HARD." Corbin does NOT disappoint! He dicks the dude DOWN, slamming pretty boy's pucker with a punishing pounding! Rivera's rig remains rock hard the entire fuck, bouncing in time to Mr. Top's bodacious banging. The fine fucker can't hold his load any longer and a FLOOD of fresh nut flies from his fat phallus, splattering all over the leather couch. His twitching twink hole brings big boy to the brink. In sync with one another, Rivera knows Colby's rig is ready to rumble so he gets on his knees to swallow his sweet nasty good nectar. Yummy.

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Boy Date

Hunter Graham and Bryce Foster are having a romantic date enjoying a beautiful view by the mountains; but, the boys decide they'd MUCH rather go inside and enjoy one another! After some super sensual smooching, the guys share long licks on each other's schlongs. Uber young hottie Hunter gets gobbled first before turning his attention to blond boy Bryce's boast worthy boner. Foster is hungry for some smooth hole and pops Graham's gorgeous bubble butt with his tongue before popping the pretty pink pucker with his beautifully big bareback bone. He takes Hunter on a torrid tube steak tour, servicing the kid's smooth sphincter severely! Graham wants to even the porny playing field by fucking Foster's fucktastic fanny. The tight bodied twink tears into the blond's booty like a bareback stallion! The super twink surprises us by taking total control, spreading Bryce's legs apart aggressively so he can watch blondie's colossal cock bounce a bit before grabbing hold of the swaying schlong and churning out a hot handy. Foster takes matters into his own hands as his hog heats up, blasting boy batter all over his tender young torso. Hunter is cumming close as well. The wonder boy pulls out but only to give Bryce's butt a gooey gift. He creams the kid directly in the can, then pushes his hard wet work back inside the warm cock cradle with a few more hard thrusts. Graham isn't done by far. He gets good and grimy, spreading Bryce's butt cheeks to admire his delicious dew drops before sealing this slam-fest with a kiss.

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Riding His Thick Bare Cock – Bare Twinks

Bryce and Cooper are checking out some hot porn when they decide to try some things for themselves. We're not sure what position it was that got the boys going but soon enough they're swapping those dicks with some delicious oral sex and Bryce is sliding his tight holedown on that thick bare rod! He loves the feel of it stretching him out, whether he's sliding up and down on it, being piston fucked from beneath, on his front or laying back and being made to semen! After splashing his smooth stomach with his cream gets gets a hot sticky mess pumped out over his ass and Cooper crams his sticky dick right back into him!

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Corey Marshall and Leo Frost have only been dating a bit, but both have that fantastic fire of erotic excitement that builds in your belly when you REALLY like a boy. As the guys prepare before their date, pretty twink Leo Frost gets a hair cut while perfectly chiseled muscle guy Marshall makes sure he looks his best. The golden boy even tries on different underwear making sure his meaty package looks like the prime piece of raunchy real estate it is. The minute our juicy jock arrives at Leo's place, the young men are drawn together like magnets. Leo's lust takes over and he pulls Corey's carefully selected shirt off to get at the gorgeous goods. The twink kisses Marshall's model perfect torso on his way to the jock's cock, stopping to make his mouth comfortable while sucking Marshall's smooth, long schlong. Corey pulls the dirty blond's shirt off then tosses the twink on the bed and rips off his undies to down the dude's dick. Lust bunny Leo isn't shy and lets Corey know he'd like that sweet ass eaten. Marshall lifts the boy's legs up and goes ham on the smooth little hole before Frost NEEDS a fucking. Marshall stands up on the bed to get in line with his flexible fuck who already has his feet over his face on the headboard! Corey slips his bare cock in the kid's can and plunges that pure muscle deep inside Frost's fuck hole. After an eyeful of the jock's smooth muscle mutt banging bone, the boy's switch it up and our top let's Leo take control. The peaches and cream cock jockey rides the raw rig like a pro while kissing his king. Corey gets back behind our beautiful bottom so the pretty pair can take advantage of the big bedroom mirror. Frost gets fucked ferociously while they watch themselves and we are treated to delicious double dick vision! Leo pushes his pretty pink pucker back at his guy then launches a load while watching his wang spit white hot wads. Corey pulls out and fills Frost's fuck hole with funk. Leo smiles as he watches Marshall cream pie his happy hole then push his piece back in deep. Through a hot kiss, he tells Corey he's glad he came over. We are too Leo, we are too....

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Gabe Issac has been hanging out with new friend Caleb Gray and the sexual tension between the two twinks has been brewing. It reaches a fever pitch as the pair are chilling after school outside a convenience store when Caleb notices Gabe in a haze and asks what's on his mind. Since their relationship is new, he describes a delicious fantasy but uses the term "this guy," hoping Caleb will connect the dirty dots and get the horny hint that it's HIS hog he wants! Caleb is extremely interested and pictures the porny act exactly as Isaac describes it in this dick filled fantasy. He throws Gabe on the bed, pulls his jeans down and cums face to face with a gigantic bulge protruding from tight red undies. Caleb licks and sucks the big red apple through the dude's drawers, teasing his buddy a bit before going in and gulping the giant groin till he's gasping for air. He comes up panting but quickly gets to work on Isaac's big cum filled balls before tossing his own pants on the floor. Isaac enjoys every inch of his buddies bone as Caleb grabs the guy by the back of the head and fucks his face ferociously. Isaac takes his mouth off the kid's cock but only to offer him a raw ride on his big rig. Remember, this is Gabe's fantasy and the kid gets exactly what he wants. Gray eases his tight tail down on Gabe's wide weapon, moaning from the sweet sensation of pain and pleasure. Caleb looks sexy as hell riding the bare hog like a Harley as Gabe spreads the kid's can with his big hands. Isaac wants a taste of his own medicine so Gray saddles up behind him to settle the score. He gives just as good as he got, adding a lusty love choke as he slams some serious schlong. Gray gets Gabe onto his back for a ball bangin' butt beating while Isaac pleasures his own perfectly porn sized piece till it spits seed up to his neck! Gray pulls out to jack off and join Gabe's juice till the twink is covered in cum and looks like a Pollock painting.

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