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Flipping Friends

Trevor Harris and Ethan Helms can't keep their hands to themselves and they've got a LOT of dick to share with one another! After an uber hot make out session, Trevor tugs at Ethan's undies to deliver one delicious blowie. The brunette pretty boy goes the extra mile on the long dong, diving deep then easing back to marvel at the massive member as it sways and flops around because of it's own weight. Hottie Helms stays on the bed, making himself comfortable for the BIG job of deep throating Trevor's titan. He does the delicious dong justice with a juicy hot hummer. Full up on dick, our blond boy needs some ass and orders up a raw ride from Trevor's tight hole. Harris takes every inch of Helms' hotdog as he bounces his porcelain smooth booty on top of blondie's big funk filled balls. The sexy pair like to keep a good balance so when Trevor suggests a tasty turnaround, Ethan throws his legs in the air instantly. Our bone-tastic brunette slides his bareback bad boy deep inside Helm's hot hole while the new bottom strokes his diamond hard dick and moans for more fuck. Incredibly, Ethan's appendage seems to stretch even MORE as it pumps white hot pleasure onto his tight tummy. Helm's twitching hole sends orgasmic tremors to Trevor's torpedo. He unplugs his pleasure giver and unloads a mighty amount of tasty twink tadpoles onto Helm's already cum covered torso. Spent and satisfied, the guys wind up in a pleasure pool of their our for one more make out session..... this one a bit stickier.

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Twink Gets More Than A Signature – Bare Twinks

Andrew is just looking for signatures for a petition, but he gets more than that when he knocks on the door of horny young Avery! The boy isn't shy about making clear what he wants, and it's a good thing young Andrew it more than willing to follow him to the bedroom and share those hard young cocks! After enjoying those delicious dicks Avery takes aim at that tight little naked ass, sinking his stiff inches into his new friend and fucking him in every position. His tight little holefeels so good around his stiff prick, and as he humps in and out of his ass at the edge of the bed Andrew can't stop his jizz from leaping out over himself! With his hole flexing around Avery's rod he soon needs to pull out and start squirting his cream too, fucking his load back into that perfect hole.

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Join Ben Masters at the tail end of his morning yoga ritual as he works that gracefully muscled body by the pool in the morning sun. After a sexy series of stretching in sun salutations, he sees hunky beefcake Nathan Styles eyeing him on the Helix mansion balcony. Styles motions for the muscle twink to join him upstairs. Ben realizes he's stretched his entire body.... except for his exceptional ass! Wanting to keep well rounded, Masters makes his way up the majestic staircase and collides with some hot and heavy cock chemistry as Nathan envelopes his entire body! He kisses and caresses every inch of him as they're wrapped in each other's arms. The passion is clear as wandering hands head for heated areas under shorts before Ban gets on his knees. He pulls at Styles sexy black boxer briefs and an already raging hard schlong springs out, nearly slapping Ben's beautiful face. Masters deep throats the wide wang, sucking for all he's worth as Nathan moans with pleasure while pulling the boy deeper down on his dick. Styles had identified as bisexual a few videos ago, but by the looks of him not being able to get Masters' short strings undone quick enough to get at that dick, we can tell he's found a boy he REALY likes! Nathan goes bananas on Ben's bone, sucking hard like a masculine dominant dick sucker. He slaps Masters' meaty booty then spins him around. Ben puts his hands on the table and gets in a flat back position to show off that hot yoga ass which Nate spits in then dives into face first. He grabs fistfuls of Ben's firm fanny then spreads the smooth cheeks, shaking his head around to insert himself even deeper inside his new obsession. Styles slips in some fingers to investigate further and gets Benny boy begging for a dicking. Naughty Nate finally tears his face away for Masters' hole to give the boy what he's asking for. The cock cam catches the lusty launch as Nate brings his bone up to Ben's butt and blasts off inside for a bangtastic boning. Styles fucks like a primal beast, moaning with wild abandon as he smashes schlong hammer hard while pulling his bottom's hips toward that ripped body. Nathan commands the kid to get onto his back then gets the table squeaking and shaking JUST as much as his boy! Ben looks stunning spread eagle whacking his willie while getting rammed and ravaged savagely. His perfect yoga body flexes and tenses and his jack off pace quickens causing his cock to spit out a healthy heaping of hot cream. This sends Styles into overdrive. He goes mediaeval on Masters, mashing his mammoth member at top notch speed then whipping out to splash grade A seed all over Ben's banging body and satisfied, spent schlong. The couple get up then collapse onto the couch. Nathan is STILL at attention and we wouldn't be surprised if round two happened after the cameras stopped rolling!

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See Something You Like?

Caleb Gray swings by schoolmate Jimmy Andrews' house when the boy's are through with their after school workout. Caleb waits on his buddy's bed while Andrews jumps in the shower and winds up getting an eyeful of Jimmy's Johnson when he returns! Andrews asks if the kid sees something he likes. He does. So, Jimmy tempts the twink to do something about it.....which he ALSO does! Still sitting on the bed, Gray is in a prime spot with Andrews' appendage looming large right in his face. He gives his classmate a grade A knob gobble with a side on cocky confidence in the form of dirty talk about his big rig. Andrews finally bends down to taste himself on Caleb's lips; then, he kisses Gray's tight torso all the way down stopping at the boy's bone. He deep throats the kid's cock and sucks the balls beautifully while stealing sweet kisses in between. Since they're new fuck buds, he asks Caleb if he wants his ass eaten to which he replies "fuck yeah!" Jimmy pushes Caleb's legs in the air and plunges his darting tongue deep in the kid's smooth hole. Andrews in unable to leave Gray's gorgeous groin alone so he slurps on schlong every time he cums up for air from that perfect ass. Jimmy's jock is ready for some ass action and Caleb's can is wet and absolutely aching for a banging. Andrews pulls his buddy to the edge of the bed and plunges his piece deep into the succulent center, bareback. Jimmy starts off with sultry, smooth strokes then picks up the pace for a penetratingly good pummeling! Caleb's cock looks like it might explode already but the boys aren't NEARLY through! They rearrange so Gray can catch a ride. Jimmy slaps his beautiful booty as the boy bounces before Caleb expresses interest in fucking Andrews' hot ass! Andrews jumps onto Caleb's cock with his huge hog facing the camera and quickly gets a groove going as his own bone bounces between strokes. Andrews asks his new top to go harder; so, Gray orders him onto his back. Caleb cocks the kid severely, causing Jimmy's giant to spit sperm all over his sexy six pack. Gray isn't far behind. He pulls out and douses the dude with super splashes of liquid love then goes in for a postcoital kiss. They slid around in the warm slippery nut, making out like the crazy carefree kids they are.

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#helix: Angel Rivera and Shane Cook

Our porntastic series #Helix is back with a top notch, naughty fuck from our favorite new top and bottom, Shane Cook and Angel Rivera! The guys answer your questions and act out your fantasies directly from the fans on Twitter. The scene starts off with a bang. A request for a passionate kiss breaks the ice for the fantasy couple's first scene together, this makes them comfortable to answer every query in deliciously dirty detail! We find out SO much about our boys this go round, such as how they're liking filming in Vegas and their future dreams to their favorite fuck positions and much more. The questions move to requests and both boys get asked to flex. They flex their biceps and bounce their pecs while stealing sultry glances at each other as the sexual tension builds. Shane tickles Angel's feet by request before they get asked to spank one another's bare bottoms. Of course Angel bends over first and gets his fanny flogged by Shane's strong hand. Cook bends over next and seems super into it, asking Angel to spank harder! Rivera mentions he liked it better when Cook was cracking HIS caboose. Shane takes the bait and gives the kid a few more cracks on the can before they can no longer resist locking lips. From then on it's a fantasy fuck cum to life! A masterful make out goes down while Rivera handles Cook's beer can sized cock and and Shane soothes the Angel's cherry cheeked, freshly spanked backside with soft caresses. Rivera kneels down to worship Cook's super sized uncut cock and receives a side of dirty talk along with his main course of meat. The hot hunk wraps his huge arms around his naughty new partner and lays him down to deliver a delicious dick licking. Shane tosses Rivera's well muscled legs in the air and goes ham on the hottie's hind end, eating, spitting, spreading and fingering the kid's fuck hole. Our strongman scoops up his lusty latin and places him right down on his huge hog, bareback. It takes Angel's tight end a second to accommodate all Shan has to offer, but soon enough the beautiful boy is bouncing for joy as the sweet sound of hard fucking fills the air. Cook orders Rivera onto his knees, remembering doggy style is his favorite position. He piston pounds the kid's caboose to a perfectly pervy pulp. Rivera just enjoys the hard hammering for a long while without wanking, ordering Cook to "get all the way up in there." Finally the fuck is too fantastic and his rager needs some release. He reaches down, telling Cook to keep hittin' that, then blasts the couch with a hot load of fresh cream. Cook cums immediately after and annihilates Rivera's raw rump with blow after blow of boy juice. He crams the colossal cock back up Angel's amazing ass, then lays his cum slicked schlong in the kid's crack as they kiss once more.

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The Crime of Clumsiness

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Introducing Corey Marshall

Brace your boners babies because there's a new boy on the block who's young, hot and HUNG! Landon Vega is the lucky lad who gets the honer of popping newbie Corey Marshall's porn cherry. All Corey's friends are straight and he's just discovering his orgasmic interest in tasty twink boys so naturally Helix is the perfect fit! Landon does some sexy sleuthing and discovers Mr. Marshall is a dominant top who like rough sex and hasn't even really really cum out. Vega smiles from ear to ear and says, "I'm gonna have some fun." He DEFINITELY isn't wrong about that! Corey lays all his hunkyness on Landon, caressing the kid with a mouthwatering make out sesh before Vega pulls his pants down to worship our porn protege's perfect pole. Marshall treats Vega's huge hammer to the same slobbering, mouth gobbling hummer as the camera catches a peek of Mr. Top's tight end. Full up on cock, Corey spins his turnt up twink around and dives tongue first into Landon's horny hole. Wet and ready, Vega gives one more lick to Corey's cock then hops on for a raw ride. He bounces his beautiful booty on Mitchell's massive member as our new top cups his cakes. The cock hungry couple kiss and Landon spins around to bounce his big, beautiful boner for our famous cock cam. Drunk on dick Vega lays on his side so marshall can flex his muscle while working his thick, wide wang in deep. Vega's nuts tighten up and torpedo a titanic load all over the sheets. His hot sexy spasming sphincter causes Corey to cream all over the kid's smooth can. After Mitchell unloads he shoves his spent schlong back up Landon's chute then kisses our his first on camera fuck long, hard and deep.

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Open Invitation

Young puppy lust is in the air when Dustin Cook brings home a tasty young trick in the form of absolutely edible Ethan Helms. They breeze by Dustin's roommate Adam Hunt looking scrumptious on the couch and head for Cook's bedroom to get some cock! After a little tonsil hockey, Dustin unwraps Ethan's giant package and gets to suckin' his big baby arm. Dustin's dick could use a good licking as well and he isn't shy about shoving his schlong in Helms' hungry hog sucker. Cook's curious if Ethan's ass is just as amazing as the front of him and he's more than happy to TASTE that it is. After a thorough ass eating, Cook crams his bareback boner inside Helms' hot hole and hammers the hell out of him while holding his slender hips. Just then, Dustin's dick hungry roomie appears at the door and the doggy style duo invite him to join. Adam happily enters the room AND Ethan's mouth with his beautiful blond boy boner. Dustin dishes out a dirty demand for Hunt to hop on Helms' humongous hog. Adam saddles up and swallows every thick, bareback inch up his ass. Cook cocks the kid's mouth while Adam bounces on bone, bending down to help suck Dustin's dick every now and then. After an especially hot roommate make out, Hunt wants some housemate meat up his hole and Dustin does his boy's butt right. He sucks face with Ethan as Adam munches on his elephant trunk sized torpedo. Adam's senses are on overload and he needs a release. He quickens his cock strokes and busts a nasty nut all over his sexy six pack as Dustin's D is still firmly fucking him. Ethan is next to unload and he picks Adam's pretty face to do it. Helms' opens the valve on his huge hose and splashes Adam with a mighty amount of sticky mung. Adam sucks every ounce of milk from the massive member then rubs the big rig all over his pretty face. The sexy sight gets Cook's cock squirting and he launches his load like a rocket, blasting past his freshly fucked roommate's head and clear off the bed! The satisfied threesome collapse onto one another, kissing and sliding around in their liquid lust.

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Blond Boys Bareback To Get The Cream – Bare Twinks

As soon as sexy young Justin Underwood arrives Justin White leads him to the bedroom, there's no time to waste and both of those hard young cocks need to be released for stroking and sucking. With a little rimming of Underwood's hole his pucker is being packed with naked pecker, starting out riding but soon on his belly as White humps him from above. With his chute a little more relaxed he can take a little more pounding, opening up at the edge of the bed to get his milky goo fucked out of him. He makes a hot mess over his belly, then it's his turn to help Underwood jerk his juice out!

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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In-Store Pick Up

Blake Mitchell is out shopping when he sees the hottest piece of ass in the mall, Angel Rivera. He follows the bouncy booty to a clothing store where the guys chat and Blake invites Angel to the foodcourt for lunch where they get to know each other better. From then on their connection is clear through handholding and a playful romp right out of the mall to Mr. Mitchell's place. Clothes cum flying off as soon as the door closes so the two new love birds can finally get frisky! The heat is on and the make out session is hot and Angel can't wait to get Blake's bulging boner in his mouth. He drops to his knees and pulls at Blake's tight black underwear, releasing his big battering ram and nearly getting slapped in the face with the wild weapon. The lust filled latin gulps and gags on Mitchell's massive member, taking only one moment to catch his breath between big swallows of uncut schlong. Mitchell grabs his guy and steers his hot hiney toward a sweeping staircase. Rivera's rod is pitching a super sized tent in his "Trophy Boy" undies before Mitchell makes it disappear down his warm throat. Blake's been wanting to get inside that amazing ass of Angel's since the mall and although Rivera asks for a fucking, Blake says he's got one more thing to do first. He spins the trophy muscle twink around, slaps his bubble butt and kisses every inch of the kid's incredible ass while concentrating on the sweet center. Angel asks for more spankings and gets them in spades, along with a tease from Blake's thick thumb. Mr. Mitchell makes Angel say pretty please, then bulldozes his big bareback bone inside the boy's hungry butt. Rivera braces himself against the regal staircase's railing as Blake bangs the fuck out of him. He tries to keep a hand on his love stick but Mitchell is pummeling him to a perfect, porny pulp. So, he uses both hands to brace himself against the banister while getting railed raw and raunchy. Blake takes a seat on the stairs and orders our fantasy fucker to take a seat on his hog. Angel eases his ass back down on Blake's perfect dick while stretching both hands across the grand staircase to get back to grinding groin like a pro. Balancing beautifully, Rivera removes a hand from the railing and works his "nearly there" wang. He squirts a load of fresh cream onto Mitchell's well muscled six pack. The hot thick liquid oozing down his torso sends Blake over the edge. He jumps up while Angel instinctively opens his mouth a few steps down from Mitchell's monster. Blake blasts the beautiful boy in the face, getting most of his spooge in Angel's pouty mouth. Mitchell grabs the gorgeous goo covered guy and plants a kiss on him, tasting his own hot load in the process.

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Tristan Adler Solo Session

Pennsylvania porn prodigy Tristan Adler is holed up in a hotel room in Vegas with nothing except his whip quick whit and horny thoughts. Lucky for him Max Carter is there to film the young cutie while he's feelin' frisky! His dream sceen mate is Joey Mills as he considers himself more of a top and if you touch his nipples (which he calls his fuck buttons) your definitely in for a good time. Max greases the gears by asking all the right questions then suggests Tristan give a little striptease. Being in Vegas and all it's more than appropriate; plus, Adler's got a great big boner that needs release. Adorably, he asks Carter if he should take his blue undies off and naturally Max says yes, then lends him some lube and a helping hand! The tight boddied twink leans back and enjoys the body contact when Max massages his torso but our director has other plans. He orders Adler to show us his butt which is a smooth and tender, taught pleasure center for the lad. Carter cracks the kid on the can with some spankings while Tristan moans for more and handles his hammer. Carter steps back to capture the beautiful boy's sinewy body flex as the sun dances on his flawless complexion while he fucks his horned up hand. Max orders our boy to lay back down. He props his hot body up on an elbow looking stunning as his six pack tightens with every pump of his fist. The masturbation maestro speeds up then slows down to last longer and give us a glorious show. Max got his hot hole revved up and Adler takes it to the next level by inserting a welcomed finger. Carter manages to get so close you can almost taste the two fisting fuck boy's wonderful wank work. Once his butt is teased, Tristan can't hold back. He quickens the pace and blasts hot lusty, love lava all over his twink torso. Carter reaches out from behind he camera to help milk out the last drop, causing full body orgasmic aftershocks to quiver through Tristan's entire body. He looks up at us with a smile that could light up the night while covered in cum all the way past his "fuck buttons."

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Undercover Lovers

Corbin Colby had a naughty late night love session with Marcell Tykes that was so hot they're still going when his housemate opens his bedroom door asking if Colby wants breakfast. Little does the housemate know, Corbin is already in the middle of a delicious meal with Marcell who's hiding under the covers. As soon as the roommate closes the door, Tykes hops on top of Colby for a morning make out while Corbin caresses Marcell's magnificent booty. Corbin's California king sized cock is already at it's fantastic, FULL form when Tykes goes down to dine. Marcell makes magic on the massive member with his talented tongue, sucking Colby's giant deeper than most AND at Colby's request he doesn't forget those big, beautiful, cum filled balls. Always one to return the favor, Corbin gives his guy a tornado tongue twirling cock suck while tweaking the twink's sensitive nipple. Tykes is a trained dancer and has a beautiful ballet bubble butt. Colby lifts he lad's legs up with his horny hands on Marcell's smooth cheeks. He goes in HARD, tongue fucking Tykes' smooth hole hot and heavy, getting him ready for that famously large phallus. When he finally cums up for air, he tells Tykes to take a ride on his raw rig. Marcell is up for the challenge and slides his spit slick sphincter down on ALL Corbin has to offer. Tykes bounces like he's on a trampoline until the bed starts squeaking while his hole is full to capacity with the top tier torpedo! Colby wraps his hunky arm around the bottom, maneuvering Marcell onto his side for some more slamming. He pounds the twink like tenderized meat as a ball slapping symphony fills the air and Marcell only asks him to go harder! Colby gets onto his knees so he can work his schlong even more severely with Marcell masturbating and loving every moment on his back spread eagle. This brings Tykes to the boiling point and his twink torpedo busts hot white cream onto his beautiful bronze skin. Corbin pulls out and explodes, mixing his massive load with Marcell's. He plants a kiss on the kid then spoons the sex pot who's looking absolutely edible covered in fresh cum.

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Caught Skipping School

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Introducing Nathan Styles

There's a naughty new guy in town named Nathan Styles and young porn pro Cameron Parks pummels the pretty young stud with probing questions. The newbie is a farm boy from Arkansas who grew up on a ranch plowing fields and riding horses; BUT, he makes a SPECIAL point to let Cam know he's ALSO good at riding a bull! He identifies as bisexual and moved to L.A. to explore that side more and to pursue music. The conversation turns tasty when Nathan describes his first experience with a guy which leads the cock stiffening convo to aggressive sex and Parks informing Styles he likes big dicks. Nathan gets the hint, stands up and says, "ya wanna see one?" The raunchy ranch hand is already rock hard and looking hot as hell in his sexy black boxer briefs. Parks gets on his knees and plants his pouty pink kisser on the kid's cock. Styles leans down to suck face with his new friend AND unzip the boy's pants before kneeling in front of Cameron to eat some of that delicious dick while keeping him in check with a choke. They tag team one another's torpedo's again and Styles has the perfect ass angle on Parks to inspect that hungry hole of his. He moves his hand from the kid's can up to the back of his head so he can fuck the hell out of his face. Thanks to Parks' expert groin gobbling skills, the new guy is hard as granite and aching for a warm place to put his pud. Taking to porn like a duck to water, new guy Nathan bends his bottom over the bed and inserts his big bareback sex stick. He hammers hard while holding Parks by the hips as his long schlong sways underneath them. Styles slaps the kid on the caboose then maneuvers him onto the bed to service his hole from the side. Nate puts his rancher skills to use extremely well, plowing Parks fanny and slapping his dick pig on the ass hard enough to leave a hand brand. Styles slips Cam's leg over a bit to get him on his back while holding the hottie by the neck so hard in fact that Parks gets flush red with fuck and is about ready to blow. Cameron's cock elongates even more then spits like a ballplayer all over his smooth playing field. Sir Styles saddles up to Park's pretty penis sucker and nuts nasty all over the kid's flushed face. With hot white wads stuck to his sexy face, Cameron keeps his mouth open and naughty Nathan accepts the orgasmic invite. He shoves his sperm slick dick inside Cam's cock sucker once more to feed our hungry horn dog.

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Cum Join Me

Bryce Foster made a new buddy at school and he thinks he's kinda cute but isn't sure if the newbie is D.T.F, so he tests the waters with a text inviting his crush, Tristan Adler over. He lets him know the door is open and then hops in the shower. #PimpMove! Next thing we know, Adler is knocking on the bathroom door asking if he should wait till dirty boy Bryce is done showering. Foster tests the sexy brunette even further by inviting him into the shower. Tristan takes the bait and before ya know it these two high school hotties are making out and Adler is on his knees in seconds! He works his way down, kissing every inch of Bryce before getting to his bone and going buck wild on the kid's wang. He gets comfortable REAL quick, ordering Bryce to turn around then sticking his pretty face in the boy's bubble. Foster's phallus is rock hard and his ass is aching for some penetration. Adler is more than ready to ante up and slides his shower slick, bareback dick inside Bryce's bum and gets to bangin'! Our amazing cock cam catches Foster's formidable phallus raging hard but swaying with every rough thrust. Being new buddies, Bryce politely asks if he can get a piece of ass as well. Adler spins that beautiful smooth booty back at the dirty blond in an instant! Foster forces every fat inch inside his new fuck buddy while he's plastered against the shower stall. The guys move to the bathroom floor so Foster can catch a raw ride as Adler relaxes like an ass master against the vanity. The boy's are facing each other and Tristan is handling Foster's throbbing schlong and it's about to blow! Tristan tugs the twink's torpedo till it spews seed all over him! He even catches a shot right on the chin! Naturally this brings Adler's appendage to the busting point, which brings bone hungry Bryce's angelic face as close as possible! Tristan goes off like a geyser, glazing Foster's pretty face with a glorious amount of gorgeous goo! Bryce can't get enough and laps at the dripping spooge like a newborn puppy. He downs Adler's dick once more, making sure to get every ounce possible!

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Welcoming The New Blond Twink – Bare Twinks

Cameron couldn't wait to get his big bare pecker deep inside blond boy Oliver, but the feeling was definitely mutual. The two boys are quickly kissing, exploring those smooth and slim bodies, swapping their hard young boners and finally fucking, with new boy Oliver taking that naked 8-inch bone on his front, on his back and doggy too. With his cream splashed out over the sheets he lays back to get a taste of the good stuff with Cameron jerking off into his face and mouth!

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Laundry Day Creampie

It's laundry day at the Garcia/Hill household and while Aiden is being a good boyfriend getting it done, Tyler is tempting him with the dirty load he's still wearing. Hill has been hitting the gym and the twink looks tasty as hell tantalizing Garcia with his dirty laundry strip tease. Aiden can't fight the hot fuck fate and puts his clean load down to get grimy wit Tyler's dirty bits. He licks and sniffs on Hill's hot red undies before giving his hog a tongue twirling, spin cycle, deep throat cock cleaning. Although Aiden's clothes are clean, his mind is in the gutter. Tyler gets on his knees and joins him there to gulp down the dude's long thick dick while he handles his own in a mouthwatering multi-tasker. Hill's hind end is one of THE best in the biz and Aiden enjoys every opportunity to bury his face in the beautiful booty. He cleans the kid's caboose like a wild animal, licking and sucking and digging deep with his thick fingers to prepare the pretty pucker for the mother load. Garcia's groin is so huge he has to take tongue breaks in between the bareback boning to open Hill's tight twink hole. With his spit clean crevice finally fully open Garcia turns the fuck up to full force. He DEFINITELY takes some pent up aggression out on Tyler's tush since he had to do the laundry solo! Hill definitely does NOT mind; in fact, this may have been his plan all along because he's LOVING the hard hammering! Aiden gives it to him good in every position: standing, on his back and even with Tyler on top! Hill rides spread eagle begging for more fuck while cumming close as his tight hole clenches around Aiden's throbbing appendage. Garcia can't hold his load any longer and nuts all up inside pretty boy. He pulls out only to have Tyler grab the gargantuan groin and shove it back where it belongs, but not before a load of whites slinks out of bottom boy's super smooth booty. Hill keeps hammering his hind end on that delicious dick until his throbber heaves a heavy load onto his creamy thighs. He uncorks from Garcia's cock and even MORE man milk cums oozing out of that grade A ass. Aiden kisses his boy and agrees he should definitely be the one doing the laundry.

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Tasty Twinks

Still living with mom and dad can be a drag, but tasty twosome Dustin Cook and Jamie Ray arrange an after school "playdate" before the fam get home. In the poster covered teen boy's bedroom, the guy's grasp at one another as clothes fall to the floor amongst the beanbags and stuffed animals. The horny hotties invade each other's mouth's with tenacious tongues while slipping sweaty palms inside bulging undies. Jamie opens his jaw to suck down Dustin's dick but it isn't long before his young hormones get the best of him and he utter's his dirty desire to "taste" Jamie's junk. He gives the boy's boner the business before bending him over and absolutely annihilating his smooth hole with one of the most intense ass eatings ever given by a young guy! He spreads Ray's smooth cheeks while grabbing fistfuls of it. All the while he's buried in butt and licking the kid's lovely loins so intensely you can hear the flick of his tongue along with a few hard ass spankings. With cocky confidence, Cook says "you ready for this dick?" It's more of a command than a question. He knows the answer and doesn't waste time waiting to smash the boy's booty with a skin on skin schlong slamming. Jamie looks back at his raw dog top and blurts out his own twinkie top fantasy that Dustin is more than happy to fulfill. He hops on the kid's hog and lets Ray take control of his hole, slamming cock up inside his beautiful booty while his dick dances, looking gorgeous as it bounces with every girthy grind. With his hole happy, Dustin is ready to get back to bangin' blondie's butt. Cook has Ray on his back with his knees to his shoulders as he services the kid's cake and sucks on his neck. This must be Jamie's sweet spot because soon his breathing quickens and the cherub like cutie cranks hard on his cum ready chubby until it oozes orgasmic goodies. The twink's twitching hole is all Cook's cock needs to nut and our brunette bad boy hops up to give the angelic blond's face an orgasmic offering of his own. The load is WAY more than the both boys bargained for. Cook's cock goes off like an open fire hydrant on a hot summer's day in the Bronx! Each splash slams the innocent looking twink in the mouth, eye, chest and even hair! Jamie jams his face forward to swallow the spasming schlong and act as a spigot so he won't drown on Dustin's buckets of liquid dick. When the ejaculation explosion finally subsides, Cook goes in for a sticky kiss and gets a taste of his own sweet "medicine."

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Shane’s Seduction

Collin Adams is one of our newest models and we're initiating the fresh faced fuck boy in a BIG way with super cocked Shane Cook! Collin kisses the gorgeous gladiator while reaching inside his stretching skivvies, anxious to get at that axe of his. Adams releases the beast before the cock star rips his drawers. The beautiful brunette can't keep his hands off the incredible appendage but finally tears his tongue away from Cook's kisser to suck on that cock! The angelic twink looks directly into Shane's ecstasy filled eyes as he does the impossible by swallowing every fat fucking inch down to the balls. Shane is impressed and invests some tasty time of his own on the twinkie boy's bone. The muscle god gives just as good as he got but does the dude one better by burying his tongue between his supple young cheeks. Shane shakes his face around, digging deeper into the Adams' ass as he spits and spanks Collin's caboose till a cherry hand brand is visible. Horned up and anxious to test drive the top of the line love muscle, Adams begs for a boning. Shane lays back on the bed like a boss and orders the kid to cum sit on his dick. Collin slides his spit shined sphincter right down on the duck of big uncut dicks and bounces deep down to Mr. top boy's balls. The commander in cock orders his beautiful bottom onto his back and quickly gets back to work. Collin is in ass ecstasy, breathing heavy and moaning from every expert thrust Mr. Cook and his muscle meat mash inside his sweet center. Bottom boy's toes curl and his tight twink body tenses as squirts a piping hot load of pleasure onto his ripped torso. Cook pulls his perfect piece out and Adams instinctively gets on his knees with an open mouth. Shane's super soaker has amazing aim and every ounce of oozy goodness lands on the lusty lad's tongue except for one sticky drop that stays plastered on pretty boy's chin dangling. Cock hungry Collin can't get enough and continues to deep throat Shane with a mouth full of fresh cream. #Talent

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Bad Roommate

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My Boyfriend’s Birthday

It's latin hottie Angel Rivera's birthday and all he wants is a nice and naughty day of pleasure with real life boyfriend Ben Masters. Thankfully the sexy couple allows us into their real life romantic romp with this boner filled, ass banging birthday celebration scene! Be a fly on the wall with two of THE hottest boys on our roster as Ben Masters celebrates his BF's special day by giving into his every b-day wet dream! Even though it's Angel's day, he starts by giving Masters' meat some special attention. Hard and thankful, Ben is anxious to please his boy and unwraps Rivera's rock hard package and gives him the birthday worthy blowy he deserves. Now that he's hard as nails, Angel offers Ben the best big bareback seat in the house. The boyfriends clasp hands as Ben bounces his beautiful bubble butt on Rivera's raw rod while whispering "I love you." The romance gets raunchy when it's Angel's turn. He's down for a birthday bottoming but our boy has some tantalizing terms: only if he he fucks him rough, and only if he eats his ass first. Naturally Ben does his boy's booty right, eating that birthday cake like crazy while probing his pleasure center with several fingers and cranking out a b-day spanking here and there. Rivera's rump is more than ready to get railed and Masters doesn't renege on his promise to go rough. Our guys keep the excitement cumming as they flip once more. Ben wants more cock is his beautiful dancer's derriere and b-day boy brings it hard while his plump firm muscled backside flexes as he fucks.The porny party culminates with Masters' main muscle exploding onto his tight, smooth torso. The sexy, sticky sight sends Angel over the edge and he aims his large latin love lance at Masters' open mouth. His big birthday candle creams melts a massive load and Masters takes every drop like a man. But the fun doesn't stop there! We join the couple in their after sex shower and on their b-day date after! This is a true voyeuristic fantasy cum to life just for you! Thank you boys and happy birthday Angel!

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Afternoon Delight

Join Jared Scott and Ethan Helms on their first date as they get to know one another. The guys chat about school, travel dreams and of COURSE what their favorite attributes in a guy are AND what their into. Ethan is verse but loves to bottom with a big piece of meat and likes a lil' bit of choking! Lucky for him Jared has a giant jock, which he's about to find out cause the kid's are headed to his place! A spicy make out session sends Scott south of Ethan's boxer brief border which is concealing QUITE the package! Scott gives him a grade A knob job before Helms' curiosity about Jared's junk gets the best of him and once he gets inside the boy's jeans...... Jared gets the best head from him! The blond has mad, badass bone sucking skills and deep throats like a pro. Knowing from their convo earlier, Jared knows he's going to finish the job so he asks for some ass banging of his own first. Even though Helms prefers to get hammered he's got some skills in the smashing department as well. He dishes that big bareback dick out deliciously while Scott enjoys every inch of that North Carolina country boy cock. Our famous cock cam catches the ball banging close ups and as Ethan reaches back to feel his own hole and Scott know it's time to top. He revs up Ethan's engine with a tasty tongue lashing with a side of schlong that he pulls through the dick pig's legs. Jared grabs handfuls of Helms' smooth cheeks before thrusting his big battering ram inside the boy's bunghole doggy style. Jared is an expert top and gets the bed squealing just as much as his boy! Scott orders his dick bitch to flip over so he can see that gorgeous groin of his. Then, he slams the kid as they kiss while his beefy balls bang against the boy's beautiful booty. Ethan's amazing appendage is rock hard and his breath is quickening. He gazes at his glorious top then lets his liquid fuck fly onto his sexy six pack. The sight sends Scot's seed to the tip of his torpedo and he whips out to straddle the country cock lover's face. Scott explodes all over Ethan's mug. The hungry cum slut opens his mouth to catch what he can and only closes it to swallow....

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Hungry For More Than Pizza! – Bare Twinks

Justin has a very special delivery, and the pizza box is just a front. Moments after arriving at the hotel room Bryce has his big throbbing twink rod out of his jeans and greedy blond customer Justin is feasting on it! It's a delicious tool, but Justin's is just as tasty, as Bryce soon discovers. Heading to the bed, Bryce offers up his hole, and Justin sinks right in! He fucks him deep and raw, all over the bed, making Bryce splash spunk out of his knob over his tight stomach, but Justin isn't done yet. Watch as he pummels that butt some more, pulling out to finally drench his new friend's ass, then easing his cummy knob right back into that sweet hole!

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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Virgin Kink

Joey Mills is always on a twink lover's wet dream jack off fantasy team! In this super special scene the young superstar sits down to tell us about his first time in delicious detail before the raunchy reenactment which will leave you breathless. For most of us, our first times are a bit of a fumble, but not for Mills and his Grindr! Even at a tender young age, the kid knew he liked to be dominated from watching porn and wasn't afraid to ask for it. Here our boy gets EXACTLY what he wants and THEN some! Cameron Parks is the lucky lad who plays the kinky college kid that devirginized our young dick pig. From the jump, Cam starts in with devious dirty talk matched by a fierce face fuck complete with slapping and spitting in Mill's pretty mug! Joey eats it up and enjoys every hot second while taking orders like the kink loving cadet he is. Parks came prepared with everything needed to whip the kid into shape. After hogtying Mills to the bed he shoves his sweaty underwear in his mouth and blindfolds the boy. Then, he gives his feet loving licks before slapping the young slut's beautiful, smooth butt with.... more than ONE of his favorite things. The dirty talk keeps cumming while Cameron invades Joey's virgin hole with his tongue and a butt plug which Mill's inhales to it's base while moaning like a bitch. After stretching his sex starved teen's tight hole Parks takes it to the next level and shoves his big bareback schlong deep inside Mill's for his very first fuck. Cameron does NOT go easy on the virgin, untying him only to strap him up with leather restraints and a leash. The position is ass in the air and our virgin gets pounded HARD! Cam keeps the kink cumming fish-hooking the hottie with a smack and spit as he fiendishly fucks his pup on a leash. Parks flips his boy and we get to see just how much Joey is loving his first time as he grabs for his cock wanting nothing more than to nut. His master isn't done playing and won't allow it. (Lucky us, more fuck time!) After choking his boy, Cam is ready to cum and hurries his throbbing hog up to pretty boy's face. He splashes Mill's right in the mouth with the long session's pent up seed, then smashes the salty treat around Joey's innocent face. Our young virgin opens wide, revealing his adorable braces and eating every hot blast he can as fresh cream drizzles down his face. Parks slaps him, spits on the kid and orders him to shower and get out. Mills takes a beat and whimpers "I just lost my virginity." We close with a wrap up interview and Joey lets us know it was 10 times more than he expected but he enjoyed every kinky second of it. If he didn't, he would have used his safe word...... "Pineapple."

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Raunchy Roommates

Having just moved from mommy's, new roommates Trevor Harris and Bryce Foster are on their own for the first time and taking FULL advantage of every orgasmic opportunity! The gorgeous guys have their own rooms AND own tricks, but when one wakes up with morning wood and there's a super hottie down the hall the boy's both make use of the cock convenience! This morning Trevor's member is MASSIVE and it'd be a sin not to share the wealth with the wide eyed young blond boy down the hall. He sneaks inside Bryce's bed and cuddles up behind the kid with that colossal cock of his. He's welcomed warmly with wet kisses before heading down south to wake up Foster's fat phallus. Bryce knows the beast lurking inside Trevor's briefs but being new roomies, he asks still politely if he can suck the guy's dick. He peels off Harris' red hot undies and immediately starts pleasing pony boy. Feeling more confident, Bryce orders his roomie onto his knees. Trevor turns his tush towards the towheaded twink who spreads the smooth surface to lap at the lad's lust filled fuck hole which eventually gets Harris asking for an ass banging! Foster couldn't be happier (or HARDER) and forces his big bareback boner inside the boy's hungry butt using his own slick saliva as lube. As the pretty blond twink tears into Trevor's tunnel, our tight teen bottom's man sized meat sways with hypnotizing hotness from every thrust. As he grabs his gorgeous goliath, he orders Bryce onto his back and bulldozes his way deep inside the boy's smooth, cozy crevice. Getting the hang of ordering his roomie around, Harris lets his wants be known and a righteously raw cock ride ensues. Trevor cups the kid's bubble butt which makes a better view for us and comfortable cock bouncing for Bryce. This ride brings Bryce's bone to it's delicious destination and it's creamy contents cum careening out, squirting past Trevor's nipples and nearly to his neck. Harris looks at the glorious site with animalistic delight, lets Foster know it's about to go down and blasts pretty boy right in the face. Foster's mug is glazed good and just when you think it can't possibly get any better, Harris hits him with one more big ball buster. Like a kid in a candy cum store, Bryce goes down on the dick once more, making sure he's sucked his naughty new roomie dry.

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Flashing His Big Twink Cock – Boy Crush

We've really been enjoying the sexy shoots with handsome and fit young James in his underwear, but the horny boy is giving us a lot more in this new shoot. We took him into the massive empty hangar and he posed for us in his tempting blue undies, but soon that big throbbing dong was out and on display for us. We couldn't hang around for long because some local boys were around looking to graffiti the place, again, but we got some great shots of James and his lovely joystick!

Watch the full hardcore video at Boy Crush!

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Aiden Garcia Solo Session

Super popular Helix hottie Aiden Garcia gifts his thousands of fans with this salaciously sexy solo stroke session. Set against the sensual setting of a sweeping romantic staircase and a waterfall wall, Garcia gets his jets going by grabbing that perfect package growing inside his black boxer briefs. He works his 9 inch uncut cock till its fully engorged, pitching a tent and ready to bust out of his strained briefs. The cute teen cock tease always follows through on his porny promises and releases his big bone which bounces free with a wonderful wallop to satisfy your dirty desires. The golden latin cock god knows how to work the camera, stroking and slapping his super sized schlong around with orgasmic enthusiasm. With every flick, the fat phallus bounces back to our boy's sexy tight, smooth center. While the water trickles, Garcia's tantric temptations take over and he gets on all fours upon the stairs to give us a gorgeous view of that bountiful backside. He spreads his cheeks revealing the smooth, warm center then grabs the tight cakes and teases his hole with a middle finger as his big, juicy balls hang below. When he turns that beautiful body back around, the boy's big boner is harder than ever. He relaxes on the stairs and eye fucks the camera while pinching a nipple and stroking that monumental monument. Soft moaning sounds start to mix with the falling water meaning our boy is getting close. That famously huge hammer stiffens even more, nearly reaching his chest. His body tenses, showing off his cut young physique before his cock splashes hot young seed all over his torso, creating a giant waterfall of it's own! Aiden rubs the creamy goodness all over his cum slicked torso. And, while he lies there breathing heavy with sweet satisfaction his dick STILL stands at attention, straight up like a rock solid sex soldier.

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Curfew Violations

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Sunny Side Up

Bulging and beautiful in his morning sweatpants, Aiden Garcia attempts to get breakfast going for his naughty overnight guest Josh Brady. Brady wakes and would rather make a meal out of Garcia and his growing groin in those hot grey sweats! The guys get one another going with a morning make out/meat manhandle before Aiden drops to his knees to suck Brady's big breakfast sausage. Josh knows the giant lurking inside Aiden's drawers and releases the beast for a simultaneous stroke session before blowing the beautiful boy on the kitchen counter. With no breakfast, Aiden decides to feed his other hunger and turns his tender twink hole towards Brady's beef as he bends over onto counter. Josh is more than happy to fill the starving slut and smashes his bareback breakfast bone balls deep, filling Aiden completely. Aiden handles his amazing appendage and while his jumbo jock sways, he jacks his latin love lance for maximum pleasure. Making full use of the kitchen AND dining room, Brady dicks the dude right there on the dining table! His top skills shine as he plugs the kid's pucker all the way in and all the way out, giving Aiden's ass a full tour de force performance pounding! With this sort of smash, it's no wonder Garcia's wand has been oozing pre-cum for a while. Aiden is aching for orgasmic release. He rubs his rock hard rod and blasts off into another world as his huge hog heaves gigantic buckets of boy nut. Josh responds by jamming his giant jock even harder, only pulling out to push his bone's bust back up his boy's beautifully bronze butt. Then, just for us he pulls out to let his liquid lust drip from Aiden's beautifully open derriere. We'd order breakfast from THIS cock kitchen ANY day!

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Homework Hotties

Study buddies Jamie Ray and Adam Hunt are hard at work on their homework: however, Adam keeps catching Ray's eye from across the room. He's sick of school work and needs a boner break so the smarty with the stiffy thinks up a plan and asks Hunt for some homework help. It doesn't take much to get the boy on board and soon enough Adam is on his knees blowing his fellow blond's big boner! Hunt stands up and gets pants by Ray who's been craving the kid's cock all day. Jamie lays a mean licking on Adam's smooth sword then politely asks the boy for a fucking. It's apparent BOTH guys have wanted this for a while as Adam glides his gorgeous round, golden groin gobbler all the way down to the base of Jamie's big bareback jock! He hammers his hiney down on that D so hard it sounds like ACTUAL hammering! Ray instructs Adam to turn around and we're treated to the glorious gift of his salami swirling and bouncing. Adam is feelin' froggy and is in the mood for some ass too! He gets Ray on his side and rams his school chum's rump with his raw rod while the bed squeaks from the severe slam fest. Hunt maneuvers one of Ray's smooth legs over head and stuffs the kid full of cock while on his back so Jack off Jamie can give us a great BIG show. With his knees at his ears, Ray is spread to capacity getting railed AND.... getting close! His huge low hangers swing then tighten up a bit as they exhale white hot ecstasy onto the twink's tight tummy. Hunt whips his love muscle out and joins the juice party, mixing his seed into Jamie's pure white protein shake. Blonds definitely have more fun in THIS scene!

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