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Bang Boys

Cock extending chemistry cruises through these two horny teens the second they appear on screen. Dustin Cook has his tongue down Jack Phillip's throat and a hand down his pants when we join the two twinks playing tonsil on the bed. Cook cuts to the chase and lets Jack know he needs a knob gobbling and the horned up hottie happily obliges with a deep throat slam down on the dude's thick dick. Dustin wants a taste too; so, he has Phillips inch forward on the bed till he's directly above him. Cook pulls at the guy's elastic, allowing that huge hog to flop right into his mouth! Dustin devours the big, beautiful beast like the bone smoking bastard he is while Phillips gives him a hot hand job down below. The peen pendulum in his face is hypnotizing and causes a deep hunger in Dustin's hot little hole; so, he climbs on top of the twink and slams his ham down on the dude's bareback boner and bobs that booty up and down with delight. The sexy butt sluts switch it up as Cook uncorks and Jack gets on all fours in front of him, hungry for a hammering of his own. Dustin slides every inch inside and dicks the dude down! He pulls pretty boy's booty back towards his bone by keeping his hands on his hips or shoulders so he can slam schlong at optimum speed. Then, Dustin wraps his arms fully around the fine ass fella for a kiss before hopping back on the bed with his legs in the air. Jack jams his juicy Johnson back up the boy's butt and Cook keeps a hand on his thigh as he does, pulling that peen deeper inside him. Dustin delivers some sexy dirty talk about Phillips' super sized schlong which gets Jack's jock pumping at porn star speed. Dustin's breath quickens and his cock thrusts our thick, white hot ecstasy that splatters all over his smooth stomach. Jack keeps pumping till he busts inside the boy's twitching tunnel, coating his hole with a hefty load of cum. The panting pretty boys kiss as Phillips falls onto Cook's cum soaked torso lip locked in lust.

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Watching Porn And Jerking Off – Homemadetwinks

Right now, all around the world, boys like Kayden are stroking their cocks and shooting off spooge, think about that while you watch him enjoying his raging boner and showing off his awesome tight little body, and that delectable little ass. He's got the right entertainment to see him through, one of our other videos no doubt! See him rubbing his solid length, his heavy balls bouncing, his semen splashing free to decorate his smooth and slender body!

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Noël shows off all his favorite toys. The gymnastic ball with those gummy nibbles, his cuddly toy that can cuddle with his penis and his new red anal plug. That all made him so horny he had to cum on and into his mouth. It was delicious as you can see on his face

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Blond cutie Clay Turner is one lucky lad, flanked by beef cake boys Blake Mitchell and Corbin Colby as they inspect his jock strap clad caboose. The young dude's derrire is divine and naturally causes the guy's sex soldiers to stand at full attention. Clay helps the rock hard hotties get their huge hogs out; then, he gives them a proper polishing. He sucks schlong like a skier with a pole in each hand, sloshing on each epically large appendage with ample appreciation. Blake hops up on the bed and the colossally cocked duo's twink team work begins. Mitchell orchestrates the erotic adventure, having Corbin tongue fuck the twink's tush while he gets a scalding hot hummer. After wetting his whistle, Corbin tells Turner to lay on his back; then, he lays some serious pipe on the porn pretty boy, keeping the jock on for added effect. Blake throws dick down both boy's thirsty throats before laying back and lubing up. Clay can't resist the invitation when offered a seat on Mr. Mitchell's wild ride and squats down on the bareback battering ram. He rides the big rig while paying close attention to Colby's big beast and, his commands. Corbin helps his bang buddy Blake our with a few feisty fuck commands to the twink before Clay climbs on top of his huge hammer. Turner trampolines that thick dick while remembering his raunchy responsibilities to Blake's rager. Then, in a porn perfect moment, Mr. Mitchell saunters up behind his buddy and slides his slick schlong inside Corbin's big, meaty booty bareback. After that, our big boys are about to blow; and, what better place than pretty boy's face! Clay gets a mouth AND, face fill of jock jizz before his own, MORE than ample appendage explodes. Turner's "O" face looks extra lusty covered in the guy's goo as his own load just keeps on cummin' and cummin'! Corbin and Blake congratulate the lusty lad on a job well done and he smiles, exposing the cutest dimples in the world.

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Cock Jockeys

Kurt Niles and Milo Harper come on hard and heavy from the start in this big boner, bareback bang fest. The horny brunette hotties make out like a couple highschoolers and can't help and take it to the next level once they feel one another's big bulges cum to life filling their pants with a promise of a mighty fine fucking. Milo drops to his knees and teases Kurt's shredded stomach with kisses before pulling at his colorful undies to release the big beast inside. His formidable phallus flops out looking majestic and Milo manages to get the massive piece of meat down his throat with a little help from Nile's hand at the back of his head. Kurt felt Harper's huge hog earlier and has been anxiously awaiting the opportunity to take on the immense appendage and lets Milo know in no uncertain terms. He pulls down the dude's appropriate "Trophy Boy" briefs and the boy's boastful boner bounces out. Milo straddles Kurt's cock sucker and fucks his face like a champ before lifting Nile's legs in the air and annihilating his ass with that wide weapon. Harper piston pumps the guy's tiny pucker like a meat wielding monster and Kurt's cock points north in each naughty position. Harper is not stranger to anal pleasures and wants his hole filled as well; so, he climbs up on the bed and sits right down on the dude's throbbing dong. His uncut cock slaps Kurt's ripped abs as he bounces up and down on that D, getting deeper every with every beautiful bareback bang down. Niles unplugs only to plunge the perfect piece back in doggy style.he hits Harper from the back hard, hammering his prostate till his bottom bone explodes all over the bed, leaving a trail of breadcrumb cum0 drops that show his path of pleasure. Kurt puts the peen pedal to the metal and doesn't stop till he's creamed all up in Milo's crack.He slaps Harper's butt cheeks with his still hard hog, getting every gooey drop out onto Milo's meaty ass before they seal this slam with one more kiss

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Bubble Bath

Bathtub buddies Jared Scott and Marcell Tykes turn butt buddies in this steamy bareback bathroom bang! The guys are sharing an enormous tub right next to a mirror, which gives us DOUBLE the pleasure. Sultry, splish-splashing foreplay gets the twink's tallywhackers pointing north and Tykes needs more than taste of Scott's sizable surfboard. So, Jared hops up on the tub's ledge and gives his guy's throat a wet workout. Marcell has divine dick sucking skills and looks delicious bobbing up and down on that "D" as his bubble butt bounces, breaking the water's surface. After tickling Tykes' tonsils, Jared jams his face in Marcell's magnificent muscle butt for an epic ass eating. He wraps his arms under the boy's legs and licks ass like a man possessed, priming the porn star's pretty pucker with his tongue, a few fingers and a few spanks for good measure. Wet and ready, Marcell braces himself on all fours for some serious bareback banging. Scott gives the gorgeous smooth seat one more lick then, slides his super sized schlong in the boy's beautiful behind. Jared let's the lad adjust to his oversized appendage with slow strokes before putting the peen pedal to the medal. The boys make good use of every available inch of the tub.... and Jared's cock! After Scott dirty dogs the dude, Tykes takes a ride on the horse hung hog facing his fuck stud and then away, cock to cam. Marcell closes his eyes in absolute ecstasy while cranking up the heat on his hog; then, he releases a monster sized load that arches through the air and splashes into the water. The after shocks splatter onto his beautiful bronze body as Jared's giant is about to blow. Tykes eases that amazing ass back just a bit, allowing Scott to bust on his buttery brown skin. Jared's jizz jets out of his giant junk and comes careening down onto Marcell's dick! The boys get good and dirty and definitely need another bath after this bust heavy, hammer session.

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Helix Studios – Vegas Nights: Trailer

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Vegas Nights: Trailer

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Hot Tub Hotties

It seems Reilly Finch's reputation precedes him as Julian Bell heads to the hot tub knowing he'll get some action! Riley introduces himself and Julian let's him know he's already got his number and, soon enough he gets that dick too. But first, the hot tub twinks play tonsil hockey in a sultry night time bubble snuggle. Julian jumps up on the hot tub ledge which allows his blond boy boner to be in prime blow job location for lick happy Riley. The tiny twink dines on that dick like thanksgiving dinner with a little help from Bell's hand at the back of his head. Julian is jonesing for some jock too and hoists the hottie onto the ledge while easing his tight, bronze body back in the water. He teases the twink's tackle box with playful kisses over his wet swim trunks before pantsing the pretty boy and gettin' down to business. He blows Finch's flute ferociously before the boy turns around and plants his taut teen rush in his face. Our blond bone jockey gets the boy's button nice and wet before spitting in his hand "Brokeback" style then, slaps it on his rock hard schlong and slams his hog home! He takes a dick detour onto Riley's rig in a butt rocking bareback ride which our cock-cam captures close up. Tiny twink Finch is a surprisingly formidable top, grasping the golden boy by the butt cheek and confidently cramming him down onto his cock! After a righteous ride, julian hops off to finish what he started. Finch lays on his back as Bell slides between his legs to bring this hot tub hammering all the way home. His surfer boy hair dangles in his pretty face as he fucks the lil' fella hard as hell, causing Riley to throw his head back and moan with pure pleasure. The twink's toes curl as he grabs his groin. The second he touches himself he blows his load, covering his already wet torso with a ton of twink jizz! Bell bangs the boy even harder then, whips out and hoses the dude down even more, splashing the cum slut with nut nearly to his mouth! Riley rubber necks it, hoping to catch a few fuck drops on his tongue but Bell launches his load over Riley's shoulder. Julian kisses Riley's slim, soaked stomach and then his lips to give the lad a taste of the salty treat.

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Bareback Boys In The Bedroom – Homemadetwinks

Austin is the kind of friend everyone wants to have a sleepover with. The smooth and slight little twink is already so experienced when it comes to sharing some joystick fun, especially bareback! He's got a camera to shoot some home video with his friend Ashton in this evening butt banging, sucking on his friend's delicious dick and then sliding his own engorged meat into the boy's hole! He gives his friend an awesome fucking, humping him all over the bed until Ashton pumps his cream out, then he makes a gooey mess all over the boy's butt cheeks and slips his wet knob right back into him! We would all love to spend the night at his house, right?

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AlexBoys Mirza

The idea was to make a fotoset for an older friend of Mirza. As his birthday present. He knows him very well and so he did all the things his friend will like. Including the surprises. His friend felt very happy about this unusual and very personal birthday present... Join now!

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Happy Birthday

The idea was to make a fotoset for an older friend of Mirza. As his birthday present. He knows him very well and so he did all the things his friend will like. Including the surprises. His friend felt very happy about this unusual and very personal birthday present...

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Blazing Bareback

Bad boys of bareback, Andy Taylor and Angel Rivera are hot and heavy from the start, playing grab ass as they kiss and undress one another. They take it slow and sensual at first, tasting their beautiful bronze bodies and tracing sexy six packs with wandering hands. Rivers kneels and downs the dude's thick dick, gagging on the girthy guy while Taylor pinches his tiny twink nips. Revved up and ready, Andy pushes Angel on the bed and goes buck wild on the latin's large lance, slobbing his knob to the balls while teasing his tight hole. Rivera stands up with a diamond hard dick, tastes the twink's tight tush and plows that perfect piece of his balls deep. He pushes Taylor's taut frame into the bed at the small of his back, causing that amazing ass to arch as it slams against Rivera's hard hammering hips. Andy attempts to get up and Rivera gets rough, slamming the slut's pretty face into the mattress and chocking him from behind. Rivera is ravenous for a rump ramming himself, he smacks the dude's dunk and then Taylor tells him it's his turn. Andy gets Angel on the bed and pulls the pretty piece by the legs to arrange that ass exactly where he wants. He spits in Angels hot little hole and then on his dick, getting ready to drill the boy's bone hungry hole as Angel eggs him on with a resounding "pound that ass!" Taylor takes his advice, pummeling his boy's bottom while fish hooking his pretty face. The hard hitting hottie gets creative, straddling Angel's plump ass while pulling his ankles up behind his own piston pumping butt to completely envelop the dude's derriere. Taylor's tush misses Rivera's big rig though; so, he climbs up on the bed, flips his fella over and eases his ass down on that bareback beast once more. Angel evens the score by blasting his bionic bone up HARD into the boy's juicy bubble. The grand grinding brings Taylor right where he wants to be and he fires a fucktastic amount of fresh cream from his cock that nails Angel right in the face! The cum hungry whore opens his mouth and catches the next burst then, he deep throats that dick while it's still spitting. The sticky treat does the trick for him and he explodes, covering Taylor's ass cheeks with cum. Then, he slaps his cock on that can and stuffs it back up his boy's beautiful booty.

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Heavy Cream

Jamie Ray and Miles Pike are hot and heavy from the sexy second they appear on screen, tossing tongue down one another's throat and pulling at each other's clothes like wild beasts ready to bang! Miles gets he's big boned boy on the bed and kneels before his epic appendage, pulls his underpants down and deep throats that dong deliciously. Jamie is anxious to get at Pike's porn star sized piece as well; so, he slides off the bed and multitasks the twink's tall totem pole with this hand and a thirsty throat. Ray is quite the rod warrior; but, even HE has trouble deep throating THIS dude's epic dong! However, he SURE does give it his best shot; besides, everyone knows anything good is worth fighting for. And, this guy's girthy groin is gorgeous and definitely worthy of the deep throat challenge. Pike's hunger for hole is harping on him so, he dives into Jamie's junky trunk tongue first. The bubble bootied boy moans in absolute ecstasy as Pike tongue punches his tight, little pucker. Juicy Jamie is and ready to move on to more massive booty duties. So, the lil' dude gets on all fours and Miles dirty dogs him DOWN! Their cock cramming chemistry is crazy hot and Jamie can't keep his hands off his own huge hog while getting hammered in this position. The porntastic piston pumper flips pretty boy over and goes at that hole even harder while gazing at Jamie's angelic face and fuck stick. Bottom boy can't hold his rager down much longer and milks that monster till it blows! The boys have been in sexual sync the entire scene and this climactic cum heavy crescendo keeps it that way. Pike pulls out and absolutely HOSES the hottie down with one of the biggest loads we've seen in ages! He just keeps cumming and cumming and cumming and, MUST'VE been saving this super sized spunk dump for days!

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Twink Spank

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A Long Time Cumming

It's the weekend and several Helix hotties are hanging, getting toasty, joking around and having a grand ol' time. Joey Mills delivers several severely funny, adorable one liners which make the opener highly entertaining. It's quite obvious Marcell Tykes has a thing for Blake Mitchell. Once Blake is out of earshot, he finally confesses his carnal cravings to his buddy. But, Mr. Mitchell doesn't miss a trick and calls Marcell out on it the second he has the chance. Tykes reaction is absolutely adorable and some serious flirting goes down between the two. Blake notices Marcell heading to the restroom and, like every memorable scene from your favorite rom-com, Blake is right there waiting for him when he opens the door. The sexy stud walks right up to him and the pretty pair immediately start kissing. Tykes has been fantasizing about this for a long time, causing his breath to shake and tremble as his fantasy becomes reality. He reaches for Mitchell's prime piece and strokes the uncut cock a bit before falling to his knees for a feeding. Blake is sure to encourage his horny appendage eater with delicious dirty talk along the way. Our devilishly dominant dick slinger is anxious to get at Marcell's amazing ass and finally tells Tykes to bend over. The bronze beauty does as he's told. Before breaking in the boy's back door, Blake takes a moment to admire the magnificent trained dancer derrire on his dude. However, his throbbing cock is craving the twink's tight tush; so, he slaps the sexed up slut's smooth seat and slides his huge hog gonads deep on the first thrust! The sweet sound of muscle ass meeting man meat mixed with moans of pleasure fills the air while Marcell's ass is being filled to it's lusty limit. Blake bangs the boy's bodacious backside like the boner boss he is before Tykes takes a seat on his hotrod for a nice raw ride. The dude's dance training cums in handy here because watching him work Blake's big rig with his back and butt muscles is a porn perfect performance piece of ass stretching proportions. Then, Blake lifts the pretty boy in the air and lays him down on his back before blasting that ass hard as hell, bringing this bad boy home! He utilizes his hands well, moving them from Tykes' ankles to his throat and everywhere in between which brings bottom boy to the bursting point. Tykes' torpedo launches it's sizzling seed all over his shredded stomach which causes Blake's bone to boil! He uncorks then straddles his sperm covered cutie while stroking that extra long schlong of his. Marcell takes every ounce of erotic ooze with an open mouth like a man and is always ready for more. Which, is a good thing since Mr. Mitchell milks his monster for all he's worth, covering the cock lover with buckets of cum. Tykes gets the facial of a lifetime and still hungers for more. He sucks the sensitive tip of Blake's bone, making sure he's drained the dudes dick fully. Hot- as- Hell!

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Taylor Coleman is buried in a book; but, boyfriend Caleb Gray would much rather he be buried deep in him! Taylor has been looking fine as fuck all day with his swinging dick swaying back and forth in sweatpants, hypnotizing Caleb and making him hunger for fresh, hot cock! Gray is always looking gorgeous and Coleman can't resist with his brunette boy hungry for bone snuggled up tight, right next to him. After a seductive kiss, Caleb casts the book aside for his boyfriend who, judging by the looks of his large loin extending to full mast totally visible in those sweet sweatpants, doesn't seem to mind at all. Taylor tells Caleb to stop teasing with the kisses and just suck his dick already! To say the invitation was accepted would be an understatement. Cock lover Caleb is on his knees in an instant, slobbing his dirty blonde babe's boner like a bad ass beast! When he finally does come up for air, Gray shoves his raging hard groin right next to Taylor's tongue. The twink takes the hint and goes ham on his guy's hog while giving himself a hot, well earned handy. Caleb brings the boy's mouth crashing down onto his cock with a heavy hand at the back of his head. Taylor loves every slick, slobbery second of it! After the kiss, he goes back down and even works his guy's gonads as a bonus. Taylor's twink tower is aching for some ass so, Gray hops on the hard hog for a bouncingly good bareback bang! Our famous cock cam swings underneath to catch the schlong slamming action as Coleman crams every inch of that awesome appendage up into Gray's gorgeous gape. The cock crazed couple switch roles. Taylor let's Caleb serve the delicious dong while his own helicopters around as he bounces on that big rig like a gorgeous madman drunk on dick. When blondie's beautifully smooth butt has had it's fill, he asks to fuck his fine ass fella once again. He goes at Caleb's cock loving lust tunnel hard as hell, slamming schlong balls deep till he fucks the cum right out of him! Caleb glazes his entire tight, twink torso with a glorious amount of goo. Taylor ups the ante and shifts his thrusting speed into high gear then, sprays his sweet sex all over that beautiful boy of his. He collapses onto Caleb and they kiss passionately. Then, we notice Gray's been shot in the cheek with big blast of boy bust and..... all is right in the world for one.... sweet... moment.

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The Hunger For Twink Dick Is Real – Bare Twinks

As soon as we join naughty boy boys Jamie and Chris they're kissing and groping for pecker. Long-haired boy Jamie is the first to get his long and slender cock licked and sucked by his friend, but with his pre-cum flowing he's soon getting his own taste of cock meat and servicing his gorgeous pal. After getting a taste of fit boy Chris he's up on the bed and presenting, his ass up and ready to be filled. Chris slides in, picking up the pace as he fucks his buddy with skill. Anyone who knows Chris knows that this boy isn't the kind of twink to miss out on the fun of being buggered, he's soon swapping places and giving up his own naked little hole for his friend to slide into! Spooning and on his back, Chris gets his load pumped out of him, streams of sticky white goodness splashing from his dick, which soon has lover boy Jamie easing his dick out of that ass and spunking his own load over his friend! Needless to say, it's a perfect afternoon for these two friends.

Watch the full hardcore video at Bare Twinks!

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Introducing Clay Turner

Small town Georgia boy, Clay Turner is a beautiful blond twink with the sexiest southern twang you've ever heard! He's bounced around a bit from Florida to Cali, (anywhere with a beach really) and finally found his way here to Helix. His hobbies are riding horses. "ACTUAL horses" (mind out of the gutter kids!;) Because, here at Helix OUR dirty minds are already there; and, we are definitely going to make BIG things happen with our horse hung studs for this newbie! Clay likes to be dominated and, lucky for him he's paired with titanium top tank Luke Wilder who's been asking all the right questions. He closes the deal with the perfect query, "would you say you were a good kisser?" Then, the confident cock slinger goes in for the kill and Clay is his for the taking. He grabs the pretty boy by the shirt and leads him upstairs, kissing him and feeling that smooth body all the way as clothes fall to the floor. Wilder remembers one of Turner's fantasies is to be picked up; so, he hikes the hot blond up and tosses him onto the bed. Turner is in a tantric trance as Luke's lusty, perfectly sculpted sex god bod takes control. Wilder kisses every inch of the kid before planting his chiseled, leading man mug in pretty boy's back door for a rough and tumble rump licking. Clay makes his way towards the muscle man's piece and eats cock like it's dinner time, deep throating to surfer dude all the way to the balls. Once he's got Wilder's weapon nice and wet, he climbs on top and slides his smooth ass down that sheath free schlong, swallowing it whole with the first squat. The kid's caboose is so tight and right, it has Luke calling out his name! Wilder tells Turner to get on his back so he can taste the twink's pretty piece which has been bouncing in front of his face, burning up a horny hunger for hog inside him. He gives a kid's cock a nice cleaning before moving on to his expertise - that ass! Luke lays pipe in the blond's bangin' booty like a boss while Clay cranks his cock to 100, causing it to shoot a fresh, first fuck flick batch of young seed all the way past his pretty pink nips! Wilder whips out and aims his bareback boner at the boy's wide open ass, coating it in man cum and teasing the twink's tunnel by pushing the still dripping tip inside. Both guys are breathing heavy from a super hot, dick day's work and have definitely earned one last luscious kiss.

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Brunette Boys

When brunette bad boys Dustin Cook and Kurt Niles get together to enjoy the pleasures of bareback banging, they set the screen a blaze in this bonetastic, butt slamming good time! Niles has one of THE thickest rods on our roster and cock connoisseur Cook gulps down every girthy inch of that throat stretcher to Kurt's cum filled sac! Niles is no slouch is the schlong sucking department either and slathers the love onto Dustin's delicious dick before the boys lock themselves in an ass eating, bone sucking 69! Limber lad Cook swivels around and pounces on Niles' wide weapon, bouncing his way to ass stretching ecstasy! Niles gives his hottie a naughty nailing on his side before Cook stands up to REALLY lay it down. They switch it up and Dustin dicks his dude's hungry hole DOWN while our famous cock cam catches all the ass banging action from every delicious angle. He bones the boy so good Kurt's toes curl and can't help but grab his giant jock and cover himself in cum. Cook pulls his pulsing piece out and launches an unbelievable load straight over Kurt's shoulder! Then, he nails him right in the neck and keeps on milking that massive meat to give his guy a gorgeous glazing!

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Pool Boy

Just when you think your about to get hot with the classic "pool boy fantasy" with Gabriel Martin strolling up behind Jared Scott while he's cleaning a pool paradise, we've upped the ante and added a boyfriend fantasy element to this poolside scorcher! Gabriel wraps his arms around Jared and their crazy hot, cock stiffening chemistry is absolutely off the charts! The camera pans down highlighting the growing bulges in the twink's swim trunks while their tongues twirl around one another. The gorgeous couple head over to a stone wall and, juicy Jared takes a seat allowing Gabriel easY access to his giant jack. Scott smacks the Latin lover in the face with his fat phallus in between Martin's masterful mouth work on his big beast. Scott's been hard at work all day, cleaning the pool AND, they're beautiful backyard. Now he gets rewarded by descending onto his knees to clean Gabriel's gorgeous groin before the boy bends over, inviting Scott deep inside HIS beautiful backyard! Jared slams the hell out of his hottie against the stone surface while Martin's edible uncut appendage smacks against the smooth stone. Gorgeous Gabriel spreads his meaty cheeks apart, giving us a gorgeous view of Scott slamming schlong and spanking the bad boy who lets him know, "I like it rough." Jared takes those words to heart when Martin flips over and he plunges his big stick back in the boy's booty and goes bananas with a bionic bareback, butt banging! Gabriel's angelic face is in fuck heaven and, you can tell the pretty boy is close to blowing. He jerks his uncut jock till buckets of white hot, hump heavy heat splash across the dark contrast of his black tank top! Scott keeps smashing away; that is, until Gabriel gets on his knees, preparing for a glorious cum glazing on his gorgeous fuck me boy face. Scott hoses the latin lover down with a hefty load. After they both get off, Jared (always the jokester) gives his glazed pretty boy a kiss on the lips then, pushes the him in the pool! Parker takes the plunge as well. Spent and satisfied, both boys kiss and embrace....... and then go look for some fucking towels!

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Morning Meal

When blond babe Julian Bell wakes up next to brunette boy toy Milo Harper with his big hands wrapped around the orgasmic olive skinned twink, he immediately gets this magnificent morning started off with a BANG! He kisses the swarthy schlong sire's sinewy torso and pulls at his undies, allowing the big beast to breath a bit before wrapping his peen hungry pie hole around it's fullness. Our beautiful blond is rockin' some severe morning wood as well; so, he pulls his black briefs down and, allows his ample appendage to bounce out right next to Milo's waiting mouth! Harper handles the blond's big boner with a hand on the boy's bangin' butt cheek as Julian jacks his brunette boy's massive boner. Not wanting to be late for school, Blondie slides his slender build between his bronze boy's legs and busts in his back door bareback! The pretty pair kiss and moan as Bell's big, bust filled balls slap Milo's meaty ass with every erotic thrust. The high school sweethearts switch it up and Bell gets banged like a dirty dog on all fours. Milo massages his MASSIVE manhood in and out of Bell's nearly too tight, twink tush until his guy's insides have adjusted and then, Harper puts the penis pedal to the metal, slamming his thick schlong while Julian's jock jumps for joy down below! The couple tag team their taut tunnels once more and Julian is about to ring Milo's booty bell like a BOSS! He lays on his side while Harper backs that ass up right in line with Bell's big beef stick. Julian Jimmy's his juicy jock back in where it belongs as Milo beats his meat, taking a look back at his beautiful butt banging boyfriend whenever his eyes aren't rolled back in his head. The heat rises and brings Harper's hog to a boil, breaking the lust levee on his extra large love loin. His white hot nut looks intoxicating against that beautiful brown skin, causing Bell's bone to burst! He drops his load all over Harper's hind end and the orgasmic ooze drips down the dude's properly fucked derrire until Julian jams it deep inside Harper's hot hole with his still raging hard, horned up, ass punching pole!

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Twinky Little Connor Pleasing Himself – Homemadetwinks

Cute doesn't begin to describe sexy little Connor. The boy is in the bedroom needing to get a good load out, and he knows how to achieve that. He's a well-practiced masturbator, even though he's got plenty of friends to help with that knob he loves kicking back and jerking it. The hairless boy plays with his growing package in his underwear before revealing his solid length for the camera, wet with pre and ready to be rubbed. See him showing off his tight little hole, playing with his balls, pumping his hard length in his hand until jizz is splashing from his tip!

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Dreaming of Brad

Huck watched Brads video and asked if he can have it like this too. I offered him a duo set together with Brad, but he is not ready for this, yet. He is still a bit shy. So we made this set in Brads retro room and I am sure he was dreaming of Brad the whole time. I'm also convinced one day he will ask to meet Brad...

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AlexBoys Huck 2 Vid

Huck watched Brads video and asked if he can have it like this too. I offered him a duo set together with Brad, but he is not ready for this, yet. He is still a bit shy. So we made this set in Brads retro room and I am sure he was dreaming of Brad the whole time. I'm also convinced one day he will ask to meet Brad... Join now!

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Round 2

It's the boss's birthday and the celebration is in full swing as his harem of Helix hotties gather for the party of the year. Josh Brady and Leo Frost are having a great time together; and, before they know it, Leo finds himself waking up in Brady's brawny arms which, is definitely not a bad place to be! Super twink Frost feels a big breakfast sausage snuggling up to his bubble butt and he's sure Brady and he are both hungry for a morning meal. During a delicious good morning make out session, Leo devours Brady's extra large breakfast burrito before slinking his slender frame around to back his beautiful booty up to Josh's magnificent morning wood. Our alpha top's spit slick schlong slides in Frost's fuck hole smoothly as he wraps his massive arms around the tight twink's tiny frame. After Leo's insides have adjusted a bit, he begs big boy for a harder hammering.... more than once! After the hard hog loving honey takes a naughty nailing on his side, Brady maneuvers pretty boy onto his flat belly so he can REALLY ram the kid's can. Josh's junky trunk looks hot as hell pounding penis into the superstar twink's extra tight, tube steak tunnel. Our famous cock cam catches all the ass banging action from every erotic angle as Frost arches his back so that amazing ass can eat as much meat as possible. Josh switches it up and manhandles his twink dick taker to the edge of the bed as he stands slamming schlong at top speed, bringing Leo quickly towards a super sexy seeding session. Frost picks up the peen pace while Brady has a heavy hand around the kid's neck and the boy finally let's everything go. All his tasty twink tension cums splashing out in giant gobs of glorious goo while Josh gears up to seal the deal all over the kid's caboose with a cum heavy cream pie! Josh's juice oozes down little dude's derriere and into his hot hole; then, Brady bangs his big boom stick back inside his cum slut's sweet center, making sure he coats the cream lover's insides as well.

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Young Spunk

When Miles Pinke and Chase Williams get together, these two all american, apple pie porn pounders put on one hell of a spunk filled fuck show! The heat is on the moment the camera starts rolling as the dirty blonds explore one another's amazingly smooth, supple young bodies, caressing each other's tight torso's before Chase's craving for cock kicks in. The blond bone sucker swallows Pike's massive, mile long meat balls deep, which is no easy feat. The kid's fat phallus is thick as fuck but, the sexy curve towards the thick, throbbing head makes it perfect for deep throating. Ready for his reward, Chase plants his perfect piece by Miles' mouth so, Pike pulls the kid's colorful cock holder's down and dines like a king on the dude's dong, even licking his beauitifully smooth, funk filled balls a bit. Williams can't control his desire for dick and jacks the guy's giant jock while Pike plays with his nips and continues cleaning that cock before craving some derriere for dessert. He hammers Chase's smooth hole with his tongue; then, slips his super human hog in the boy's uber hot hind end. He dirty dogs the dude and, Chase can DEFINITELY take a dicking! However, the dirty blond boner lover has a hunger for booty as well. He tells the twink to "switch" then, slides his thick dick inside his butt buddy and gets right to bangin' bone! In a super hot moment, Pikes' perfect piece pulses as Williams works his wang all the way inside the butt slut who's eyes are already rolling back in pure ecstasy. He moans for his tasty top to go even harder then, blasts buckets of boy butter clear past his own shoulder! The rest of his raunchy treat rockets towards his nips and falls onto his fuck flush flesh, spraying everywhere on his hard breathing body. Williams wacks his wide wand, wetting Miles' still throbbing semi and hot young pretty boy, porn star pubes.

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Clean Freak

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This jock on twink tryst is almost too hot to handle; but, Johnny Hands handles twink superstar dick taker, Leo Frost like a man! Leo holds his own as well, taking on the big, beautiful beast between Johnny's tree trunk legs! The little lad runs his hands all over Johnny's rock hard body, grazing his gorgeous nips as he swallows his sword like a circus caliber cock sucker trained by Barnum himself. Hands tosses his toy twink on the bed with ease and nearly swallows the boy AND his bone whole, gagging and panting on pretty boy's piece while Frost lays back in full on ecstasy then, helps Hands out with a palm pushing the back of his head. Johnny fosses Leo's legs up and goes to town with that talented tongue of his, getting Frost's fuck hole hot, wet, warm and ready for the raw ramming he's about to receive. He plunges his perfect face in the kid's caboose once more then, plunges his pulsing pole deep in Leo's lusty little pucker. Johnny jackhammers the tight twink as only he can while Leo flogs his log. Out of breath from giving it TOO good, Johnny orders Leo to "get on top." Frost's fanny looks fucking incredible as the beautiful boy bounces on Johnny's gigantic jock. He flexes his butt muscles to get a good grip on his hunk's huge hog. Taking orders like a good boy, Leo is on all fours the moment Mr. Hands mentions doggy style. Getting dogged dirty brings our boy exactly where he wants to be. He leans back against Johnny's jacked jock chest and lets his load flow freely. Johnny is right behind him (in more ways than one) and follows with a big, buttery butt load of juicy jizz that he jacks directly at Frost's freshly fucked hole. He plunges his slick schlong in his butt slut's slippery, slim, tight tush once more before kissing the power bottom for a job well done.

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