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Smooth Boys

Twink titan, Trevor Harris invited new dude, Charlie Flynn over to his place for some after school fun. The moment Harris closes his bedroom door, he realizes the newbie isn't there to play video games, or any games at all! Cock charmer Charlie comes in hot, and plants a kiss on his host. From then on, hottie Harris and the strawberry blond boy babe go balls to the wall! After tearing one another's shirts off, Charlie works his way down Trevor's tight torso with Vick stiffening kisses. He takes his time unwrapping Trevor's protruding package; then, he stuffs every thick inch of the guy's girthy gift down his hungry gullet. From here, The uninhabited newbie gets completely naked, and crawls up Harris' hot bod to fuck that pretty face of his. From this position, fuck boy Flynn is in the perfect position to ease his smooth ass back just a bit, and sit down on the dark haired dude's dick. After bouncing on Trevor's bareback, bad boy a bit, he returns the fuck favor, and slips his own sizable schlong up Harris' hot hole doggy style. Keepin' it spicy, the pretty pair trade positions once more Flynn gets fucked on his back, as Harris drives dick deep, using the newbie's ankles to steer. This hits thot hottie's hot spot.

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Spank and Suck

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#Helix: Andy Taylor and Jared Scott

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Twink Connection

Director Max Carter interviews twink Stars, Kurt Niles and Sebastian Fox reality tv style. He finds out what the beautiful boys like about one another's personalities, AND anatomies before their big bang. After heating the two hotties up, and arming us with this mouthwatering back story, we cut to the bedroom where the boy are already kissing, and pulling off one another's clothes off while grabbing at their quickly thickening dicks! Sebastian has already done his research, so he knows the massive meal that awaits him under Kurt's cock snuggler. He pulls at the boy's overstuffed boxer briefs, releasing Kurt's colossal cock which bounces out, and slaps right down onto Sebastian's shoulder. The tiny twink chokes down as much of the thick dick as he can, but the beefy behemoth is just too massive; so, he licks the length while looking up into Niles' naughty boy eyes. Kurt maneuvers his cock sucker onto the bed, then kisses his lips and nipples before deep throating the lil' dude's HUGELY impressive appendage! Fox begs for a fucking, but Niles isn't done with his meal. He tosses the twink's legs in the air and impales his asshole with his hungry tongue. Once his tastebuds are satisfied, Kurt has the daunting task of satisfying his king sized cock. But, if any boy can do it, it's definitely fine ass Sebastian Fox! Our top dawg, aims his wide weapon at Sebastian's sweet hole, then plunges forward. Sebastian's ass can accommodate much more of the massive member than his twinky tonsils will allow, and Kurt takes full advantage, cramming Fox chock full of fuck! After opening the boy up on his back, Niles offers the pretty boy a bareback, bronc ride. Sebastian slides his slender frame down on that D, slowly taking every inch in more and more with each booty bounce. Niles helps the beautiful bottom out by reaching back and spreading him open even more. Once Fox's fuck hole can accommodate, he hops to his feet and gets a real raunchy rhythm going. Keeping it spicy, bottom boy slinks down onto his side while big boy Kurt keeps on cockin' from behind. Sebastian grabs his horned up hammer and pounds his pud till it blows boy butter all over his tight, tan stomach. Niles gets in a few more naughty nailings before he busts all over his bottom's smooth butt, balls and taint! The pretty pair kiss while top twink keeps tossing off, milking every last ounce of ooze out onto a severely satisfied Sebastian.

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Soccer Sluts

Latin soccer star, Aiden Garcia is taking some time out to help new teammate, Jacob Hansen, who could definitely use some practice. A few minutes into their private scrimmage, Aiden takes off his shirt and starts flirting, making it clear to Hansen, the soccer star may want to score with him off the field as well. Anxious to get all the pointers, AND uncut latin cock he can, Jacob plays along, pulling off his shirt as well. As their private practice winds down, the flirting heats up, and the ball handlers wind up in Aiden's bed, and switching their game to tonsil hockey. The naughty boys strip down to their sweaty jock straps, kissing and groping their exposed asses as their long dongs jut over the waistband of their jockstraps. Aiden kisses Hansen's exposed appendage, then they peel off their athletic supporters and give one another hot handy j's, before a deep throating 69 session. As Hansen keeps humming on Aiden's uncut anteater, Garcia balances his time between the boy's sweet meat and hot, hungry asshole. As soon as he's got Jacob begging for his huge uncut hog inside him, Garcia slips behind the guy and guides his girth all the way to a gonads deep goal! Garcia shows the guy why he's the star player with stud slamming stamina, smashing ass as Jacob jacks his giant jock directly at the cock cam for sports fans everywhere! Garcia offers the soccer slut a raw ride, which Hansen happily accepts. The boys give new meaning to the word teamwork, as they both work hard as hell, hammering out a fantastic fuck like this was the World Cup of cock! Our all star ass athlete pushes his tight bodied teammate onto his back, hikes his legs up, and slams his goal post back in Hansen's heated hole for more hard hammering. Jacob looks directly into his dick slinger's eyes, tosses his head back in ecstasy, then splatters his well worked out six pack with jock juice. Ass master Aiden explodes like an erotic Olympian, covering his protege with an enormous amount of grade A, all star, soccer sperm. GOAL!!!!

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Give and Take

Overcome with teenage lust, Adam Hunt and Miles Pike hurry home after school to explore their budding young boymance. After kissing Pike's pretty lips, Adam heads down south and gobbles down the dude's oversized staff. Miles returns the favor, deep throating Adam's meaty muscle as Hunt hammers his mouth down deeper with a hand at the back to the head. Still randy and ravenous, Pike tongues the towhead's tight twink pucker, before piping the pretty boy with his bareback beast. Adam takes it like a pro, inhaling every thick inch Miles plows into him as he beats his big, blond bone. The teen thrust machines switch places and Pike gets piped doggie style. After Adam's nearly breaks the bed with his hard butt banging, Pike slips behind the blond to bring this after school special to a splashy good climax. Pike pumps piece at pretty boy till he pushes pure, white hot pleasure to the surface. Hunt's hog heaves a fresh batch of heavy cream onto his perfect complexion. The sight of his after school ass partner covered in guy glaze sends Miles over the edge; and, his huge hammer explodes, splattering sex seed absolutely everywhere, like a summertime sprinkler! The secret sex partners finish this fuck with a delicious, breath heavy kiss, covered in cum.

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Man on Twink: Pierce Paris and Dylan Hayes

Always going out of our way to keep you drenched in satisfaction, we're bringing you something new and naughty, "Man on Twink!" This is a super sexy series where we're bringing in hot muscle guys, porn legends and hot, baseball bat sized beefcakes to bang the FUCK out of our pretty boy twinks, fulfilling their ultimate fantasies with fire hot fuck machines. Ubber hottie, Dylan Hayes gives us a gaping good grand "opening" with porn super star, and big dicked daddy, Pierce Paris! After winning a game of foosball against porn king Paris, Dylan feels like celebrating, and saunters up to Pierce with flirty confidence, hungry for his huge cock. After teasing the hot hunk about his win, Pierce is determined to teach the twink that, he may have won the game, but he is still the dominant dick slinger here. After some hard, heated, deep kissing, Pierce rips the twink's clothes off, grabs a fistful as ass from Hayes' backless drawers and then, tosses him across the room onto the couch. Dylan unbuttons Pierce's pants to claim his prize. The main man's trophy cock is absolutely colossal! However, Hayes ALWAYS rises to the challenge, and his deep throats the super hero hog with impressive skill! After swallowing his Foosball fuck buddy's big beef stick, Mr. Muscle Cock tossed the twink's legs over his head, then buries his talented tongue in deep while keeping those assless undies on for added hotness. Paris pierces the pretty boy's tight pucker with a thick digit, then with his even thicker dick.after smacking the boy's bountiful bubble butt and leaving a hot red, hand brand, he picks the beautiful bottom up, and fucks him mid-air! After a wild ride, Paris throws his porn perfect plaything on the couch, manhandles him around, spits in his hole, the crams that cock back where it belongs, and bangs the breaks off the boy doggie styled! The dominant derrire destroyer delivers a hefty helping of deliciously dirty commands while punishing Hayes' hot hole hard and fast while Dylan's own dick swings with sweet satisfaction. The ginormous gun slinger scoops his boy up once again, then places his perfect posterior at the edge of the couch and drives his dick deep while holding onto Dylan's ankles and throat as he guides his girth. Hayes takes it like a champ, spreading his smooth cheeks to make sure his slam master hits his hips to Hayes' hungry hole with every angry good thrust. Hayes has never been this stretched before and the boy's boner busts open like a Brooklyn fire hydrant on a hot summer day. Paris pulls hisporn Star sized piece out And absolutely annihilates Hayes' super stretched out hole with an absolutely incredible load! But, our dude ain't done yet! He plunges his pulsing piece back in Dylan's freshly seeded sex hole, and coats his insides with warm daddy dick slick.

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Morning After

Cute twink, Cody Wilson has been partying a bit too hard lately. Lucky for him, he has true blue buddy Trevor Harris, who lets him sleep it off in his bed so Wilson won't get into trouble with his parents. The morning after, Trevor wakes the hung over hottie and talks him through last nights festivities, which include pissing his pants, trying to kiss him, and telling Trevor he likes him. Cody comes clean, letting his dick heavy, designated driver know that is in fact true. Then, Wilson asks if they hooked up. Harris lets the boy know, that if they did hook up, he'd STILL be feeling it the morning after! That cured Cody's hang over right quick! And, he makes a beeline for Harris' bulge to find out IF in fact, the truth WOULD hurt! His bed buddy wasn't lying, and Wilson quickly gets to work thanking Harris, AND his huge hog for their hospitality with a grade A, gagging good hummer! Well aware his ample endowment could possibly split the tiny twink in two, Harris starts warming him up with a finger. Then, Trevor ups the ante with a deep dive derrire dining while Wilson is arched, ass in the air. When his hole is hot and horny enough to accommodate all Harris has to offer, Cody begs for a banging. Harris slaps his hugeness on the boy's horned up hole, then glides his girth in as much as possible. Cody can't help but moan with the sweet mix of pleasure and pain as Harris picks up the pace, opening him more and more with every thick thrust. Trevor expertly works Wilson's cock hungry hole. After dirty dogging the lil' dude, he slams the butt slut on his side; and finally, when he knows Wilson is wide open, he smashes him spread eagle on his back. With his head thrown back in complete pleasure, Wilson accepts every beefy bareback bang deep inside his tight twink tail. He even reaches for Trevor's thrusting thigh to pull him in closer. The blond bottom's raunchy reservoir filly breaks, and he floods his flat stomach with sweet release from his uncut cock. Harris joins in, and hoses the boy down with the best hang over cure any boy could ask for.

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Tight muscle twunk, Travis Stevens is glued to his phone like most millennials; but, when pretty boy, porn royalty, Ashton Summers saunters into the room horny as hell and ready for action, his charms are hard to resist. Summers snuggles up behind his tasty target and turns that charm up to 100, making Travis forget all about his phone. The hard bodied hotties get naked and naughty, tearing at each other's clothes as Ashton zeros in on Stevens' stiff cock. The porn prince parts his pouty lips and inhales every inch of Travis' tall boy. He slathers on some serious Spanish heat as he deep throats the blond's bone balls deep.Travis' mouth waters while waiting to wet his whistle with Summers' thick dick. He stuffs his pretty mouth chock full of cock, as Ashton reaches around and grabs a handful of his hot ass. The slightest touch to Travis' tight ass sends his legs straight in the air, and Ashton is on it in seconds! He gives the guy a lip smackin' ass eating, then teases his smooth tush with smacks from his rock hard hog. When he senses Stevens' spit slick sphincter can wait no longer, he slides his wide weapon in. Ashton works that ass like a pro, building the butt banging pleasure at the perfect pace. Stevens' sex sounds build as well. Not wanting his boy to bust quite yet, Summers slows down. Then, he hops on his hottie's lap, and rides that rig like a rodeo pro. Travis tears into Summers' sexy backseat, smashing ass like a master as his hottie's huge hog bounces with every thrust. The pretty pair trade places once more, and Travis calls shotgun. He rides Ashton's pulsing appendage hard, hammering his hips down deep to reach his sweet spot. Summers grabs his guys stick shift and strokes it while as he rides raw. Travis' tight tunnel squeezes Ashton's bareback beast, and he busts, all up inside Stevens' beautiful bubble. His freshly spent schlong may be sensitive, but our bronze beauty keeps on pumping! Summers' large load oozes around, deep in Travis''tush, warming and working him into a hot fuck, frenzy! His huge hog explodes, pounding Summers' chiseled chest with blast after blast of blond boy bust. Then, every ounce of cock cream comes oozing out of Stevens' slot, and drizzles down onto Ashton's creamed up cock. It's the cherry on top of the perfect cream pie fuck finale.

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Pounded Pretty Boys

Looking like the love child of Brad Pitt and Cindy Crawford right down to the beauty mark, newcomer, Paxton Ward could be the ultimate pretty boy! Naturally, we paired him with fellow beauty babe, Tristan Adler. So, brace yourself for pretty boy over LOAD! The attractive lads take their time breathing one another in with some sensual kisses, and fuck me boy foreplay at first. Our more experienced superstar takes the lead, and heads down to do some dick licking damage on Paxton's perfect piece. After releasing the dude's diamond hard dick from his cock holding Calvin's, Tristan takes every inch in, tickling his tonsils as he reaches Ward's root chakra. Pax unbuttons his blow job buddy's jeans and gulps down Tristan's towering totem. Adler grabs pretty boy by the back of the head, and fucks that beautiful face like a bad ass beast! Ward wet that wick perfectly, and now, Tristan wants a taste of Paxton's prime posterior. He gorges on the gorgeous guy's grade A gape like the gourmet meal it is, until Ward looks back and begs for a fucking.The cock cam catches the ass stretching action as Adler invades the newbie's booty with his beefy, bareback boner. Adler amps up the pound perfectly, heating up the hottie's hole till the sweet sound as balls smacking butt fills the bedroom. Tristan isn't gonna let this lay pass without taking Paxton's raw rig for a ride. He squats his sexy seat down on the dude's delicious dick, swallowing every inch. And then, he rides that raging hard hammer like a carnival ride! Adler's been working out, and it definitely shows as his tight twink muscles ripple while he rocks Ward's cock. He plants a kiss on Pax, then plants his piece back in the boy's backside to finish what he started. Tristan uses his thick bubble butt muscles to bang the boy wide open while Ward wacks off, getting closer and closer with every thrust. Paxton's chiseled six pack crunches as he climaxes, ejecting erotic pleasure all over his ripped torso. Adler pulls out and absolutely annihilates the newbie with the contents of his cock! He paints pretty boy all the way up to his neck with white hot, naughty boy nectar.

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Bubble Butt Beat Down

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Truck Fuck

Tattooed hottie, Ashtin Bates is outside working under the hood of his truck on a scalding got summer day with his unbuttoned, fuck me boy flannel blowing in the breeze when polar opposite, pretty boy, Jacob Hansen comes around the corner. Hansen attempts to help the gorgeous gear head, but Bates has a better idea. And, the sight of Jacob's junky trunk bent over his engine is really revving Ashtin's motor. He whips the twink's leather belt off and swats the pretty boy's backside before planting a sweaty snog on his lips. The crazy hot car jockey tears off his sweat soaked shirt and wraps it around Jacob, and pulls him close as possible. From then on, all bets..... and clothes, are off! The too hot twosome are overcome with dirty desire and down one another's thick dicks right there in Ashtin's driveway! The meaty membered mechanic manhandles Hansen around and bends the boy over the sun cooked hood of his truck, then pushes his pulsing piston in deep. The brunette badass fucks like a machine, blasting his bareback beats into the boy's butt at top speed. Then, the raunchy road warrior ups the ante, tossing Hansen's own belt around the boy's neck and uses it a a lusty leash to dick the dude down in doggy. The cock hard car star orders his fuck boy to the back of the truck and bangs the fuck out of him on the cargo bed! This is about all Hansen can handle, so he strokes his stick shift till it spits white hot heat onto his tight, tan stomach. Bates bone throbs and thickens inside the slut as he piston pounds the pretty boy's pucker. Then, he oils Hansen's hot hole with a butt load of boy grease. He dips his stiff stick back in, coating Jacob's guts with gorgeous goo. Ashtin's worked up quite an appetite after his hard days work, and his boy's cream pie is lookin' mighty tasty. He takes a big lick, then shares it with his panting, partner in pounding.

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Teen Rebellion

When Taylor Coleman catches naughty neighbor, Chase Williams vaping in the alley, he gives the bad boy shit for smoking, and hints that he's got something WAY better for his oral fixation. Chase and his fascination for putting things in that pretty mouth of his are pleasantly pleased when he pulls Coleman's cock out. Williams wets his whistle with Taylor's tall boy, deep diving on that dick till he hits the hottie's smooth sack. The cock crazed chicken head hits that hog so hard, Taylor has to tell the twink to let up so he can get a taste too! Williams happily straddles Coleman's cock sucker, but he just can't let go of that hard handle, reaching back and beatin' the boy's meat while fucking his face. Our oral angel is hungry for some ass; so, he slinks back down to his knees, lifts Taylor's legs, spreads his cheeks and feasts like a king. He pulls Coleman's crevice apart with his long fingers, prompting pretty boy to beg for a fucking. Without saying a word, Chase stands and delivers dick like a demon! He hammers the hot piece from the front and back, before Coleman offers Mr. Oral a raw ride on his hummed up hammer. Williams accepts the challenge and bangs that booty up and down like a boy in a bounce house! His crazy huge cock smacks Coleman's smooth stomach with every robust booty bounce, bringing Williams' wide wang to the edge! He grabs his goo- gun and plasters Taylor's torso with creamy white peen paint! Coleman calls out, giving Williams ample warning to prepare his parched throat. The orally fixed fuck hound plants his parted lips at Coleman's cock, then drains the dude's dong of every last drop. We're pretty sure Taylor won't find Williams vaping in the alley anytime soon; cause, this oral adventure was definitely more satisfying!

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Raw Rapture

Overcome with red hot, raw, cock hungry lust, Tristan Adler and Zach Letoa lay into one another hard as hell from the jump! The brunette bone bangers tear off one another's clothes while tasting each other with deep kisses as they grope at their engorged groins. Thirsty throat master, Tristan bows before Letoa's large, looming loin; then, he crams the perfectly curved cock all the way down his throat, nuzzling Letoa's nut filled nads at the base. Zach returns the favor, deep throating the sexed up slut's swollen schlong like an expertly trained sword swallower. With an ass like Letoa's around, Adler's appetite for ass is absolutely on fire! He quenches that hot hunger by burying his pretty face in his guy's super smooth, wide open back seat. After eating his full, he takes Letoa on a top tier fuck tour, tearing up the hottie's hole hard, just the way Letoa likes it. Adler absolutely assassinates the dude's donk, spanking the cock whore's cakes like it's his birthday as he packs his present deep. The final stop on the torrid tour is a raunchy ride and Zach thanks his hard hitting top by gifting him with a more than generous amount of glorious goo, absolutely COVERING Tristan's torso with a TON of hot twink toss. The warm nut on his chest sends sticky signals to the top's titanic down below. He pulls that bangin' cock candle out and lights his lad's ass up with a gorgeous glazing.

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Charlie Flynn Solo Session

Unassuming Iowa cutie, Charlie Flynn is as innocent as he looks. The sexy strawberry blond boy hasn't traveled much and is dangerously excited to be in Vegas for the very first time. And, he definitely delivers a sultry solo stroke show worthy of sin city's salacious reputation! The angelic, tight bodied, peaches and cream teen dream has a dick to die for and an ass you'll live for! Max Carter brings out the best in the beautifully, beefy bonered boy. He slaps Charlie's super smooth cheeks, then dives in his perfectly pink hole with those thrusty, thick fingers, bringing the erotic angel to the edge of pleasure, then pushing him over into sticky sweet ecstasy. Carter scoops up the colossal cocked cherub's heavenly load and shoves the devilishly delicious treat deep into the teen's hellishly hot hole!

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Loads to Share

Home alone after an intense workout, big cocked Calvin Banks is horny as hell and hard as a rock! The dirty blond bad boy worked out every muscle except that massive piece of meat bulging beneath his workout shorts. Calvin tweaks his hard nipple, then peels his sweaty off exercise attire. His veiny 8 1/2 incher bounces out, ready to be worked. Our famous cock cam catches Banks' beautifully big behemoth from every erotic angle as he makes the bad boy bounce and sway between strokes. Realizing he's got more than enough to share, the horny hard body places a booty call to super fine superstar, Andy Taylor! Pretty boy Taylor rushes over and falls to his knees in seconds. He slurps down every thick inch of Calvin's perfectly curved cock to cum filled nuts! Banks gives as good as he gets, deep throating Taylor's twink tower of power while working his hole with two spit slick digits. Andy's ass needs more than just a tease; so, he props his perfect posterior up on the bed and arches that back like a whore in heat! Calvin is powerless and can't resist Andy's amazingly smooth back seat. He eats that ass like he's at a booty buffet, getting the guy nice and slick for his super sized sex stick. Banks' saliva drips from Taylor's hot hole, signaling the top, it's time to tear this shit UP! The animalistic ass master spits on his spear, then impales Andy's ass. He works slowly at first, then mounts the moaning bottom like a beast and blasts that ass like the power top he is! Banks tosses the twink around the bed, banging his pretty plaything in every, and any position he wants. He works Taylor like a 9 to 5, even sucking the sexy slut's toes and throwing in a lusty love choke for good measure. The bareback bangathon cums to a splashy good climax as Andy's hard hog heaves white hot ecstasy all over his beautiful bronze body. Banks whips his beast out and erupts absolutely everywhere, his girthy goo geyser nails Andy right in his pretty face, giving the guy a gorgeous glaze. Calvin scoops up his hot spew and shoves it down Taylor's thirsty throat. After all, every good workout benefits from a delicious protein shake.

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Mood Music

Secret school boy lovers, Caleb Gray and Sebastian Fox have to hide their teenage lust in the high school halls; but, back at the house, it's an after school SPECIAL! The pretty puppy lovers completely smitten. Caleb even strums his secret sex partner a tune on his guitar. Fox appreciates the romantic gesture and shows it by playin' a little skin flute of his own! The smitten school boys taste every inch of each other's beautiful young bodies like the horny high schoolers they are; and, when the final gooey grade splashed all over Sebastian, it's defin an A+!

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The Filling In A Bareback Sandwich – Bare Twinks

If you caught sexy young stars James and Jason about to enjoy some rampant bareback action in the bedroom you'd want to join in too, right? Young Dylan doesn't have to ask, the shaggy-haired hottie is soon jumping into the mix and sharing an insanely hot mutual rod sucking with his friends. With boners raging cute little Jason finds himself in the perfect position, gobbling his lover while hung Dylan fills his smooth little rump with naked joystick! He's not the only one craving dick, however. Adorable James needs his own fix, working his way between his friend to become the filling in a fuckmeat sandwich, his naked shaft sliding in and out of Jason while Dylan fills his butthole. The shower of semen the boys end with is a messy affair, but so delicious to watch!

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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#helix: Ashton Summers and Dylan Hayes

#Helix is a sexy series dedicated to, and controlled by our you guys, the fantastic fans! Helix's harem of hotties are always appreciative, and willing to go the extra mile to answer erotic questions, AND act out erotic fantasies at your request via twitter. This edition finds fine ass, famous fellas, Ashton Summers, and Dylan Hayes answering every raunchy requests and question with cock sure comfortably, and crazy cute charm! The pretty pair hold NOTHING back! They shed their shirts to explain the meaning behind new tattoos, discuss their dream date, marriage; and, of COURSE, dive into their favorite dirty deeds! Every hot ask is acted out; and, these big bubble bootied beauties twerk, spank and rim their rockin' rumps. And, there's even some tasty feet tickling tossed in for good measure! Thanks to all who sent in questions and requests, because the fuck fest that follows is epic! The dreamboat duo share a 5 star dining experience on one another's delicious dicks, before Summers sucks Hayes' hot hole like a hungry whore! He teases the twinks' tight tunnel with a fat finger, then breaks in and burglarizes that booty like a thusting, thick dicked thug! Hayes handles every inch in every pleasure pounding position, perfectly possessed by Summers' punishingly good, girthy groin. The lusty latin pipe layer pulls his pulsing piece out and quenches Dylan's dirty desire with thick, thirst quenching cock cream. With Ashton's thick, throbbing appendage still oozing gooey goodness st his gorgeous fuck me face, Dylan's dick detonating dewy, deliciousnes, oozing down his thick throbber, glazing that gorgeous groin Area with gooey goodness.

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Jack Phillips Solo Session

Naughty, North Carolina newbie, Jack Phillips is a blue eyed babe with a southern drawl that'll make your dick drip. Masturbation maestro, Max Carter talks with the too cute twink about his sexual appetites, and the fact that his boyfriend thinks it's super hot he's doing porn! And, guess what, so do we! After their flirty convo, jack seduces the camera with those blue bedroom eyes while stripping off his tight t-shirt. Phillips runs his hands over his hairless torso and heads for his thickening dick. Max gives the guy a hand and helps him out of his dark gray groin huggers. The Carolina cutie's cock is nice and thick. Dick director Carter and the fantasy farm boy take turns tugging the girthy good groin, bringing the boy's cock crop to full bloom. Anxious to see every erotic angle of this angelic 18 year old, Carter has the hot farm hand show off that amazing ass. His barely there pubic hair frame his fuckable fanny perfectly; and, Max dips a few digits in the dude's delicious derrire.This causes the country cock lover to arch his back like a horned up whore, and look damn good doing it! Carter cracks Jack's plump cheeks with some sweet sounding spankings, before telling the twink to flip onto his back. With his big rig raging hard as hell from the intense ass inspection, the boys take turns bringing Phillips' perfect piece towards tidal waves of pleasure. Max steps back to capture the masturbation money shot, and Jack quickens his pace while fingering his fine fuck hole. His breath quickens, and he throws one more look at the lens with those baby blues.Then, juicy Jack blasts a big, country boy load all over his hot happy trail!

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Hung and Horny

Super long schlonged stars, Corbin Colby and Travis Stevens ignite the screen with hard banging, hot hunk sex in this scorcher! The well defined dick slingers shift their testosterone into high gear as they gag down one other's monster cocks, swallowing each other's hero hogs down to the beefy base! Everyone loves Corbin and his grade A topping skills; however, watching Stevens spreads that beautiful bubble butt and bang the fuck out of the studies a dick dripping dream cum true! Travis tore King Colby's hot hole up so good, the bronze beef banger returns the favor by eating Stevens' sweet ass, then pipes the pretty boy like the porn pro he is! Travis bounces on Corbin's raw cock like a tramp on a trampoline before Colby cocks the boy on his back with his knees pinned to his ankles, then,the king sized cocksmith slams blondie's smooth seat till Travis floods his sexy six pack with sweet sex seed. Colby keeps pumping, owning that ass like a master till he can no longer hold his hot load! He gives the guy one more hard pump, then empties his cum filled balls all over Stevens' slick, satisfied sex hole. The studs kiss; then, hungry whore Colby scoops up his salty treat, and gives them both a taste.

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Warm Welcome

There's always gorgeous new, fresh faced pretty boys moving into our model apartments here at 8teenBoy; and, newbie Paxton is an absolute STUNNER! With his perfect pretty boy mug, pouty, plump kissable lips and come fuck me complexion, Julian Bell can't resist giving the new guy the warmest of welcomes. Confident cock slinger Julian commands the cutie to stand up and turn around so he can take in every angle of the new boy's beauty. Paxton likes what he sees in blond boy Bell, and he's happy to play along. Play time quickly turns to porn perfection as the two twink's toss their cloth to the ground and give one another a good groping with a sexy side passionate tongue twirling. Bell carries his kisses down Paxton's peaches and cream toned tummy, unleashed his hard hog and downs the dude's dick with horny hunger! He looks up at Ward with burning desire to slide his schlong between those beautiful bee stung lips. Bell moves his bangin' body on top of the twink and plants his piece deep inside Ward's warm, wet mouth while tasting Paxton's pretty pink pucker 69 style. Hot and horned up, Ward let's his new friend know he's ready for a fucking! Julian jockeys between the lad's legs and jams his dick in the dude's tight, teen hole. Paxton's piece throbs and bounces with tingling ecstasy as Bell breaks the tight seal on the sexy boy's booty. When Ward's warm insides finally adjust, he hops on top and bounces on Bell's big while his own big beast bobs up and down deliciously. Seeing how much fun his bottom is having gets Julian's juices flowing, so the tasty twosome trade positions. Paxton plunges into Bell's butt like a beast and hammers the dirty dude doggy style till Julian's cock creams all over Ward's new bedspread! Paxton returns the favor, drenching Julian's junky trunk with a ton of tasty twink toss! The sticky sweet semen splashed on Bell's cheeks, then slowly drips down the dude's delicious derrire, creating absolutely edible, frosted creamy cakes. Yum.

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Sensual Bareback Buddies – Bare Twinks

With the place to themselves Jamie and Andrew can take their time with each other in the bedroom, swapping spit and revealing their hard young cocks, taking turns to lick and suck their juicy dongs as the pleasure and need to fuck rises. Fit young Andrew is craving it good and deep, and that's exactly what long-haired lover boy Jamie intends to give him, easing the tip of his naked shaft between those hairless butt cheeks and puncturing his pucker. Sliding his raw meat in and out in sensual humps of his slim hips he takes his buddy to the edge of pleasure, fucking him from behind with his naked tool, making Andrew gush a splashing fountain of semen from his raging boner. With his ass flexing and twitching around his bare tool it's only moments before Jamie needs to empty his own balls, pulling out in time to deliver a leaping explosion of teen rod cream over his friend's well-worked rump!

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Spring Fever

Much like any other day, Jared Scott is hard at work in the garden. He takes the best care of the luscious landscape, making sure every inch is always raked and hoed before giving his favorite bush a healthy hose down. Just then, tight bodied track star Zach Letoa jogs by, and is very impressed with the gorgeous gardener's talent with his tools. Lateo does a second lap, and Scott likes what he sees too. Jared's not the only expert on hoeing; and in a track star second, the sexy strangers sneak off and put their talents to work! Jared can't keep his huge hands off the runner's righteous rump as he peels him out of his hot, sweaty running clothes. The randy racer drops to his knees and tastes every thick inch the lusty landscapeer's long tool. After working outside in the heat all morning, Scott needs to quench his thirst by taking a big gulp of Zach's gorgeously girthy, thick dick. The whorey horticulturist notices the sports star's back field is in desperate need of some plowing. Jared jams his juicy lips in the jock's smooth center while tasting the sweet, salty sweat from his morning run. Zach's backside is a thing of beauty, just begging for a banging. Scott pushes his big, bareback beast in the boy's butt, then gets to work tilling the twink's fields with a ferocious fuck. After working him hard, the horny hoer has Zach hop up on his tractor for a ride. The track and field fuck boy explodes spread eagle riding Jared's big rig. His pulsing pole pushes out a huge load of fresh cream even a dairy farmer would be proud of! Unable to move after that ass work out, Zach stays seated, perfectly in line with the gardener's huge hose. The blue collar top uncorks his cock and hoses the athlete's ass DOWN, draining his dick completely. Then, Scott shoves his slick schlong back inside, seeding all up in Latoa's hot hole. One never knows, romance may grow from this erotic, anonymous, afternoon encounter. Jared does have a green thumb after all!

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New Boy

New boy on the block, Trent Olsen just flew into town to film with us; so, we put the newbie up in one of our model apartments, which are filled with gorgeous guys always ready to get it IN! Milo Harper doesn't even wait for the tasty 19 year old twink to unpack before offering to settle the newbie's nerves. He wraps his arms around the beautiful blond babe and moves in close. Trent can feel his thickening dick throbbing beneath his pants. Harper heats Olsen up with sensual kisses while slowly striping the peaches and cream pretty boy from his clothes. Milo gives Trent's tent pitcher the full wet welcome wagon treatment, swallowing every thick inch down to the balls. Then, our olive skinner cock monster stuffs his super sized schlong in Olsen's wide open mouth and fucks his face with long, lusty thrusts. With his hog wet with new the dude's saliva, Harper gives him a girthy good welcome by burying his beefy, bareback bone deep into Olsen's incredible ass. Harper's also curious about Trent's topping skills; so, he puts his pipe delivery to the test. Olsen goes above and beyond Milo's erotic expectations. He gets a groove going, AND gets Milo's motor moaning with sweet slamming satisfaction. However, this IS Harper's house, and the delicious dick slinger is determined to show dominance. The tall, dark and handsome hottie slides behind blondie and bones the fuck out of the fine young fella till he busts his first load in his new place, christening his bedspread with fresh, hot nut. Milo watches with wide eyes, getting closer and closer by the second. He whips his world class cock out and busts all over newbie's freshly drained danglers. A spent, satisfied Milo plants a kiss on his hot new housemate with a sly smile, knowing he got that ass first, and it was hot AF!

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Introducing Jacob Hansen

Whenever you see an "Introducing" scene from us, you know we've got some fresh new meat for you and, this time is no exception! Josh Brady gets the 411 on Indianapolis native, Jacob Hansen. The guys talk topping and bottoming, first times, and what kinks he's into. The newbie even turns the tables by asking his interviewer, josh about HIS favorite fetishes and kinks, which is fine by us! This obviously gets Josh's jets revved up, because he immediately goes in for a kiss and, the horned up hotties don't stop there. The chemistry between these two is fire! After some rough groping and deep kisses, Josh pushes the newbie on the bed and deep throats his thick dick and licks cum filled sack. Trembling with anticipation, Jacob unzips josh's jeans, then gorges on that girthy groin for all he's worth, While Brady pulls him down by the hair. Brawny Brady tosses the tan twink on the bed, lifts his legs with ease, and eats that ass like a demon! He spreads the dude's sweet seat to get as deep as he can. Then, he teases Hansen's hot little hole with a pre-fuck finger. The boy's booty is too good; and, Josh immediately offers the fine assed fella a ride. The naughty newbie slides his tight tunnel down on Brady's big, bareback boner and moves that seat like a charmed snake. Excited to feel "handled," bottom boy hops off and let's top man Brady take control. Josh pulls the pretty boy to the edge of the bed and pushes that perfect piece of his back in Hansen's hot hole. Josh fucks like a machine, ramming his rod relentlessly as Jacob jacks his jock and pants with pleasure. Remembering their conversation from earlier, Brady wraps a brawny hand around Hansen's neck. The love choke is all it takes, and Hansen's hog heaves a hefty load all over his tight, tan torso. The white hot bust looks beautiful against the boy's bronze skin, and pushes Brady to the brink. He pulls out and blasts Jacob's freshly fucked ass with buckets of creamy boy bust! Then, the filthy fucker crams his cock back in, and coats Hansen's insides with cum. The cherry on top is when Josh pulls Jacob's cheeks apart for the camera and shows off that cummy hole.

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Friend in Need

Best buddies Kurt Niles and Cade Russels had planned to play video games after school. But, when Cade arrives early and catches Kurt watching porn with his hands full, plans quickly change. Cade notices Kurt's got more than enough cock to share with a friend; so, he slaps his DSL's on that dick right quick! Excited to see what his pal is packin', Kurt orders the blond to stand up. Russels pulls his black undies down, and his big bone bounces right out into Kurt's waiting cock sucker. Niles goes nuts, gagging down every inch of Russels' rod while his buddy helps with a hand at the back of his head. Hungry for dessert, Cade spins the brunette around and plants his pretty face right in the fella's fuck hole. He revs Kurt's caboose up so right, the guy begs for a fucking! Happy to oblige, Cade crams his condom free cock in balls deep and gets to smashing. He gives Niles' neither region a rigorous workout, pounding him in perfect, porny positions. After a raunchy good ride, Kurt's ready to do some ramming of his own. He plugs his pleasure pole in his bud's booty from behind, eliciting erotic moans of ecstasy from the tight twink. With his colossal cock pummeling Cade's prostate, the cum gets fucked right out of him! Blondie busts, splashing sweet release all over his smooth, shredded stomach. Kurt pulls his pulsing piece from the snug pucker, and annihilates his bestie's back door with creamy dude love. A friend in need is a friend indeed!

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Limo Lust

Max Carter picks Ashton Summers up from the airport in a limo. After the driver takes off for the Vegas strip, the sexy studs let primal passion take over and tear into one another right there in the back seat! Max can feel Summers' thick dick throbbing beneath his jeans. He pulls the hot hunk's pants down while Ashton removes his shirt. Summers looks like a succulent snack. His raging rod is too big for his tight white underwear, and it pokes out from the top. Max makes a meal of the massive member, sucking down every delicious inch as cars cruise by on the freeway. Ashton kisses the beautiful blond, then fills his mouth with hard cock. The Latin road rager plants his perfect face in Carter's back seat and gets it good and wet. With Max's pretty mug plastered by the window, Summers drives his condom free cock deep down the dude's dirt road. Then, the tasty top takes a seat, offering Carter a ride on his big rig. As horns honk on the highway, Max hops on and hammers his hips down hard. Ready to let his Latin lover control the cock throttle once more, Max requests to be balled on his back. Always happy to please, Ashton pounds pretty boy's perfect posterior till his cock spits sex seed all over his well worked out abs. Ashton wraps a muscled arm around the back of his bottom's neck and steps on the gas! The back seat ass crusher creams all over Carter, covering his six pack with pure pleasure. The camera pans out the window, and we see the guys are already parked on the strip. The limo driver must've been enjoying the show just as much as you will!

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Fresh out of the gate, Jack Phillips and Chase Williams get right down to it in this sultry teen -slam scene! With sensual kisses and caresses, the cock craving duo disrobe one another as Phillips works Williams down to the bed. He tastes every inch of the twink's torso while making his way down to that fat 7 incher! He pulls Chase's pants down; then, kisses the meaty monster over his bulging blue ball huggers before unleashing the beast. Jack deep throats the dude's huge hairless hog as Chase plays with his pierced nipples. Anxious to get his own dick licked, Phillips stands up and sheds his jeans, revealing his already hard hog, which nearly wraps around his leg! Chase dives right in, accepting almost all of Jack's juicy 8 inches down his thirsty throat. Williams works the brunette bad boy into a frenzy. With a raging hard on, Phillips orders Chase onto his back; then, he tosses the guy's legs in the air, and tears into his pink hole with a deep, darting tongue until Williams can't help but ask for a fucking. Phillips plants a kiss on the horny hottie, then breaks in the boy's backdoor with his bareback bone. Jack pumps his piece deep into the dude's dick hungry hole, before commanding the cocksmith to climb on for a ride. Williams waxes poetic on the perfect peen, bouncing his beautiful booty on Jack's giant jock till his hole hits the boy's bust filled balls! Then, our bone loving bottom flips the script, and orders Jack, "face down, ass up!" Chase presses every throbbing inch forward, quickly hitting optimum ass banging, slam speed! The sweet sound of nuts knockin' butt fills the air, and Phillips can't contain the creamy explosion firing from his fat phallus and flooding the bed! His twitching tunnel squeezes Chase's cream filled cock. The peaches and cream pretty boy pulls out, and unloads his liquid love into Jack's slam-slick crack!

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Travel Size Kink

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