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Teenage Dream

Dreamy teen Danny Nelson heads over to his high school bud's pad, only thing is- his straight mate has girls on the brain and forgot he made plans with his pal. Lucky For Nelson his buddy's brother, Max Carter is home, and he definitely does NOT have girls on the brain. As a matter of fact, he's been crushing on little Danny for a while! Nelson isn't quick on the uptake so Carter literally spells it out for him by saying the sexiest words a gay teenager can EVER hear, "I want to fuck you!" Nelson is pleasantly surprised and now he's GLAD his buddy forgot they had plans, cause now Nelson is about to be VERY busy with the boy's older brother! Carter is happy to take the reigns and "big brother" the less experienced Nelson through all the dirty deeds they're about to do! He takes the lead, putting his lusty lips to Nelson's knob and demonstrating for the schoolboy how to down dick in the most delicious way. Nelson is a quick study and soon enough, the cute twink to caressing Carter's king cock with his pretty little dick licker. Carter plants a kiss on Nelson before moving onto the next lesson, which is ass eating. Max manhandles the tiny twink, tossing his legs in the air and assassinating that smooth schoolboy booty with long licks and deep penetration fingers, getting Nelson's nether regions ready for a raunchy hard raw ramming! Ever the gentleman, Max makes sure to ask Danny if he's ready for some dick. The beautiful boy is more than ready, in fact he's aching for a bareback banging and lets his Cater know "I want you inside me." Carter cracks the seal on the schoolboy's can. Then, he makes the kid's backyard his own personal playground, slaying his brother's buddy's booty like a boss, micromanaging every erotic, porny position to heights of hot, unimaginable pleasure. After working the teen's tight tunnel like a naughty 9 to 5, complete WITH overtime, Nelson's nads are ready to show their appreciation. Danny strokes his schlong till he drains every ounce of oozy orgasm from his pretty piece while his hole spasms and tightens around the massive monster inside of him, milking Carter's cream right to the surface! Max makes magnificent use of every ounce, creaming the pretty boy's pucker pie with a gooey good glazing!

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Bareback Beauties

Fresh from the pipin' hot Helix oven, newcomer Dylan Hayes ignites the screen from the word go with blond boy Julian Bell! Bypassing any small talk, these two cut to the chase and get right to tasting one another.... absolutely everywhere! After tearing the newest "it guy" out of his bulge hugging black undies, Julian jams the kid's giant jock all the way in his thirsty throat. He worships the world class weapon on his knees, working every inch of the kid's thick dick down deep. The newbie gets nasty, grabbing Julian by the back of that pretty blond head to juice his joystick for all he's worth! Hayes likes to give just as good as he got and newbie winds up on his knees with a mouthful of Bell's nordic knob! The golden boy gives a gagging good groin gobble, complete with schlong stretching sound effects that'll be masturbation music to your ears. Hayes' hind end is absolute heaven and Bell definitely wants a piece. Dylan lays back on the bed and lifts his thick, tree trunk thighs in the air so julian can open Hayes' heavenly gates with his tongue. Then, he busts inside the boy's booty like gangbusters! The beautiful, smooth, blond twink proves looks can be deceiving as he DOMINATES the dude's derriere with cocky, cock slamming confidence! After beating the kid's ass for a bit, Bell takes a relaxing seat right on top of Dylan's magnificent piece of bareback meat. Hayes handles Bell by his slender hips, heaving him down onto his thick dick for maximum pleasure. After a short joyride, Julian jumps up to finish what he started, only this time Dylan is gonna get it doggy style. Our famous cock-cam catches the boy's big round, firm booties as Bell bangs the breaks off Hayes' hungry hole! The harder Bell hits it, the more "dick whore Dylan" asks for! This kid was BUILT for fucking! Julian jacks it up with a little love choke, which sends Hayes' hand down to handle his hog which is about to heave some hefty seed. Dylan douses the dark duvet, painting it with pure white wads of pleasure. Julian continues jackhammering the hell out of Hayes' hole, who is STILL taking it like a champ by the way! Bell pulls out his greasy gun and fires his fuck ALL over Dylan's deliciously smooth full moon along with a few stray shots that land all the way up his boy's back. Our top twink jams that freshly juiced jock back in Dylan's dick cream covered can and is met with moans of sweet satisfaction.

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Furry Boy Sinks His Raw Cock In Deep – Bare Twinks

Ashton looks adorable in his little hat, but can he keep it on his head with horny Furry boy Robin fucking his ass with his bareback cock? The boys head for the bedroom and waste little time, with Ashton's underwear soon off and his joystick between Robin's lips. That hard young boner tastes delicious, but it's just an appetizer. Soon enough Robin is easing his naked joystick between those perfectly plump cheeks to fuck the boy raw. Ashton loves the feel of that dong jabbing in and out of his smooth hole, especially when he's on his back and getting his juicy load fucked out of him. The delicious treat of a jizz load in his face has us all wishing we were there to add our own for the boy to taste!

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Snuggled in a puppy pile of porn perfection, Landon Vega and Ryan Bailey look absolutely dreamy in their undies as their morning wood wakes them from a sexy slumber. Landon's love lance is so large it lifts the ledge of his baby blue briefs, creating a sneak peek of the perfect piece underneath. Bailey's waking, wandering hands find their way to his boy's big boner. The handful of hot morning cock is better than coffee to get one going. Ryan reaches in Landon's straining drawers for that fat ass appendage, making Landon's wet dreams a raw reality. We're treated to a tasty view of Bailey's beautiful booty clad in a pair of super tight, pale yellow underpants while servicing Vega's topnotch knob. Bailey's own bone is about to bust out of those briefs; but, Landon comes to the rescue with lusty good loin licks right down to the naughty boy's nads. Landon straddles Ryan, holding their huge hogs together in one hand for a juicy jack-fest before sliding his schlong back and forth across Bailey's beckoning butt hole. Bailey literally begs for a banging while lifting his leg and tempting his tan twink by pushing his pretty piece down by his hungry hole. Landon doesn't need much tempting. He tears into the kid's tush like a taint loving tyrant! Vega adds fuel to Ryan's raging fuck fire by jacking his jock in time with every thunderous thrust as his delicious dick demon begs him to go even deeper. Landon's love canal is craving some cock as well. He climbs on top of his twink, squats right down on that "D" and lets Bailey handle his big, bouncing business while he hammers his hole down on the dude's dick. He gives Ryan a lil' love choke reminding him who's boss, then hops off to finish the fine fuck art he started. He rails Ryan like the beggin' bitch he is, slamming the slut while spreading his smooth cheeks apart. Bailey arches his back like a heated alleycat while Vega brings the hammer down, flipping the kid like a coin more than once. Bailey's screams out "Daddy" while his dick spasms and shoots, covering his creamy complexion with cum. Landon loses it, shooting his seed all over the boy's freshly banged butt hole. He slaps his still puffed up piece against the kid's pounded pucker then plunges it back inside. The nasty nut lovers kiss as Vega runs his fingers through a fine morning's work.

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Naughty Neighbor

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Private Education

Privileged pretty school boy thinks he can bend the rules at his private prep school, but his benefactor isn't happy, especially considering he's spending thousands of dollars on the devious delinquent's education. Well today it's time Trevor starts applying himself and he going to start by bending over Mr. Sterne's desk. Jeff teaches the twink a loud smacking good lesson, paddling the pretty boy's perfect posterior in several sexy stages of undress. Every time Trevor sits his tasty tush down in class, he's going to feel the beautiful, bee red burn of Sterne's strong hand.

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Dig In

Cameron Parks is hard at work doing some gardening while boyfriend Shane Cook sits back sunning himself and flirting with his fella who is doing ALL the work. Parks isn't having it one bit though! He's through playing around and soon our gorgeous gardener gets to hoeing with his handsome, hard bodied boy! Cook makes up for slacking in the groundskeeping department by keeping his cocksucker glued to his guy's gargantuan groin. He may not have done any work in the yard but Shane works the FUCK out of Cameron's cock before tossing his legs in the air for a gapping good ass eating. Shane spreads Cameron's cheeks wide and works his tongue deep to prepare Parks' tight little pucker for the beer can booty destroyer in his drawers. Shane sheds his shorts letting that enormous, uncut cock free to fuck. He eases the enormous appendage up to Parks' trembling pucker and presses lightly. Cam takes a few deep breaths, lifts his legs a little higher and allows the big, bareback beast inside him. Cook takes his time, letting his boy's butt accept every thick inch he has to offer. Cam's toes curl as Cook cracks the whip on his colossal cock and blows the breaks off his boy's bottom! Our top man then flips his slender sex toy over and stuffs his hero hog back where it belongs before pulling Parks' booty off the bed to dirty dog his dude. Cameron braces himself with one hand and works his oozing wand with the other. His throbbing cock can't hold it in any longer and it lets loose with sweet release. Shane slides his super schlong out and unleashes a wet, wild wrath all over Park's back and butt until the perfect pair collapse in postcoital boyfriend bliss.

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Blond Bareback

They're blond, big dicked and ready to bang! The boys just left the beach, set their surfboards aside and turn their attention towards one another for a sweet, saltwater scented make out sesh! Jamie goes down and services Jimmy's giant johnson while Andrews reaches back and teases the twink's tight booty. It's clear Jimmy is the dominant one, even when sucking dick. He tears at Jamie's jeans like a tiger then kisses the kid from collarbone to cock. After a five star feast on the dude's dick, top twink Andrews tosses his lad's legs in the air and wets his designated dick's area with his tongue before plunging his stiff surfboard balls deep into the boy's bottom. Andrews masters blondie's amazing ass, working it hammer hard, then slow and sensual mixed with super slam surprises in every porn perfect position. Ray is ripe and ready. He busts his salty surfer seed and keeps taking a slamming like a champ! Jimmy's jack hammer heats up and his breath quickens. The dominant dick slinger shoots gallons on glorious goo right in Ray's rump! After creaming the kid's can, he pulls that perfect piece out shiny with his own sexy seed, then plunges every inch back inside Ray's well worked rump.

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Long-Haired Lover Rams That Butt – Bare Twinks

Blonde boy Justin loves hanging out with his friend Jamie, and it's easy to see why. The house is quiet and the two boys have the chance to have some fun, swapping spit on the bed and revealing their incredibly hard young cocks for each other to suck on. They're both experienced and know how to orally pleasure a good friend, but they have more skills than that. Justin's hairless little pucker gets stuffed, sliding his naked hole down on his friend's rod and riding Jamie, then he gets it from behind and on his back at the edge of the bed, giving us a perfect view from below. The sight of that steely young length sliding in and out is so good, it's no wonder Justin ends up splashed from neck to nuts with both their loads!

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Raw Desire

Animal magnetism sizzles between blisteringly hot young boys Tyler Hill and Colin Adams. The tight bodied twinks are young, hung and hungry to get their holes filled with one another's poles. They allow the sexual suspense to build along with their bulges as they taste one another's tongues while caressing chiseled flesh. Their growing groins escape the tight confines of their underpants and can no longer be ignored. Collin corks his pie hole with Tyler's cock and when he finally cums up for air, Hill goes down like the Titanic. After eating every ounce of Adams' ample appendage, Hill sets his sites on the flawlessly fleshed fella's fiercely fuckable fanny. Hill goes ham on the kid's hind end, tasting his tender insides then teasing his supple center with several fingers while Adams arches his beautiful back. Tyler pokes his piece inside, testing the wank worthy waters before diving dick deep into Adams' ass. He presses the small of the boy's back hard into the bed, bringing his chunky cheeks to the surface for a severe sword severing. The cock cam catches Tyler's beautiful bronze butt flexing the ferocious fuck into Collin's cakes. Tyler's twink tunnel is growing hungry so the beautiful boys switch up the boning and Hill gets hammered hard, spread eagle! Collin crams his condom free cock deep into his dude; but, his hole misses Tyler's magnificent member so he asks more. Always ready to please, Hill is happy to have Collin hop on his hog. Adams bounces his beautiful booty on his Tyler's titanium tool while whacking his wang in pretty boy's face. Collin's cock explodes, emptying it's erotic contents all over Hill's sexy six pack. His twitching tunnel causes Tyler's torpedo to fire it's fuck and Adams isn't about to miss it. He hops off the boy's hard-on and plants his pretty face at Hill's fuck stick while it fire's it's funk. Collin catches every drop of liquid dick possible, even cramming his cock sucker back down on that "D" causing Tyler's beautiful body to twitch with nearly TOO much pleasure! The perfect pair lay panting in absolute ecstasy, catching their breath for one final kiss.

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Introducing Dylan Hayes

Tristan Adler and Dylan Hayes are hitting it off amazingly on their first date! The guys get to know each other during a deliciously intimate conversation on a sunny summer day. This is Dylan's first scene with another guy, so porn pro Adler asks ALL the right questions. We find out hottie Hayes gets horny when you caress his thick muscled thighs and absolutely LOVES his hole worked. And, if you dominate him, add a touch of kink and tie the twink up, you'll be rewarded with a five star fucking experience! Hayes is the youngest of seven kids and hails from a small town so he's definitely excited to be in the big city filming his first ever fuck flick! Adler senses his excitement, plants a kiss on the kid then whisks him off to the bedroom so they can get some good stuff goin'! Remembering Dylan likes to be dominated, Tristan takes control. He whips the kid's shirt off, pushes him down on the bed and blows pretty boy's behemoth of a boner like a boss! Tristan says "my turn," then shoves his stiff shaft at Dylan's dick sucker. He fucks the fine boy's face while pushing his pretty head down deeper on his delicious dick before his own hunger for Hayes hind end heats up. Dylan's derriere is divine, smooth, tan and perfectly round and plump. Adler eats ass like a champ, gives the kid's caboose a smack, then plunges his perfect pecker deep inside Dylan's dick hungry hole. Adler assaults the golden boy's butt in his favorite position while Hayes works JUST as hard, hammering his hot hole back at the boy and ordering him to "destroy that fucking hole!" Hayes is hung beautifully and Adler isn't about to finish this fuck without test driving that fat anaconda. Dylan dicks the dude DOWN and has him whimpering and moaning for more! Tristan just enjoys the fuck for a bit before handling his big business below because he knows once he touches that torpedo of his, it'll explode! And, he's right! Adler cranks his cock and busts a buttload of beautiful boy butter onto his smooth six pack. Hayes can't hold back any longer. He whips his wide weapon out and unloads all over Adler's appendage and barely there pubic hair. The pretty pair kiss, commemorating the smashing success of Dylan's first on film FUCK!

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Double Trouble

Ass Master Max Carter comes home to find his roommate Danny Nelson has been using his thing and wearing his drawers! Danny is with his buddy Joey Mills but Max does not give ONE fuck so he bends the bad boy over and spanks the fuck out of him while Joey watches in the wings. Mills hasn't tried to make a run for it, nstead he sits and enjoys the smacking good show! Carter catches on and soon he's got TWO twink tushes bent over a chair with their smooth puckers to the air. He slaps their supple young flesh till it's pink with pleasure; then orders the boy's to have a go at one another's asses! The boys do such a good job that they've turned Carter's cock rock hard! With TWO wet, warm and willing mouths at his dick's disposal Carter knows exactly where to stuff it. With two boner bitches on their knees worshipping Carters throbbing cock, Max takes full advantage and fills their mouths with his magnificent member till it explodes with liquid ecstasy, covering the two cocksuckers with cum. Spent and satisfied he's taught the twinks a lesson, he orders them to clean the house then hit the bricks!

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Every couple goes through trials and tribulations, including perfect pair Blake Mitchell and Joey Mills. After a night on the town, Joey confessed to being unfaithful. Mr. Mitchell has no intension of breaking up, he'd much rather take his frustrations out on the the bad boy's beautiful body. Blake orders Joey around like his personal sex slave, making Mills his dick bitch while fucking the shit out of his pretty face. Joey doesn't want the relationship to end and he's MORE than willing to do WHATEVER it takes to pay for straying. Blake takes his revenge out on Joey's junky trunk, ravishing the kid's rump with a rough, ramming finger while pulling at Mils' monster sized member and reminding the boy who's butt this is. Still angry, Mitchell assaults Joey's amazing ass, plunging his immense appendage all the way in with no lube. Then, the alpha ass fucker makes Mills mount him and do some severe work bouncing on that big, beautiful bareback bone of his like a porny pogo stick. Blake flips the twink like a pancake and beats his butt like the batter as Mills milks his magnificent member till he blasts his beautifully smooth torso with tons of twink toss. Blake uncorks his colossal cock and shoots an ample, angry, impressive load, nailing Mills right in the face! Blake plants a kiss on his twink, then reminds the kid, "you're mine." After THAT fantastically rough perfect plowing, Joey agrees and wonders why he ever strayed in the first place! Raunchy, rough make up sex is ALWAYS the best.

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After School Slam

Jared Scott and Julian Bell start the day off in bed with snuggles and sultry kisses. Jared amps things up when he takes a trip down below to blow Bell's protruding blond boy boner. He does the dude's dick mighty right and Julian returns the fellatio favor in spades! Scott isn't gonna let his spit slicked schlong go to waste and rams the raw rig deep into Bell's beautiful booty. He nails the naughty blond like a bad bitch, giving the twink a five star fuck tour of his titanic tube steak in every porny position. The ecstasy (and their salty seed) builds to a fever pitch. Bell grabs his throbbing bone and juices the jock till it spits a healthy load ALL over the bed. Jared unloads on the boy's back and butt, then plants a kiss on the nasty nordic lad's lusty lips.

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football memories

Jules' very first gay experience was with his football team. He was the last to shower and to dress together with an older member of the team that made him cum. It was a vast experience for him that he never forgotten since. From that moment on he was sure to be gay and he can't think of anything better. Whenever it comes to football he also has this "first time" in mind. With a smile :-)

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Bareback Reunion

Aiden Garcia has had the hots for cutie Collin Adams for ages, unfortunately Collin had a boyfriend back in the day so until now, he's always been Aiden's fantasy fuck. Garcia spies Adams sitting alone one night and all his old feeling cum rushing back. He asks Collin if he is still attached and lucky for Aiden, he's NOT! It's total sexual serendipity and Garcia isn't going to let this one slip away again. He invites Adams over to his place and shows the american pie, dream guy what he's been missing all these years! Collin has obviously thought about Aiden as well but when he pulls Garcia's undies down, he's sees what he's been missing! Garcia's golden groin glimmers with porny promises of absolute pleasure. Collin definitely makes up for lost time with a tongue twirling, tube steak taste test. He looks up at Aiden with a mouth FULL of dick as if to say, we should have done this back in the day! Garcia feels the same way and shows his long time crush by crushing the kid's caboose with a penetratingly good tongue- pucker probing. Garcia knows his huge hog can be a lot for anyone's ass to receive, so he primes the hotties hole with a drool worthy finger banging before breaking in the boy's beautiful backdoor with his big bareback battering ram. Garcia takes all those years of waiting out on Adams ass, slamming the boy's newly single sphincter every which way! Cumming into the home stretch, Aiden is hell bent on showing Collin the good dicking he's been missing all these years. He gives the guy the full service smash, even going back down on that dick once more before bulldozing his bodacious bone back in to punish pretty boy's pucker even more . Cocky and confident he's shown Collin the perfecting cocking, he jumps up and creams the kid right in the kisser. Collin sucks down every delicious drop from Aiden's enormous appendage while our top twink makes sure he scoops up whatever seed the sexy boy missed so he can feed it to his baby boy. Ever the devoted dick slinger, Aiden plants his still rock hard hammer back in the boy's butt and fucks the cum right out of him in an orgasmic finale that will leave you salivating and satisfied!

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Dylan Hayes Solo Session

Dylan Hayes is a gorgeous "boy next door" type who's letting his bad boy side shine in his first ever solo stroke scene! Hunky director Max Carter is armed with a camera and a butt load of charm that heats Hayes up till he slips right out of his clothes! Dylan has super star written all over him with his leading young man good looks, all over tan AND a twink tool that'll leave you breathless! The kid's not only gifted in the groin department, he's also got one of THE most beautifully round, smooth booties you will ever see. We find out the fine fucker loves to bottom but when Carter sees the kid's colossal cock he can't help but ask if he's used that wonderful weapon; and, he has! Dylan's huge hog is hypnotic, but Max knows there's "gold in them there hills" and gets the good boy to be beautifully bad with his backdoor. The future super star shakes and spreads his smooth, supple seat while Carter caresses his pretty pucker. Max buries a thick finger in our newbie's hot hole, much to Dylan's delight. When Hayes turns back around he gets mighty comfortable laying back on the sofa, tossing his legs in the air and letting Carter control his hole and giant, juicy jock. Max spanks the kid's caboose then spanks that diamond hard dick before leaving Dylan to his own delicious devices. Using TWO hands, Hayes braces his bone at the base and milks the magnificent mushroom head until it explodes with the fantastic, furious fury of a first timer pulsing with pure pleasure and excitement. He lays there content in his large load looking like pure porn perfection. It just doesn't get any better than this boys.

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Training Session

Trainer Blake Mitchell has a new client, blond twink Jamie Ray. Mitchell is hell bent on whipping the kid into shape but after a few bench presses and squats it's clear Jamie isn't as dedicated as he should be. So, Blake decides to take another approach and has blondie bend over the weight bench. The shirtless stud beats the boy's butt while making the pretty problem child promise to show up on time, take training more seriously and quit wasting his parents money. Even though Ray hasn't been doing his squats in the gym correctly, he's DEFINITELY been squatting on SOMETHING to get that ass tight and right. Blake takes notice and whips Ray's pants off then whips that smooth ass till it's a pretty pink! Blake masters the boy's booty with creativity, cramming the kid's undies up his crack then spreading his cheeks and caressing the twink's taint to ease the precious pain before grabbing the kid's cock and swatting the hottie's hole. Blake makes Jamie promise to be a good boy and finish his work out before he heads out to another client. The booty beating definitely worked because as soon as Mitchell takes off, Jamie jumps on the squats to get that ass in tip top shape for his next "session."

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Thick and Slick

Twink tank Corey Marshall lifts golden boy Tyler Hill up and plants a kiss on the young stud, igniting a firestorm of epic porn-portions! Hill amps up the heat with a sultry, slippery massage to a tent pitching Marshall. Tyler can't help but pull at the porn prince's underpants to get at his huge hog. He ravishes the boy's big rig; then, the pretty pair play tonsil hockey while giving us a wank worthy view of Tyler's tasty tush and Marshall's pulsating piece pressed together tightly. Corey can't keep his hands off Hill's piping hot hiney but he'd MUCH rather have the kid sit on his face. Tyler gives him what he wants and takes the best seat in the house while Marshall waxes that ass with his tongue. Hill stays busy in the sexy 69, blowing the boy's bionic bone. Wet, hot and horny as hell, the bronze bottom spins around to slam his seat down on top twink Marshall's magnificent monster. He rides Corey's raw rod like a roller coaster, then spins around to bounce his own bone for the cam while getting an ass full of fuck. After the wild ride, cock sure Corey orders his beautiful bottom onto his back so he can pummel pretty boy's pucker to a perfect porny pulp! Tyler's milks his main muscle till it pours liquid pleasure onto his perfect cumplexion. The site of the white hot load against Hill's beautiful bronze flesh sends Corey's cock over the edge and Hill offers him the perfect place to unload. Pretty boy gets got right in the kisser! Corey creams the kid's cock sucker and Hill sucks his schlong dry before the perfect pair seal this slam with a sticky kiss.

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Earn It

Tristan Adler seems like the schoolboy angel when he comes by to help bad boy Caleb Gray with his home work. True to form, naughty Caleb was hoping to just copy Adler's paper and not put in work; however, Adler has other ideas. He makes Gray put in PLENTY of work on his dick and Caleb definitely deserves a gold star for this groin gagger! Adler isn't above putting in work of his own and soon enough he's bent over with Gray's gorgeous groin stuffed down his gullet! Caleb's red hot undies are up against his big cum filled balls SUPER tight, making them look like they might explode with a hot load any second while Tristan wales on his wang with a wet mouth. Adler isn't done servicing his after school buddy by a long shot. He throws Caleb's legs in the air and keeps his pants around his ankles which creates a cock stiffening pseudo bondage moment. Then, the homework hottie tongues Caleb's caboose for all he's worth. Adler slaps the kid's can with his hand, then his cock before plunging his big bareback beast deep into his study buddy's horned up hole. After some severe smashing, Adler is ready for a raw ramming too and Gray gives it to him gloriously! The fine ass fuckers flip once more and Caleb gets dicked on his side. Our famous cock-cam catches the hard hammering ass action while Gray makes sure to spank his sizable schlong in fucktastic full view. His pace quickens while telling Tristan to go harder. The naughty boy NAILS himself right on his own chin with a big blast of boner butter.... and the hits just keep on cumming! Adler is next to explode and he makes it count, glazing Gray's freshly fucked fanny with a white hot load for the PERFECT cream pie finale! As if it couldn't get any hotter, Adler crams his still creaming cock back up his buddy's butt, plants a hot kiss on him and caresses the kid's cum soaked torso.

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Gamer Boy Cum In His Hot Ass – Bare Twinks

Ethan and Jame are playing a computer game when they decide to make it a little more interesting. Some ass is on the line, but when Ethan loses he's not really too worried, it seems he's more than happy to get that bone! The friends swap tasty boners, loving every inch as they lick and slurp, but James really wants that ass. He slides in, filling his friend with warm joystick. Ethan struggles to take it at the start, but soon his ass is stretching out around that joystick and his pucker can take a deep and raw thrusting. With his own hairy twink cock spewing cream out over his stomach the boy flips to get a mess of cream pumped over his ass, and a little fucked into him too!

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Tadzio is the tallest of his team. So his role is the goalkeeper. The younger boys of his team often look up on him and enjoy to have an older friend... ...or because he has a car and sometimes takes them for a ride :-)

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Dick Dream Flip Fuck

Ryan Bailey wakes sleeping superstar Joey Mills then asks what he was dreaming about. Much to Ryan's delight Joey says, "you." From then on it's pedal to the medal porn perfection! The two twink titans of titanic tube steaks tickle one another's tonsils with their gigantic tally whackers. Both guys groin gobbling game is strong as they down one another's dicks balls deep. Mills is on all fours with a mouthful of meat when Bailey spies his smooth booty. He spanks the kid's can then spreads the cheeks, teasing his tight push with a finger before Mills spins around to offer him full access. Ryan plants pretty face deep inside Joey's junk, wrapping his sexy, sinewy arms around the boy's butt to plow his tight little pucker with a thrusting tongue. Ryan sounds sexy as fuck when asking Mills, "you want this dick." There's absolutely nothing Joey wants more at this point. He gets on his back and throws his legs in the air as Bailey spits on his hand and slides that slicked up schlong inside his ass. Ryan rams rod hard and fast before taking a sensual moment to slide in and out slowly while the perfect pair lock lips in a lusty mid-fuck make out. He picks the pace back up while annihilating Joey's ass from the back, bringing his hips fully forward to force that thick dick all the way in. Joey spins around and sits back on the couch with a hard cock as an invitation. Ryan gets the hint and hops on the huge hog still hard as hell. Bailey then bounces his peaches and cream caboose on Mills monster sized member while cranking his own colossal cock just inches from Mills' watering mouth. Joey orders the beautiful boy up onto his feat so he's able fit more of that thick dick inside his ass and it instantly pushes Bailey's load to the surface. He sits back allowing his weight to push Mills' peen deeper into him while he tugs his tripod. He milks his perfect piece till it pours a thick, raunchy river of fresh cream down his thick dick. Joey takes over for him halfway through, wanking the kid's cock with a thirsty, wide open mouth. Ryan's rager throbbing in his hand causes Joey's jock to explode! He blasts Bailey and HIMSELF with a wild load of sweet semen. Ryan stays straddling the sexpot for one more romantic kiss as their fresh fuck loads warm their loins underneath.

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Summertime Spit-Roast

Jared Scott and Dustin Cook are splashing about at the pool when Jamie Ray comes by to catch some rays. He also catches an eyeful of fun when the tasty twosome's splashing turns into smashing! Cook has a mouthful of cock so Jared invites the blond boy to join in on the fun. Dustin and Jamie tag team Jared's giant jock with a double dick lick before Ray stands up so Cook can eat two cocks. Jamie gives Jared's jock another lick and then the twink whisperer suggests the guys take this inside so they can let their freak flag fly super high! Ray services both boy's big boners on his knees until Scott orders the twink onto his back for a mouth watering ass eating. Jared spits in the kid's smooth hole while Dustin straddles Ray's face for a butt munch-dick suck, cock stiffening combo. Scott checks the kid's oil with a probing finger before deciding he'd much rather have his member in there. Ray gets absolutely RAILED by Scott's super sized schlong while Dustin fucks his face and slaps the bad boy with his bone. Dustin's hole is getting heated, so he backs that beautiful butt right up into Jared's giant jock. Scott dicks the dude down in dirty dog while Cook gets a mouthful of cock from Ray in a raunchy good spit roast. Never afraid to say exactly what he wants, Cook orders up a raw ride and gets it when Jamie slides down his perfect pole. The boys switch it up again in a crazy hot train with Cook in the middle! Naturally, he's the first to cum. He pulls out and empties every ounce of ooze onto Jamie's back and butt. Ray flips over and Jared plunges his huge hog inside him while Dustin dangles his spent soldier in his face. Ray's nuts tighten while he tugs his trouser schnauzer till it spits white hot liquid lust all over his sexy six pack. Scott pulls out and splatters the blond bottom with seed, splashing the kid past his nips and drizzling the last drops on his dick, which Dustin licks up like a good boy.

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Taquito Thief

Blond adonis Max Carter has a horny hunger and has taken his time putting together the perfect lunch of tasty taquitos when the doorbell rings. It seems to be a pranker pulling a ring and run; so, he goes back inside only to find neighborhood naughty boy Dustin Cook chowing down on HIS mighty meal! To say Max is mad would be an understatement! Carter puts that anger to ass and takes his hunger pangs out on Cook's caboose. Master Max has taken a liking to the firm fanny and helps young Dustin out of his pants for a more severe swatting. He gives the kid's seat a wank worthy wedgie so he can get a look at those smooth, cherry cheeks before making the beautiful boy get fully naked. Dustin begs for mercy but Max is only handing out spankings today and the more he begs the harder Carter cracks his can. Max makes pretty boy call him sir while he counts off the last few spankings before ordering Dustin to cook him up some more taquitos. After all, he definitely worked up an appetite on that beet red ass! Lesson learned.

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Summer Swim

It's a brutal, sun beaming summer day but Aiden Garcia and Cameron Parks have found a way to beat the heat.... with their meat! While cooling off in the pool, the boy's wandering hands find their way to one another's bulging swim trunks which are brimming with fast building, big boners. Parks plants his pretty lips on Aiden's enormous appendage, choking down as much of the thick dick as he can while Garcia glistens on the edge of the pool. Aiden walks Parks to the pool house, pushes him down and then GOES down on that thick dick of his like a champ! After getting Parks' piece rock hard, Aiden hops on his bare bone and gets to grinding while shifting his own shaft. His perfect prick prances and bounces on the porn price as Parks' pole drills his hole. Cameron wants more cock control and flips the lusted up latin onto his back then takes him to pound town. Parks plows his bareback peen deep into Garcia's tight little pucker while standing until Garcia's groin goes off like a geyser, shooting white hot nut on his beautiful bronze skin. Cam cranks on his cock causing it to overflow with liquid ecstasy. He empties every ounce of naughty nectar onto Aiden then flops his fat phallus on the boy and runs his hand through the sweet serum.

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My Favorite Gamer

Caleb Gray is glued to his computer and Milo Harper is in need of some attention...... and some ASS! If anyone can get Gray's attention it's Milo and his massive meat. After some playful flirting, tickling and lip locking Harper is rock hard. Caleb can't resist; so, he unzips his buddy's drawers to find a GIGANTIC tent pitched in Milo's blue undies. The boy's both make massive after school snacks from each other's cocks but Harper gets dessert from Caleb's cock hungry hole. Milo beats his mighty meat as he eats the horny hottie's hole. He teases the kid's tight tush with his tongue and two fingers before sauntering up behind the boy to serve him the main course of uncut, condom free cock! Harper harpoons his huge hog between Gray's sweet cheeks then slowly forces his fat phallus deep into his boy's beautiful booty. Bossy bottom Gray isn't afraid to say what he wants and, what he wants is to ride his buddy's horse hung dick. The cowpoke saddles up and hammers his slender hips down on that "D" for the ride of his life. Cock sure Caleb keeps control when demounting and then TOPPING Harper's hot hind end! The cocky kid crams his bareback boner straight into Harper's horny hole and starts pumping Milo sideways making sure his massive member is pushed down to give us a glorious view. Gray spreads the kid's legs and continues laying pipe while Harper handles his big business down below. Milo's nut is starting to heat up and soon the kid's big rig blows a lavish load past his belly button. Caleb immediately ignites. He jumps up and jams his thick dick at Harper's pie hole, blasting the kid with a steady stream of fresh cream. Milo laps it up like a pretty puppy, gobbling all the fresh goo he can before Gray goes in for a sticky good kiss.

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Furry Boys Bareback In The Bedroom – Bare Twinks

Cute little furry boys Robin and James head to the bedroom with their fluffy tails wagging, and the moment those cocks are out the boys are sucking. James worships the gorgeous length of his handsome friend before getting his own boner licked and sucked, then it's time for the real fun! Robin eases out his lovers fluffy tail plug and licks his perfect little hole, preparing it for his naked boner. He slides in, giving his lover a great fucking, from behind, on his back and at the edge of the bed until James is squirting out a messy load of jizz from his engorged cock! Robin is quickly ready with his own, jerking off into his lover's mouth and giving the boy a delicious treat! See the furry boys banging butt and be ready to get sticky with them!

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France vs. Spain

Football evenings with these two are always fun because they are for different teams. You never know who will win. They bet with each other and the profit or loss is redeemed later. Amongst them - right on the couch. At the end everyone is a winner - if you know what I mean ;-)

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Tyler Tops

We've given superstar bottom Tyler Hill a tasty topping roll and he DEFINITELY "rises" to the occasion and then some! The beautiful bronze boy takes to the task perfectly from the moment he enters the screen. Hill storms in forcefully, upset that his boyfriend has been sleeping all day while he's been at work and now it's time to settle the score by giving our golden guy some booty! Tyler takes Danny Nelson by the neck, then works his way down to the boy's beautifully smooth butt. Taking his top duties seriously, he probes the twink's tight tunnel with his frisky fingers and darting tongue before spit shining Nelson's knob. Tyler gets his turn at BOTH ends. First, he face fucks the pretty boy; then, he sticks his dick in the dude's hot ass bareback. Tyler takes to topping like a duck to water, dishing out dick to the dude's derriere every which way. Hill handles the kid like a pro, giving him a lil' love choke when needed AND choking the boy's chicken for him too! It's truly a full service sex-a-thon and even though Tyler IS topping, we STILL get to see that glorious gluteus pumping pipe deep into Danny. Hill's magnificent twink muscle butt bounces as he bangs the boy and orders him around. Danny does as Tyler tells him, which gets the dynamic duo in some deliciously dirty positions. Nelson gets nailed spread eagle, dirty dogged, side fucked, even mounted like a lion and in every porny position, Tyler's topping skills tear the twink's tush to pieces! The beautiful boys lock eyes and arms, Danny throws his head back then looks down to watch his wang blow wad after wad in the air like a summertime sprinkler. Tyler whips out and tosses off all over the kid's taint, balls and booty. Then, he shoves his still spasming schlong back inside to coat the boy's butt with his white hot wrath.

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